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Rugged, sturdy, and superlatively carved, We must say the Redwood trees of California are among the most impressive timber on the planet. The actual story starts thousand years ago when the Californians are busy living their lives in harmony. It’s the first time when people notice these tall skyscraping trees in their surroundings that possess lengths of feet. 

After a lot of research, it has been found that Redwood trees are the most ancient trees in the world. Redwood is the most scarcely found tree and there are a lot of amazing facts associated with Redwood trees that people barely know about. In this article, we will tell you about the unknown Redwood Facts that hadn’t been told to you in your educational institutions. There are so many unrevealed facts about Redwood trees that are an eye-opener for nemophilists.  

One most common Fact about the Redwood tree explains that they keep up with the demand for timber. The rambling trees are the best alternative for timberland as it grows quickly and lives for as long as centuries. Though presently only 5 percent of the original forest land remains with Redwood trees that have become a threat to the people of California. These super enormous trees are quiet, peaceful, and useful for people in many ways. 

There are different types of Redwood Trees found in Californian forests among which Giant Redwoods and coast Redwoods are the most easily accessible ones. Both of these never overlap each other and expand their density in their areas only.

You Won’t Be Aware of these Redwood Facts

1. Tallest Tree on Earth

We have seen several soaring trees in our surroundings but believe me, the height that Redwood Trees possess is incredible and it is the most promising fact about Redwood trees. It can grow about 350 feet and even more and is titled as “the biggest Redwood ever” in the world. Presently, there are ae more than 50 Redwood trees in California’s Redwood forest that boast a height of more than 360 feet. 

2. The roots are not as lengthy as the trunk

Most of you must have this misconception that Redwood trees have long roots as their trunk. But the actual Redwood facts say that their root can grow only up to 10 to 12 feet deep. Yes, it’s true that despite boasting 350 feet in height, its roots are stubby and can only grow a maximum of up to 12 feet. 

Their roots are tangled together with one another under the ground which provides them the strength to withstand powerful winds and floods. Their trunk is around 7-10 meters (20-30 Feet) in diameter that is quite large to hug.

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3. As ancient as the Dinosaurs

facts about the redwood tree, redwood forest facts

Redwood Facts says that it is one of the most ancient trees found on the earth. The first-ever Redwood tree in California was found soon after the dinosaurs get extinct. At that time, there was no existence of humans and other living things on earth not even flowers, and insects. They have been around for more than 250 million years now which is 250,000 centuries for present age humans.

4. A 2,000-years-old redwood still existed in California. 

facts about the redwood tree, redwood forest facts

You must be surprised to know that a 2200-year-old Redwood tree is still standing firm in the forest of California. If truth be told and you visit the Redwood forest personally in California then you will find many more trees older than this. Also, some old-growth Redwoods are grown around the Big Basin area in Redwoods State Park trails, Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, and the Portola Redwoods State Park.

As per the Redwood trees fun facts, The oldest coastal redwood tree in California is 2,520 years old and the oldest giant Redwood tree is about 3,200 years old. 

5. Redwoods care about one another.

The roots of Redwood trees are shallow but widespread deep under the ground that holds the soil firmly and provides it the strength to survive all calamities. Also, the roots of the trees planted closely intertwine together with each other and hold one another straight. Majorly, Redwood trees are grown in circles sprouted from the same parent hence referred to as “fairy rings” or “family circles”. 

At times, when the parent tree died after thousand of years the young ones continue to grow with ardency in the circle. Also, they shield, stabilize, and nourish each other continuously which makes them grow so long. The root of the parent tree keeps nourishing the young trees by transferring water through the roots. 

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6. Redwood’s leaves absorb fog in it and rain them later.

Other interesting facts about Redwood leaves say that it absorbs the moisture accumulated in the air and in fog droplets. Afterward, they rain it down so that the soil will be able to absorb the water directly which is further used by the roots for the nourishment of the tree. 

The above statement is contradicted by another Redwood Fact that says it releases unsaturated terpenes that form the cloud nearby the trees and make the surroundings calm and secure for proper sustenance of these Redwood trees.

7. Redwood leaves can store enough carbon in them

interesting facts about the redwood tree, redwood tree root facts

We all had studies that trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and emit oxygen which is an essential gas for human survival. But no educational institute told us that coast Redwood are the trees that absorb the highest among of carbon through their leaves. 

In general, trees absorb about 1 ton of carbon in their overall lifespan but a Coast Redwood tree absorbs around 250 tons of carbon in its lifespan.

8. Redwood trees are rot and fire-resistant.

If you are surprised about what is so special about Redwood trees? then this unique Fact about Redwood Trees will shake up your root. It’s actually surprising to hear that Redwood trees are resistant to rot and fire. Also, no termites are there in the roots and trunk of the oldest Redwood tree and No known insect is capable of destroying a sequoia. 

