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Canada is often referred to as the country of lakes as there are more than 2 million lakes there. More than 500 lakes in Canada are among the enormous ones and cover 100 square kilometers of area. Nearly 10 million km2 of water available in the lakes in Canada is fresh water and suitable for all types of the consumption process. This rough record of freshwater lakes in Canada is enough to tell you how beautiful and clean these lakes can be. 


Let’s have a close look at the top famous lakes in Canada that will amaze you with their beautiful view and clean water. If you are in Canada for a vacation then there is nothing better than to explore these beautiful lakes in Canada. Each one of them will leave you stupefied with their amazing scenes.

List of Lakes to Visit in Canada

1. Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Lake Louise

Here comes the first lake of Canada that is famous for its turquoise water and serene surrounding. This famous lake in Canada is located beneath Mount Victoria and is famous for its steep elevation of 1,750 meters. The elevated location of this pristine lake in Canada is not only famous for its beautiful scenes but also famous among adventure lovers. You can come here and enjoy hiking, trekking, cycling, boating, ice climbing, mountain biking, and fishing. 


Moreover, in the winter from the beginning of December till the end of January, the lake gets frozen and will give multiple golden opportunities to try ice skating on the thick ice bed. 


Location: Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Area: 90 ha

2. Lake Huron

Lake Huron

Lake Huron

How can you miss visiting Lake Huron even on your shortest trip to Canada? This prominent lake in Canada is the largest freshwater lake in the world and is also known as a border between Canada and the United States. 


Huron has more than 120 historic lighthouses spread across the entire lake. Being one of the largest lakes in Canada, Huron has also managed to list its name in the top five Great Lakes of North America. So, make sure to visit this amazing lake in Canada to satisfy your soul with some serene views. 

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Area: 23,000-sq-mi

3. Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake

Garibaldi Lake in Canada is famous for its turquoise water. This popular lake is located at a great elevation of 1,484 meters from sea level in Garibaldi Provincial Park. The stunning view around the lake Garibaldi Lake will surely bind you to stay for some more time and click amazing pictures as a memory of your Canada trip. 


The one exceptional thing about this lake is the clear reflection of the nearby mountains in the crystal clear water of the lake looks stunning. Moreover, you can hike for nearly nine-kilometer to reach the top of the mountain from where you will get an astonishing view of the lake.


Location: Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

Area: 9.94 km²

4. Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake

Spotted Lake is one of the most unique lakes in Canada that is famous for its large spots formed in the lake. These spots are the result of the mineral disposition on the bottom surface of the lake that looks close to the skin of the giraffe. 


People are restricted from getting down in the water of this lake as a variety of minerals in the water can harm their skin. You can only see the alluring beauty of this waterfall from a distance. 


Location: British Columbia, Canada

5. Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

The unique name of Emerald lake is enough to tell you the features of this lake.  The emerald green and Turkish blue water of this lake are completely justifying its clarity. Emerald lake is located inside Yoho National Park and is one of the 61 largest lakes located within a park. The lake is enclosed by skyscraping mountains and you will get a clear reflection of these mountains in the water. 


Canoeing, snowshoeing, hiking, and skiing are some famous adventure ice sports that you can try near the shore of Emerald Lake. The best time to visit Emerald Lake is in the summers in between May till July. For the rest of the year or in winters the lake remains frozen with a thick layer of ice. 


Location: Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Area: 91 ha

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6. Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is named after a famous Canadian province that sits below the famous Niagara Falls. The large lake is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and the St. Lawrence River in Ontario. Various Lighthouses stand proudly on the shores of Lake Ontario. On the other coast of this lake there lies the largest Canadian city named Toronto. 


Many brave souls had taken a challenge to swim this lake of overall 51 km (32 miles) to reach Toronto city. However, only 50 of them have been able to accomplish this task. Lake Ontario is a freshwater lake in Canada where you will get a variety of biodiversity.


Location: Ontario

Area: 18,960 km²

7. Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake located on the North Saskatchewan River is a newly formed lake in the country. If you want to witness a unique yet beautiful lake in Canada then we recommend you to go to Abraham Lake. We can’t consider this lake as the largest one but the beauty is impressive. The greenish-blue color water with mountains and enough greenery nearby the lake make this a famous spot among photographers. You will definitely get some picturesque images here amid the bright light. 


Location: North Saskatchewan River, Alberta, Canada

Area: 53.7 km²

8. Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake

Great Slave Lake

We have talked enough about the largest and famous lakes in Canada, now it’s high time to introduce you to the deepest one. Yes, Great Slave Lake is the deepest lake in Canada that lies in the Northwest Territories of North America. 


Visitors can definitely include this famous lake in their bucket list. Here nearby his lake, you will get to see unspoiled wilderness with aurora borealis. Though this lake freezes in winter, in summers it will give a lot of opportunities to the visitors to do kayaking or fishing.


Location: Northwest Territories, Canada

Area: 27,200 km²

9. Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake

Peyto Lake

Peyto is a gorgeous little lake located in the Banff National Park. the steep elevation of 1,860 meters. Though the lake looks beautiful from the shore, if you want to witness its true beauty then you have to hike to the top of the mountain and reach the viewpoint (Bow Summit).


Photographers will get a lot of scenic locations to shoot near this pristine lake. So, if you are searching for some famous lakes in Canada to visit then don’t forget to include Peyto Lake in your list. 


Location: Alberta, Canada

Area: 530 ha

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10. Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Lake Superior

Lake Superior in Canada is the largest freshwater lake in the entire world, hence the name superior. You will get the most scenic view with a trace of fishing, boating & wildlife activities on the shore of Superior lake. An enormous volcanic action in the park is the actual reason why this lake was formed. In present times, people often call this lake the graveyard of the Great Lakes. The main reason behind this is that the lake has witnessed the highest number of shipwrecks and most of them were around Whitefish Point.


Location: Ontario

Area: 82,103 km²

When you have already planned to visit Canada then why not include some charming lakes in your list. Canada has millions of lakes and we have concluded a list of the top 10 famous lakes in Canada. Some of them are known for their unique features while others are known for clear water and serene surroundings. In some of the lakes in Canada, you will get to see the beautiful reflection of encompassing mountains and greenery that will leave you astounded with their charm. 

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