Travel Restriction in Iceland During Covid-19 | Best & Safe Places to Visit in Iceland 2021 (Updated )

Iceland is a Nordic island country that is known for its feisty volcanoes, gushing geysers, steaming hillocks, and incredible tectonic history of its own creation. There numerous popular travel destinations in Iceland that any traveler must not miss. Yet, the current situations of the pandemic have hugely impacted travel energy all across the world. Yet, being updated with the current travel restrictions in Iceland due to Covood-19 gives you an upper hand on your future travel bookings and aids you in a free-from-infection travel journey. The ethereal Northern lights, enlightened glacial caves, majestic sea creatures, and warm soothing geothermal waters will eventually make your arrival worth all the efforts in Iceland. So, what more you are waiting for? Grab a pen and start taking notes about the best travel entities offered in Iceland!

Updates on Travel Restrictions in Iceland

  • Effective from April 30, 2021, the Icelandic border is open to visitors from approved countries only.
  • Passengers must carry the negative COVID-19 test results taken 72 hr prior to arrival (only acceptable time hours) in Iceland.
  • Passengers must undergo 2 COVID-19 tests, with a 5-day quarantine between, or must carry proof of your complete vaccination against COVID-19, or showcase the antibody recovery from COVID-19 after the infection.
  • Passengers without any negative COVID-19 (PCR test) certificate might get fined up to 100,000 ISK ($788). So don’t slacken up at least in this paperwork! 
  • Children 16 years or below must administer quarantine with their parents or guardians when they arrive in Iceland.
  • Passengers arriving will also have to register with Icelandic authorities by filling out a pre-registration form before arrival, that indicates all the essential information regarding your arrival and departure in Iceland. 
  • Vaccinated travelers must know that the vaccine-taken must be approved in Europe that includes Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Janssen.
  • Vaccinated travelers have to be tested again at the airport for COVID-19. But don’t worry you can transit towards your accommodation to wait for the test results & do not have to quarantine beyond that.
  • Traveler with a certificate showing a positive PCR-test for SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 beyond 14 days or those who possess the presence of antibodies against SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 measured by ELISA serologic essay are also accepted in Iceland for commuting.
  • Passengers must book their quarantine hotel or stays in advance because If the individual is found unable to demonstrate an adequate quarantine location prior to arrival in Iceland, then local authorities may transfer the traveler to an official Red Cross quarantine center. Plus Point: The stay in a government quarantine facility is free of charge.
  • Passengers who fear that if a flight gets cancelled or you test positive for COVID-19 on arrival then worry not, you will get a full refund. 
  • The above regulations will remain in effect until May 5, 2021, according to Iceland travel restrictions guidelines.
  • Usual Covid-19 restrictions currently for everyone in Iceland  are:
  • Public gatherings are not allowed beyond 20 people.
  • The social distancing of 2metres must be maintained at all costs. 
  • Face-mask wearing is compulsory when the person cannot maintain the social distance.
  • Restaurants and bars are open with proper social distancing until 10 pm.
  • Performing arts, cinemas, and other cultural events are allowed to have up to 50 people. 

List of Places to Visit in Iceland 2021

1. The Blue Lagoon

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines

The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a 20-kilometre wide lagoon regarded as the most soothing place to visit in Iceland that visitors love to enjoy all throughout the year. The milky blue water along with the steaming hot mist of the geothermal pools makes this travel destination a perfect setting for relaxation or spa therapy. You can swim through the geothermal pools for long hours, or brace yourself with a tranquilizing silica mud mask, making your skin soft and healthy. Whereas trying the ice-cold beer after a swim to cool down from the thermal pools is the usual joint of travelers for enjoyment here. Sometimes the first drink is usually on the house too! Let’s see if you get lucky or not!

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2. Dynjandi

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines


Dynjandi is a majestic culmination of 7 different waterfalls of varying sizes in Iceland. This is also popular with the title “the Jewel of the Westfjords” in the country.  Dynjandi spans 60-meters wide, which adds another legendary touch to its aesthetics. It seems like a large plat sheet of silver that has plenty of other smaller streams flowing through the rocks and crevices of the hill. The local folklores even have sagas where each waterfall represents a supernatural being and spirit that heals their devotees. You will be thrilled to explore this famous place in Iceland to visit on your vacations this year. Adventurers can also hike to Dynjandi viewpoint that is just a short 15-minute climb but offers breath-taking views of the entire location. Hæstahjallafoss is another incredible second-largest, stunning waterfall in front of Dynjandi which you mustn’t miss as well.

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3. RauĂ°isandur Beach

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines

RauĂ°isandur Beach

Rauðisandur Beach is amongst the top place to visit in Iceland that hones the title of extraordinary in its soul. It is a colored beach with red and orange sand & stretches 10-kilometers down the West Fjords. Yes! Not white, brown, or black, it’s red sand! You might not have seen such a natural wonder anywhere else. It is a perfect peaceful getaway to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can witness the shades of red and orange sand during sunny days. The contrasted bright, turquoise pools of the ocean that gushes its glistening water in the shores make this an unforgettable experience out of all other places. The major attractions of this beach are the Black church- a small religious worship spot next to the beach that is painted entirely black. 

4. Thingvellir Iceland Tectonic Plates

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines

Thingvellir Iceland Tectonic Plates

Thingvellir Iceland Tectonic Plates is the signature spot of Iceland to showcase its tectonic history. These are the constantly shifting tectonic plates. A scenic national park with stunning landscapes is also nestled near this steep cliff. The movement of the North American and Eurasian plates created the Icelandic wondrous natural world. The molten volcanic lava, steep cliffs, and babbling rivers were formed later by the tectonic plates that are now some of the best places to visit in Iceland 2021. You’d be amazed to administer the origin of Iceland here. Almannagjá is a renowned rift that runs in between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates pondered as the highlight of this travel destination in Iceland.

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5. KĂłpavogur

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines


Kópavogur is the safest shopping place in Iceland where you might not find excessive crowds and the quiet atmosphere makes it even more appealing. It is nestled south of the capital city Reykjavik. There are umpteen cheap and affordable Icelandic souvenirs to shop from Kopavgour. Since its lies on the outskirts of Reykjavik, you’ll find very fewer tourists here. Such an incredible place in Iceland to visit during Covid-19 will surely not harm your health in any manner. Smáralind is the largest shopping mall situated here, with over 100 different retail stores, boutiques, and restaurants for shopping, your hearts out. Kópavogs Swimming Pool is another outdoor pool that’s fun for the whole family keeping security measures against Covid-19 infections intact before.

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Essential Things to Pack

current travel restrictions in Iceland, popular travel destinations in Iceland, Iceland travel restrictions guidelines

Things to Pack

  • For Travel: Sunscreen, insect repellants, hiking boots, Iceland or  Europian adapter plug or Multi-plug, Bag Pack, layers of clothing(as weather is super unpredictable!).
  • For Secure Travel: Passport, medicine prescriptions, Visa & other paperwork, Covid-19 test results, mask, sanitizers & face shield(in case of lethal infection in your throat).

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Hope you guys liked these updated travel restriction guidelines of Iceland. There are some incredible adventures waiting for your venturesome retreat in Iceland! Apart from a brief list of good places to visit in Iceland, there are some regulated guidelines that any traveler must be acquainted with before planning their travel to this natural wonder. Hence, find yourself the best & safest place to see in Iceland with the above-collated information. For more engaging and updated travelogues please keep visiting our Adequate Travel Blogs. Till then Be safe & Keep planning for your next adventures! Hopefully, everything will be back to normal one day!

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