Will Hambantota, SL, get the first Disneyland in South Asia?

Synopsis: A delegation from Disneyland will visit Hambantota to talk about establishing the first Disney World in South Asia. Diana Gamage, Sri Lanka’s State Minister for Tourism, is also getting ready to meet with Disney, the biggest entertainment company in the world, to talk about the plans to invest USD 18 billion.

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It is no surprise that Sri Lanka is facing an economic crisis, and the only way to revive it is by boosting tourism in the country. This is a much-needed initiative by the Sri Lankan government to build a Disneyland in their country. 

The government of Sri Lanka has anticipated welcoming at least one million tourists this year, and they are making hard efforts to make this happen. Earlier this year, the 1155-ft tall, $113 million-worth “Lotus Tower” was unveiled in Colombo and will soon start attracting tourists around the globe. 

For Indians, Sri Lanka is one of the cheapest and most budget-friendly countries. There are so many famous places to visit in Sri Lanka, along with popular monuments and world-class attractions that enhance the beauty of this island country. But the nation’s economy has been deteriorating for the past few years.

Positive changes are taking place for the island nation. The famous city of Hambantota on the island nation of Sri Lanka may soon be home to South Asia’s first Disneyland. This would be a great thing for the country.

A delegation from Disneyland will be in Hambantota to talk about establishing the first Disney World in South Asia. Additionally, Disney and Diana Gamage, Sri Lanka’s state minister for tourism, are planning to talk about the company’s USD 18 billion investment ambitions.

After winning the right to host the Miss Tourism World-International Finale 2022, which will take place from December 8 to 21, this event took place. It just so happens that this year marks the 75th anniversary of Miss Tourism World.

The development of a Disneyland and the staging of the Miss Tourism World Finale are anticipated to have a significant positive impact on Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.

The rest of the world is already aware that the island nation’s largest source of income is the tourism industry. It needs to be revived immediately.

Why Hambantota for Disneyland?

After Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital city, Hambantota is the country’s second-largest urban area. The port city of Hambantota in the Southern Province is a well-known cricket venue and has a thriving natural and cultural environment. Along with well-known Buddhist monasteries and stupas, Yala National Park, Sri Lanka’s largest national park, is situated in the port city. They have a significant impact on the Buddhist community.

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