Best Cities to Visit in Samoa | Major Cities in Samoa

Until 4 July 1997, Samoa, officially the Independent State of Samoa and, and known as Western Samoa. It is a nation consisting of two main islands, Upolu and Savai, and four smaller islands. The major cities in Samoa are so beautiful and famous for its sandy shining beaches. Apia is the capital city. Around 3,500 years ago, the Lapita people discovered and settled the Samoan Islands. Travelers are voting Samoa, Apia, and Savaii as the best of cities in the Samoa Islands. Also popular are Salelologa and Asau in Savaii and Siumu in Samoa. Want more? Check out several famous cities in Samoa.

List of Cities in Samoa

1. Apia 

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


Apia is considered in one of the largest cities in Samoa. It is also the capital of this country. The city is located on the central north coast of Upolu, Samoa second largest island. Within the political district of Tuamasaga, Apia is the only city in Samoa. Mulinuu lies at the city western, the old ceremonial capital and is the location of the Parliament House (Maota Fono) and the historic observatory, which is now the meteorology office. Apia Harbour is the busiest harbor and by far the largest in Samoa. All dock like international shipping with containers, LPG gas, and fuels here. The modern capital Apia has been the official capital of Samoa since 1959 and was founded in the 1850s.

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2. Savaii

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


Renowned for its dense rainforests, white sandy beaches and turtle poolsSavaii in American Samoa is an exotic islet. It is one of the top travel and tourism destinations in Samoa offering its visitors adventure and outdoor recreations. One of the major tourist attractions and top city in Savaii is ‘Dive Savaii’. It is a natural pool where tourists take a plunge and get an opportunity to swim with green turtles, tropical fish, and rays. The myriad colors and designs of mesmerizing corals submerged in the Dive Savaii is a treat to watch. Another tourist attraction is Satoalepai Wetlands in Savaii that comprising of fresh waters that are home to green turtles. Tourists are allowed to dive and get up and personal with the green turtles.  It is one of the best cities in Samoa. The Falealupo Rain Forest Reserve in Savaii featuring dense tropical woodlands offers a unique rainforest canopy walk and provides stunning views of the tropical rain forest.

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3. Salelologa

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


At the east end of Savaii island in Samoa, Salelologa is a city with many natural beauties. With the only ferry terminal on Savaii, it is the main entry point into the island. With a market selling fresh produce and arts and crafts, it also serves as the main township for shopping and public amenities. It is one of the cities to visit in Samoa. The township consists of one main shopping street. In 2009, at the Salelologa Market which was recently moved to a new site by the wharf. Monday to Saturday, the market is open six days a week.  With a few small outlets opening in the late afternoon, most shops and markets in Samoa close on Sundays.

4. Asau 

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


Asau, one of the main cities in Samoa is situated on the northwest coast of Savai’i island in Samoa. It serves as the main business center at the west end of the island and the capital of the Vaisigano political district. With logging of native forestsAsau was the center of the timber industry in Samoa. Primarily used for chartered flights, the Asau Airport is an airstrip.

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5. Siumu

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


Siumu is one of the beautiful cities in Samoa on the central south coast of Upolu island. According to the recent census, the population is 1,092. Uta has a population of 206, it is also a sub-village Siumu. Siumu Electoral Constituency (Faipule District) comprises the villages of Siumu, Siumu Uta, Maninoa and Saaga. The constituency is part of the larger political district Tuamasaga and has a total population of 2,224.

6. Tuasivi

Best Cities to Visit in Samoa


Tuasivi is one of the popular cities in Samoa situated on the northeast coast of Savaii island in Samoa. The city is an electoral political district of Faasaleleaga. Tuasivi is the main center for government administration on Savaii. With offices in the village including a judicial courthouse and the main police station on the island, there is a small government complex. Tuasivi is 10 minutes north of Salelologa township and ferry terminal and has a post office. There is also a college and churches of Christian denominations.

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