Top 10 Souvenirs to Buy in Buenos Aires | Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is world-famous for its adorable items that people love to take away from the city, especially their refined collection of Alcoholic beverages and delicious sugar delights. But if you want something very unique that can fit your style or something expensive and classic to gift someone then you need to follow the given below guide listing the 10 famous souvenirs to buy in Buenos Aires that you might not know about being an outsider. Hence here I have curated some popular things to buy from Buenos Aires with the assistance of our travel chums to discover some amazing products that are loved by locals and are super nostalgic to make you remember all the best memories from this Argentinian city. Let’s follow up the given below list of top 10 suggestions for hassle-free shopping in Buenos Aires that ends up with affordable and best takeaways from the city in your shopping bag.

List of Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

1. Asado Knives (Facones)

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Asado Knives (Facones)

Argentinians are already known for consuming extravagant meaty cuisines that generate a strict need for refined knives that can slice through the meat finely. Asado knives are such a tool which perfectly slices through decorative pieces of meaty cuisine. They are locally known as  “Facones,” and are regarded as Argentinian traditional knives from the “campo” (countryside). This culture of keeping designer sharp knives dates back to the days when Gauchos (the traditional Argentine cowboys) used to carry them attached to their belts. You will also love this top souvenir to buy in Buenos Aires which comes in handy for cutting meat slices as well.

Where to find it: Marcelo Toledo

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2. Cowhide Rug

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Cowhide Rug

By far you might have seen various animal’s skin lying on the floor as a relic but have you ever seen a rodent’s skin in place of that? Yes! Apart from being a great material for stylish bags and jackets, it becomes a very adorable rug which is counted among the most popular souvenirs to buy in Buenos Aires. The soft, silky hides come in a wide range of colours and markings, including black and white splodges to speckled browns and stripes, depending on the breed of the cow it is taken from. Such items become very funky homeware. You can buy these products from Calma Chicha in the Palermo neighbourhood selling large collections of cowhide rugs.

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Where to find it: Calma Chicha

3. Dulce de Leche

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Dulce de Leche

You might have bought various kinds of jams or marmalades from different cities you visited but the spread you get here leaves all other sugary treats at the far back. Yes! People with a sweet tooth will fall instantly in love with Dulce de Leche, which is the country’s famous caramel sauce. Apart from other things to buy in Buenos Aires, Argentina this is one of the must-buy items you should take away especially for your kids who usually love sugary spreads. In fact the title of Dulce de Leche translates to  “sweet milk” and is made from condensed milk. You can enjoy this product in umpteen ways ranging from Tostado for breakfast, stuffings of croissant or pouring it over ice-cream or other desserts as a glazy garnish.

4. Box of Alfajores

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Box of Alfajores

Another sugary treat which fits perfectly well with coffee. It might remind you of the original Spanish cylinder-shaped confections but the typical, unique circular shape of Alfajores makes it seem like a cookie-cum-cake prioritising it as a famous souvenir to buy in Buenos Aires. You’ll find Alfajores in virtually every “Kiosco” in the city packaged in beautiful boxes that in itself seem like presents and need no use of extra packaging.

Where to find it: Havana at Florida 948

5. Rhodochrosite (Rodocrosita) Jewellery

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Rhodochrosite (Rodocrosita) Jewellery

Just like China has Jade, Prague has garnet, Rhodochrosite is Argentina’s national pink stone which is used in various accessories all across Buenos Aires. Perhaps, due to its colour, its regarded as a gemstone of love and wearers of it are thought to attract love. You will find loads and loads of jewellery designs available in the city combining Rodocrosita. But the price can vary on the basis of the stone’s quality as if there are numerous flaws or white lines on the stone, its value decreases whereas the shades of light pink when converted to deeper shades of reddish-pink, become more expensive accordingly. This is one of the best things to buy in Buenos Aires. 

Where to find it: Delgè, Hotel Sofitel

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6. Leather Jacket

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Leather Jacket

There are some apparels or fabric materials that never go out of fashion and leather is one of such materials. Anything coming out from leather is not only fashionable but durable and goes on for years. Hence, if you need a good solid style investment then cool jackets of leather are the best souvenirs to buy in Buenos Aires. You can find a lot of collections possessing ‘suits’ that ‘suit’ every imaginable taste. But the quality and tailoring of the jackets vary, depending on where you buy the apparels. To get some of the best leather products in town, try family-run Rossi & Caruso, who have been in business since 1862. Basic leather jackets start at around $1,400

Where to find it: Rossi & Caruso Posadas

7. Bottle of Malbec Wine

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Bottle of Malbec Wine

Argentinians dote upon their capabilities of consuming vast quantities of red wine for a good reason. After all, when the country produces some of the best red wine in the world then who will mind having a sip! Malbec is Argentina’s signature grape that is used to make this expensive wine. You will find the flavours of this wine very distinct from other regular grape wines due to the infused rich velvety texture of Malbec grapes. For any wine connoisseurs or wine lover, these are perfect things to buy from Buenos Aires. One of the country’s most famous wineries is Catena Zapata in Bueno’s city.

Where to find it: Catena Zapata, Mendoza

8. Polo Boots

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Polo Boots

Entire Argentina is crazy about two exclusive sports first being, football and the other being polo. As the discussion of Polo arrives we can imagine those shiny skinny long boots that stretch over the knees of the player instantly. Despite being sport-oriented shoes such leather boots are a fashion statement in itself. And Buenos Aires is the best city to shop for all the polo accessories, especially the smart pair of custom-made leather polo boots. These are must-buy things in Buenos Aires for any Polo lover or just a beginner friend who will be thrilled to get such boots as presents. Dating back to 1946, La Casa de Las Botas is the most prestigious leather boot house in the city serving a long list of celebrated actors and famous polo players to Royalty.

Where to find it: La Casa de Las Botas

9. Leather Bag

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires

Leather Bag

If you have already seen the leather jacket varieties of this city then it will be hard to pull back yourself from buying those extra shiny classic leather bags. In fact, Buenos comes under the biggest consumers and exporters of beef, no wonder that you can buy the best leather bags in a very reduced amount of money. You can find these bags in the shopping streets of Buenos Aires. The city is filled with umpteen varieties of leather brand outlets offering bags in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes. Other leather accessories can also be bought from the reputed brand outlets as well.

Where to find it: La Boutique, Faena Hotel + Universe

10. Perfumes

Best Things to Buy in Buenos Aires


If you haven’t decided yet what to buy in Buenos Aires? Especially for your loved partner that seems special and holds a luxurious expensive look, perfumes are the best option to buy from Bueno’s city. Here you can find some of the most experienced performers who are in the business of creating iconic fragrances from several generations.  Stepping into the store you’ll be overwhelmed by the myriad of scents on offer, all sold in gorgeous bottles and wrapped in a beautiful box. Fueguia on fancy Avenida Alvear is the most venerated place to buy perfumes in Buenos Aires. 

Where to Buy: Buenos Aires Alvear boutique

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Hope you enjoyed the article listing the 10 best things to buy in Buenos Aires. According to different preferences and varied budget boundaries, this city is definitely a perfect destination to find tonnes of creative options that can impress your loved ones through the lovely souvenirs to buy from Buenos Aires, Argentina. But if you still face any trouble while shopping in this awe-inspiring city just ping us in the comment sections below we will try our best to, help! In fact, you can also book a bunch of interesting rides from our travel website or book from our latest Adequate travel app available exclusively on PlayStore. Enjoy your rides and ‘let your memory be your travel bag’.

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