Top 10 Foods in Shenzhen China | Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat

Shenzhen is an amazing city to try the best Cantonese food which is prepared in their old traditional way along with some experimental dishes that have made a fantastic reputation among the other famous foods to try in Shenzhen also. Since most of their cuisines require the customer’s choice for the addition of different meat add-ons at the end of the orders the Islamic community of people can easily order for the halal food in Shenzhen China and enjoy their food free of tension here. I have mentioned a list of top 10 Shenzhen’s foods that you must try at least once.

List of Foods to Eat in Shenzhen

1. Cantonese Congee

food in Shenzhen

Cantonese Congee

Every Cantonian daily meal can’t be complete without this popular food in Shenzhen which might be a very acquired taste for any Cantonese but perhaps you might find it a bit weird. This soupy dish comprises rice and bits of other ingredients mixed finely into a soupy texture. It is quite bland and seems like watery rice but many locals eat it daily for breakfast and snacks. This food is the most local touch of the city you can experience out of all the foods in Shenzhen.

Must try at Jin Dao Yuan

Average price per person: 100 yuan

2. Seafood Hot Pot

food in Shenzhen


There are around 20 kinds of soup base for you to choose from different varieties of seafood mixtures. For having this spectacular seafood in Shenzhen China which is a very prominent seafood soup among the local people here sometimes you have to go through a long trail of lines outside the restaurant. The selection of seafood or any other meat depends on your orders so no need to worry about the halal food in Shenzhen.  But I recommend you must try Satay soup base which is the most popular one. If you don’t like strong flavors, then go for pork bone(obviously this one isn’t halal) soup base or potato-tomato soup base. Must try at Longteng Seafood Hotpot Restaurant.

Average price per person: 1000 yuan

3. Cantonese Sausage

food in Shenzhen


If you are also bored from the same old gooey sausages then try these Cantonese sausages that are sweet and salty and have a very appetizing fresh crimson red color. The best meat selection for such sausages are the rear legs of a pig(Not halal again!) but you can ask for other meats in your sausages as well. These sausages are seasoned with sugar, wine, salt, and soybean sauce to deliver the best food to eat in Shenzhen. You can have them steamed and add them in your bowl of rice or even fry with other ingredients to have a sausage popsicle for streets as well, in every form they are incredible.

Must try at Chiuchow Garden Restaurant

Average price per person: 280 yuan

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4. Oysters

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat


Seafood is the specialty of Shenzhen, especially oysters that are bred in Shajin at Baoan District. These oysters are surprisingly larger in size and have a very tenderer milky flesh which is more nutritious than other oysters. Due to their extra milky texture and richness in nutrition, these famous foods in Shenzhen are praised as the “milk of the sea”. You can also bring Oyster oil and canned oyster as wonderful souvenirs while returning from Shenzhen.

Must try at Dan Gui Xuan

Average price per person: 150 yuan

5. Cantonese Dim Sum

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat


You might have tried a lot of dim sum meals in China but the taste you will find here in Shenzhen is extraordinary. They usually serve this delicious food in Shenzhen in a small bowl or basket which is steaming hot when it reaches your table. Tea is also an important element of a traditional dim sum meal or snack so don’t miss this while having a dim sum time! The classic dim sum dishes include shrimp dumplings, congee, and steamed pork dumplings but you can ask for whatever meat flavor dumpling is your favorite and enjoy them with your aromatic tea.

Must try at Lei Garden

Average price per person: 380 yuan

6. Coconut Chicken

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat

coconut chicken

There might be tonnes of add-ons which we all have heard with chicken but using coconut milk for preparation is just another level though. This is a must-try food in Shenzhen if you want to explore new cuisines. The coconut chicken hotpot and clay pot rice are very famous in Shenzhen that features a soup base brewed with fresh coconut water and mixed skillfully along with the meat and fat from a whole chicken.

Must try at Seasons Restaurant

7. Sea Bass

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat

sea bass

Most of the top chefs don’t even dare to use this seafood among the dishes but here you find this incredible seafood cuisine which comes in a large vat of sour soup and is topped with chili, peppercorns, pickled mustard greens and other bold and spicy ingredients that might be extra spicy but are very delicious overall. Just add the vermicelli at the bottom, which soaks up all of the dish’s fabulous flavors and also lighten up the spiciness of the dish.

You must try this food in Shenzhen but only at legit restaurants, as the street vendors sometimes add too many spices that are hard to handle.

Must try at Luk show restaurant

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8. Cantonese Pudding

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat


For neutralizing the spiciness from the spicy Cantonese cuisine try this bite-sized pudding which is made from rice flour and many other fruity flavors are added to provide a distinct taste into this dessert.  There are over 20 available flavors in various bakeries of Shenzhen serving this sweet food in Shenzhen, China ranging from strawberry, apple, peach, coconut, pineapple, and sesame.

Must try at Yizhi Bo Zai Gao

Average price per person: 6 yuan

9. Grilled Lamb on Stick

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat

Grilled lamb stick

If you are a Street food freak and your metabolism doesn’t break down from a pinch of unhygienic stalls then you can have this juicy meat stick which might have an analogy with Persian kebabs but here they roast the pieces of whole lamb meat instead of minced meat. There are various seasoning available even at small stalls selling this fabulous street food in Shenzhen which is just 10 yuan for 2 mouth-filling sticks. Try their Peking Duck version as well.

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10. Barbecued Seafood

Best Shenzhen’s Foods to Eat

Barbecued seafood


Another street food to hunt for is this barbecued oysters which are very weird as usually, the seafood is either boiled or eaten raw but trust me this barbecued shell is super delicious. When the outer crunchy tier down on your first bite to ooze out the inner milky oyster meat it’s just another heavenly experience to have! Don’t forget to ask for the barbecue sauce and glass noodles. They are a perfect combination with the best street food to try in Shenzhen.


Try to enjoy the delicious Shenzhen food tour in China which is more delicious when you know the perfect places to find them as I have mentioned above along with their food prices to aid you in every possible way which is both food and budget-friendly.

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