Ryanair cancels 420 flights -amid French air traffic control strike

Synopsis: Ryanair Airlines canceled 420 flights on Friday, September 16th due to an air traffic control strike in France. According to reports, the restriction on overflying France will have the biggest impact on Ryanair. During its busiest season, Ryanair operates up to 3,000 flights per day across Europe.

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Ryanair cancels 420 flights – amid French air traffic control strike.

The latest statement from Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline company, has left many of its passengers in distress. The company has decided to cancel its 420 flights scheduled for September 16, 2022. 

Ryanair is a Dublin-based low-cost carrier company that provides the basic transfer service in Ireland, Europe. However, according to the latest news coming from Dublin, Ryanair made an announcement to cancel around 420 flights on Friday due to an air traffic control strike in France. This last-minute flight cancellation will impact more than 80,000 passengers whose flights were scheduled on Friday, September 16.

The latest tweet by Reuters shook everyone as it stated, “Ryanair cancels 420 flights due to French air traffic control strike’

Earlier this year, Ryanair announced plans to expand its winter scheduled flights in the UK by over a million seats, which makes everyone happy across Europe. But, now it looks like passengers need to think twice before booking their flights. 

In order to prevent European passengers from being repeatedly held hostage by a small French ATC union, the EU must intervene and protect overflights, according to Ryanair Operations Director Neal McMahon.

The statement recommended allowing other air traffic control centers to oversee overflights of France during strikes.

On Friday, Air France (AIRF.PA) announced that it would only operate 45% of its short- and medium-haul flights.

The French SNCTA air control union stated that the walkout was due to inflation and a need for more employees.

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