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Denmark, the Kingdom of Denmark, is a Nordic nation and the southernmost of the Scandinavian countries which are filled with several facts about Denmark. It has a region of 43,094 square km. Copenhagen is its capital city; Danish is its official language. The kingdom of Denmark additionally incorporates Faroe Island and Greenland. With these unknown facts about Denmark let us get familiar with its history, culture, individuals, economy, government and the sky is the limit from there.

Surprising Facts about Denmark

1. Denmark no doubt signifies “Land of the Danes.” The main notice of the name of the kingdom Denmark originates from about A.D. 900 in King Alfred the Incomparable of Britain’s translation of Orosius’ Geography.

2. In Denmark, it rains or snows each second day. All things considered, Denmark has 171 days with precipitation of more than 0.004 in.

3. The Danish flag is the oldest state flag on the planet which is still being used by an independent country.

Denmark facts, interesting facts about Denmark, Denmark facts and information

4. The Danish government is the oldest government on the planet and has existed for more than 1,000 years

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5. Denmark is an archipelago comprised of more than 100 islands, some of which are not by any means possessed.

6. Football is the national game of Denmark.

7. Denmark is considered the “least corrupt” nation on the planet.

8. In 1792, Denmark turned into the first European nation to abolish slavery.

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9. Denmark is reported to be the most joyful nation on the planet.

10. Jutland is the main landmass in Denmark, the rest are islands.

11. Denmark has 406 islands. What’s a more, 7314-kilometer long coastline.

12. Denmark really has a spot to surf called Cold Hawaii, and it is the best beaches in Scandinavia for surfing.

Denmark facts, interesting facts about Denmark, Denmark facts and information

13. There are plenty of bicycles in Denmark. Strikingly, there are a bigger number of bicycles in Copenhagen than people which is one of the most interesting facts about Denmark.

14. Strangely, the U.S. tried to purchase Greenland from Denmark in 1946 for an aggregate of 100 million, however, Denmark denied.

15. Princess Mary, the spouse of Danish Crown Prince Frederik, initially hails from Tasmania, Australia.

16. Scandinavians, including Danes, are the world’s highest per-capita buyers of coffee, with Danes (who drink a normal of four glasses per day) coming in third after Sweden and Finland.

17. All Danes know how to swim, and swimming classes are a piece of the necessary educational modules in all state schools.

18. The normal age to get married for men and women is 34.8 and 32.2 years.

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19. Peter and Jens are the most well-known first names for men while Anne and Kirsten were most popular for ladies in Denmark.

20. One-fourth of all deaths in Denmark are brought about by cancer. Breast and prostate cancer were among the most widely recognized among ladies and men individually.

21. In Denmark, pregnant women get a 4 week paid off before delivery and 14 weeks satisfied after the delivery. Altogether, guardians in Denmark get 52 weeks of paid parental leave.

22. Strangely, Danish children must have a first name that is on the list of approved names. In addition, one can’t give a kid a young lady’s name or the other way around, which quite unknown facts about Denmark.

23. A birth certificate is provided by the church to the newly born baby which is closest to where the baby is born. This certificate is provided regardless of whether the child is definitely not a Christian.

24. Denmark is the first European nation to enable legal changes to gender without sterilization.

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25. The nation has one of the most astounding fertility rates in the European Association.

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