Discover What Osaka is Known For | Why is Osaka Famous for?

Osaka is a beautiful city in Japan which is majorly famous for its foods that’s why it is also referred to as the ‘Nation’s kitchen’ But authentically it was known as Naniwa which locals still use in their languages. Osaka’s famous places to visit are different according to different tourists. As some foodies love to explore its food history and monuments related to it but overall there are a lot more things for which Osaka is famous for in entire Japan. Such reasons are curated and mentioned in the below list for your ease to explore each and every twist of Osaka.

List of Reasons for Why Osaka is Famous 

1. Museum

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

Every city owns its roots which are properly displayed through their old relics. Therefore for discovering What Osaka, Japan is famous for?  You must visit the Osaka Museum of History that is significant for tracing the city’s path over the last 1300 years. Whereas another famous relic The National Museum of Ethnology is crucially responsible for exploring the cultures of the world, past and present in the entire Japanese forms.

2. Shrines & Temples

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

Japanese culture is infused with the incredible history if famous interesting folk tales out of which some are based on warriors while some display the eternal love stories like Romeo and Juliette.  Such as the O-Hatsu Ten-jin Star which is supposed to be a shrine for the crossed lovers who committed a dramatic double suicide at this place making Osaka famous temples even more interesting than the rest among all other cities of Japan. You can also explore the Osaka Ten-man-gū Shrine which is dedicated to the god of scholarship, therefore, a favorite spot for students.

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3. Artistic Statues

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

Japanese culture has infused some fine artwork that seems even now impossible to replicate. There are a lot of artworks and statues that are standing in the city even now firm and beautiful in spite of being constructed many years back. Such as the Tower of the Sun which has a larger-than-life statue by Japanese artist Okamoto Taro to talk about. But Osaka is famous for the Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farmhouses which houses some fascinating real-world examples of rural architecture.

4. Buildings

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

Every city has some incredible buildings to brag about but the famous skyscrapers here are just mind-boggling. As the Umeda Sky Building seems like a Sci-fi high-rise building with a view over the city for which Osaka is known for in entire Japan.

5. Incredible Hotel Designs

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

It seems weird that any city can have different styles of hotels but Osaka’s famous tourist spot is majorly tempted with the Leach Bar Moody hotel which is a bar that was designed by famous British potter Bernard Leach. You can also own the extraordinary experience of residing in the famous Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza in Shinsaibashi, where spending a night in a classic capsule hotel along with Ame-Mura’s nightlife makes your whole day.

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6. Puppet Features

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

As is you wonder what is Osaka best known for ? then this city owns one incredible gem which is being the birthplace of Bunraku which is a centuries-old art of Japanese puppet theatre. Even the crankiest theatre-Forbes will have to admit that the eerily limber and lifelike puppets are spectacular. You can still explore these art forms in this city along with its long past histories.

7. Parks

Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

Parks are the most serene place to relax and calm down your senses. Since Osaka is filled with a lot of buildings you barely seem to find parks but there are some incredible new creations that are maintaining the natural balance through their creative designs for which Osaka is popular for in the world. Therefore you can now visit the famous Triangle Park a small concrete ‘park’, which the center of life in brash Amerika-Mura where you can also interact with the locals of the city.

8. Japanese Spa

Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

The spa therapy becomes incredible when it gets fused with old Japanese techniques of massages. You can relax the world out with these techniques. There are lots of places to ease out your mental and physical stress inside the spa centers of Osaka but the most visited place in Osaka Japan is the Spa World which is the top place for hanging around in the enormous bathing-complex-meets-water-park of Osaka.

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9. Food

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

If you visit Osaka and leave out its food its a big shame! As they are known to have the best food in the world. You must try their takoyaki and okonomiyaki. One of Osaka’s famous landmarks is the Dōguya-suji Arcade which is a market selling myriad kitchenware items from around the world that are even the most crucial item of Osaka’s cuisines. Kuromon Ichiba is the best place to shop for seafood, vegetables, pickles and more.

10. Water World

 Why is Osaka Famous, What Osaka is Known For

If you are coming with a family then don’t forget to explore this place. The water world is Osaka’s famous place to visit among all the other amusement parks. Here the Kaiyukan Aquarium in Tempozan Harbor Village is one of the largest public aquariums in the world and one of Osaka’s most popular destinations, which is regularly attracting huge crowds from around the world every year.

I hope you enjoyed the above mentioned top 10 reasons for what Osaka is known for? and what are the famous landmarks in Osaka, Japan that you must explore? There are lots of small places that you will come across inside the above-mentioned places that are epic destinations in themselves. If you like our blog do comment and follow our other blogs for more engaging info like these.

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