Fire is not a significant threat to Redwood trees because of its thick trunk. Also, there’s plenty of water in the tree trunk, and the bark doesn’t have a flammable resin like a pine. Consequently, 5% of the growth was cut down every year and used as timber.

9. Redwood trunks are a habitat for owls. 

There are so many Redwood trees in the Californian forest in which there are giant holes that are created due to blazes. As we already told you Redwood trees are fire-resistant and it is hard to burn the tree completely resulting in big holes being created in the truck due to fire. There is nothing to worry about these holes as these become the habitat of wild owls and bats after a while. 

10. Redwood bark can be 12 inches thick and contain a high amount of tannins. 

Tannin is a yellowish-brown substance present in the barks of the plant that protect the tree from bugs, flea, termites, and rotting. The bark of the Redwood trees has this substance in overabundance that ensures the longevity of the tree. Due to this substance in the bark, it became 8-12 inches thick and keep the tree protected from any harmful parasites. 

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11. These enormous trees provide clean water for aquatic life. 

It will sound a bit weird but it is actually true that Redwood trees have contributed a lot to saving the Terrestrial as well as the aquatic ecosystem in California. The root of the tree purifies the rainwater and pours it into the aquatic bodies that provide vital support for the survival of endangered aquatic species. Also, it provides clean water to coho salmon (a rarely found endangered aquatic species in California) for laying eggs.

12. These are ancient as well as support old growth.

There could be very few 2,000-year-old Redwoods in our neighborhood but there is no shortage of young ones that will inhabit the entire forest land in the next 2000 years. The next fact about Californian Redwoods states there are plenty of young Redwoods and saplings on the way to the Santa Cruz Mountains. Young Redwoods mean 50-150 years older which is equivalent to 2-6 years in humans. If these young Redwood are provided protection and proper care, they will also live up to 2,000 years or more.

13.  Is ‘Sequoia Sempervirens’ – Latin or English?

The local Redwood tree has an official name ‘Sequoia Sempervirens’ which is derived from a Latin word. Sempervirens in Latin means “always alive”, or “evergreen” and the scientific name of Redwood completely justifies its name. In fact, a local nonprofit organization named ‘Sempervirens Fund’ is operating in California to protect, expand and take care of the nutrition of local Redwood forests. 

 14. Climate Change Heroes.

Other Cool facts about the Redwood tree explain that these trees are playing a vital role in maintaining a human-friendly climate not just in California but throughout the globe. Studies show that the temperature of the Californian forest is relatively low that the other part of the country that has maintained a good ecosystem for the survival of wildlife. 

Redwood trees are best at absorbing carbon dioxide emitted from modernization hence they are making a huge contribution to stabilizing the global climate and the endurance of flora- fauna.

15. Wild Animals are Flourishing in California due to the abundance of Redwood trees.

There are so many wild creatures in California like marbled murrelet, mountain lions, coho salmon,  salamanders, sparrows, wood-warblers, blackbirds, chipmunks, weasels, and 200 more species are there for whom Redwood forests are like a habitat. 

These species are barely able to survive the tough climates with high temperatures and the Redwood forest is providing the ideal ecosystem for them. Even the endangered species of marbled murrelet nests in the tallest Redwoods and Douglas fir trees only.

16. Pacific Coast is dwelling with sufficient Redwood. 

The only place on Earth where these Coast Redwoods germinate and grow is on the Pacific Coast. From Big Sur to southern Oregon in California, you will get to witness an arboretum of young Redwoods. 

Earlier in Earth’s history, Redwood had an extensive habitat. These are especially found in western North America and along the coasts of Europe and Asia. At present, there are only two kinds of Redwood trees available on our local coast. The first one among them is the Giant Redwood that grows in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California. These are comparatively shorter than ordinary Redwood trees but possess great strength and are heftier than the Coast Redwoods. 

Giant Redwood can be found in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park in California. The second one is the Dawn Redwood trees that grow in a remote part of central China only. Dawn Redwood trees are one-third of the overall height of Coast Redwood.

Today, we have a rare opportunity left to re-assemble the vast and dynamic Redwood forests into a beautiful self-renewing ecosystem lying between the Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean. All these interesting facts about the Redwood trees will help you to know their significance in maintaining the ecosystem and habitat for wildlife. 

If you want to know more about such famous locations to visit in California then you must visit our California category to know in detail about California. Also, share your views with us about these amazing facts about the Redwood trees of California. What do you think, would we be able to re-assemble the vibrant Redwood forests or not?

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