Top 10 Things to Buy in Las Vegas| What Souvenirs to Buy in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most illustrious cities that own an incredible signature of fun, partying, and casinos all around the world. Besides, artistic buildings or hotel rich history and great architectural lineage of famous restaurants you can find the most popular things to buy in Las Vegas that are super classy and affordable. There are a lot of other items that are even exclusive to the city and you might not find them anywhere in the world. Such unique items are the best souvenirs to buy in Las Vegas. A weird and interesting gift for valuable friends back at home will be a sorted present. Sometimes, a smart bargain with local sellers to call for extra discounts is very handy in this city so don’t miss out on that. But if you want the best use of your money and style then follow up the given below list which I have curated top 10 things to buy from Las Vegas that are completely affordable and classy to take back.

List of Things to Buy in Las Vegas

1. Patisserie Chocolates

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Patisserie Chocolates

If you love to takeaway edible gifts for your loved ones then this is one of the best things to buy in Las Vegas. Jean Philippe has a shop at the Bellagio and at the Aria which is best known for his exotic chocolate creations including the patisserie, gourmet crepes, cakes, cookies, salads, sandwiches, and ice creams but primarily, it’s all about the chocolate. So don’t leave without taking such sweet delicacies from vegas.

2. Nevada Vodka

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Nevada Vodka

After a great night out in Vegas, everyone loves a pinch of hardcore drinks. But if you like to take away, some special ones for your partners back at home then Nevada Vodka is the famous souvenir to buy in Las Vegas that can fit any trolley you are carrying. Each weekend enough liquor is poured in Las Vegas to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool so you can easily guess the drinking culture in this city. Such traditions can definitely get you hooked over the drinks so better save them up for your home and take away some bottles for your home. These drinks are made from carefully selected grain of Winnemucca Farms. George and his wife Katalin use ancestral Hungarian and Transylvanian recipes to provide the backbone of these divine spirits which are milled, cooked, and fermented in the distillery, creating a fabulous piece of art.

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3. Saguaro Cactus

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Saguaro Cactus

Well, taking soft flowers that wilt after a short period of time is getting very cliche so why not break the rules? Just like Vegas style, you bring the cactus as presents for your buddies would be a great idea. Yes, on the surface, cactus looks prickly, aloof and unwelcoming, but the truth is, cacti make remarkable friends and are actually very hearty plants. You can leave them and they can survive on their own. So, not taking care of pressure these are the top things to buy in Las Vegas as the Saguaro and the Joshua tree are probably the most recognizable cactus in the world which are found in Vegas as an old western signature. 

4. Sin City Gallery Prints

What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Sin City Gallery Prints

Sin City Gallery lies in the heart of Las Vegas. This is a new Art District that supports many upcoming talented artists. Every month this intimate gallery presents a new erotic-themed exhibition from which you can choose a popular souvenir to buy in Las Vegas. Whether it’s paintings, photography, sculpture, or multi-media, each artist is hand-picked and invited to show in this one-of-a-kind venue, therefore, you get variety and modern touch in art all at the same time. Dubeau’s paintings are printed and signed in limited editions otherwise if you get lucky there are some artists who will paint an image on canvas on your request as well.

5. Custom Poker Chips

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Custom Poker Chips

Las Vegas and casino are now like synonyms as the amount of casino bars in Vegas are just uncountable. Especially, poker aficionado will love to get these things to buy from Las Vegas. The chips are made in 3 different materials, the finest chips being made of clay and usually have a cloth inlay in the center. You can easily identify these chips in casinos of the Las Vegas. But Plastic chips are the cheapest, being very lightweight, and usually have a gold or silver hot-stamp design in the centre they can also be a great souvenir for a poker lover. And, of course, such chips are epoxy blends that have a photo or graphic design printed on each side.

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6. Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Navajo Turquoise Bracelet

For some exotic jewelry styles, you can look for these Navajo accessories. As such bracelets are one of the most craft-oriented coming from the Navajo Native American tribes which are around 50,000 in number and live in Southern Nevada. This Indian jewelry is usually identified by the turquoise stone inlay, but if you are thinking what to buy in Las Vegas? That can put your partner in awe then this special bracelet with a gorgeous blue stone infused with a streak of brown is the answer. They are mined locally and are known as Boulder Turquoise explaining the name of the jewelry.

7. M&M’s World

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

M&M’s World

Another delectable thing to buy from Las Vegas which no one can deny from having and enjoying their vibrant colors and chocolate flavors. Anyone with a sweet tooth will love these gifts for sure. The M&M’s World Store is four stories high and is packed with colorful yummy candy and M&M souvenirs which you can bring for your kids back at home. You can personalize your M&Ms as well which makes this a great Las Vegas souvenir.

8. “Golden Nugget” Casino Chip and Dice

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

“Golden Nugget” Casino Chip and Dice

Along with poker chips, what is the next level vintage thing you can get for anyone? The answer glistens with gold. Yes, the “Golden nugget” downtown Las Vegas set the stage for gaming in 1932. Las Vegas Strip didn’t get started until 1945 with El Rancho Vegas and Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo entering the casino. The Golden Nugget Casino opened a year later in what’s now known as Glitter Gulch and it hit every stage in town. Golden Nugget chip is from the 1960s and is a classic example of a vintage chip and has the trademark GN sign of the 40s and 50s. These are definitely the must-buy things in Las Vegas which you can get for any poker lover.

9. Custom-Tailored Elvis Jumpsuit

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

Custom-Tailored Elvis Jumpsuit

One of the exceptions of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign that’s been welcoming visitors since 1959 can always stay in your mind with a tailored outfit of the famous Elvis Presley. No wonder anyone can be more iconic in Las Vegas than him. That’s why most of the signboards are fixed with the signature image of Presley that screams Vegas to anyone. Such, popular things to buy in Las Vegas are the best ideas to flatter a fan of Presley as well. If you want to go to your office Xmas party dressed as a young svelte Elvis, then this outfit can be pretty helpful you know to catch a glimpse of girls!

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10. WSOP Memorabilia

 What to Buy in Las Vegas, Things to Buy in Las Vegas

WSOP Memorabilia

WSOP is most commonly known for the “Main Event” where 8,000+ contestants compete for the first prize of $6-plus million dollars in a World Series of Poker diamond bracelet and the title of Winner of the WSOP is appreciated among the people. You can take away the nostalgic mimic memorabilia for your home which in poker circles is akin to a coronation. It is a better conversation starter for poker lovers after all. Just be ready to bluff!

Hope you enjoyed this amazing tour of things to buy in Las Vegas. There are tonnes of products that are weird yet amazing, that you can take back home at very reasonable prices if you have complete knowledge of what to buy in Las Vegas? Hence for such purposes, I wish as per discussed shopping ideas from our top 10 list of best things to buy in Las Vegas will be helpful for finding the splendid souvenirs for your loved ones. Head on to our other blogs for more engaging info like these and please don’t forget to comment below about your precious views.

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