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In case you’re searching for cool facts about Iceland, you will have a hard time believing a portion of this stuff! Did you realize Icelanders leave their infants outside, they like to eat spoiled sharks? There’s simply something enchanted about Iceland, something that grasps our aggregate travel spirits and will not give up. I’ve been two or multiple times and am as of now plotting my arrival visits. Here are some unknown intresting facts about Iceland.

Surprising Facts about Iceland

1. Iceland is the best nation for individual freedom on the planet in 2015.

2. 80% of the nation stays uninhabited.

3. Reykjavík is the nation’s capital and biggest city, home to 60% of Icelanders.

4. The city capital’s mayor, Jón Gnarr, was a standup comedian with no political foundation yet he had the option to reestablish the city’s funds from crisis and obligations during his term, get theMost Interesting Facts about Egypt.

5. Iceland facts and informationlet you know that Iceland is otherwise called “The Land of Fire and Ice” is home to in excess of a hundred volcanoes, many which are as yet dynamic, and glaciers covering about 10% of the island.

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6. The total nation’s population is just around 320,000, only a tenth of those living in San Francisco, California.

7. Since it is only a little nation and nearly everybody is some way or another related, the Islendiga-Application for cell phones was created to check how firmly related you are to somebody. Clearly, it has turned out to be useful to dodge incestual relations, particularly when dating.

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8. Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir is Iceland’s first female PM and the head of state who was open about her sexuality as a lesbian.

9. Iceland is the main NATO nation without a military, naval force or air force.

10. There are no mosquitoes in Iceland.

11. Icelandic food is pylsur—a wiener made for the most part from sheep with some pork and meat. It’s arranged “ein með öllu” deciphered as “give me one with the works”, and the “works” mean ketchup, mustard, crude and browned onions, and remoulade.

12. McDonald’s closed its last eatery in Iceland in October 2009 at the season of a financial crisis.

13. Starbucks can’t be found in Iceland.

14. Tap water in Iceland is extremely safe to drink.

Iceland facts, interesting facts about Iceland, Iceland facts and information

15. “Midnight sun” is a characteristic wherein 24 hours of sunshine is experienced during summer months, especially from June to July.

16. Beer was prohibited from 1915 and was just permitted again on Walk 1, 1989; consequently, Beer Day is praised each first of Spring.

17. Handball is a well-known game like soccer yet hands are utilized rather than feet.

18.Facts about Iceland explains that Icelanders address each other by their first name, regardless of whether an expert or a high-positioning government official. Iceland’s Leader, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, is both formally and calmly tended to as Ólafur. Likewise, phone directories are one after another in order orchestrated by the primary name, here you can read the interesting facts about Australia.

19. Water warmers and heaters are not required on the grounds that steam and high temp water originate from common fountains and hot springs through a system of funnels into homes and structures.

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20. The Icelandic letters in order have plenty of vowels: a, á, e, é, I, í, o, ó, u, ú, y, ý, æ and ö. The letters c, q, w, and z are excluded in the letter set.

21. It is ordinary and safe for moms to leave their children outside while snoozing in their baby buggies or carriages. You would frequently locate these little one’s ideal outside bistros, cafés, and staple goods, or in galleries or lawns with their folks adjacent.

22. Surtsey Island, another UNESCO World Heritage Site, was framed between 1963 to 1967 making it one of the most youthful islands on the planet.

23. 60% of the Icelandic populace lives in ReykjavĂ­k.


Iceland facts, interesting facts about Iceland, Iceland facts and information

24. Approximately 85 percent of Iceland’s vitality is from sustainable assets, and well over a portion of that is geothermal alone.

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25. Per capita, Iceland has the maximum number of book and magazine productions and 10% of the nation’s population will publish a book in their lifetimes.

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