Nagaland launches a campaign to encourage off-road tourism

Synopsis:  To promote tourism in off-beat places in Nagaland, the tourist minister comes up with the idea of “offroad tourism’. This noble initiative will reveal the beauty of hidden places in Nagaland that are located far beyond the well-known Dimapur and Kohima. 

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According to the latest news from Nagaland, the tourism department has made a plan to promote offroad tourism that allows visitors to take a close look at the unique culture and dramatic landscape of Nagaland’s interiors. This campaign will become the one-stop-shop for discerning visitors and allow them to capture the inner beauty of Nagaland. 

Despite having so many stunning locations, not many people are aware of Nagaland’s charm. In fact, Kohima in Nagaland is one of the best destinations to celebrate a wedding anniversary in India. Hence, Nagaland Tourism planned to launch a groundbreaking off-road-based travel program to increase the footfall of tourists in lesser-known areas in Nagaland. 

According to sources, the development of Nagaland as India’s off-roading capital is imminent. Apparently, this expedition was jointly announced by WBB and Nagaland Tourism, which will give tourists new opportunities to explore the area. Those who are interested in exploring new places in Nagaland can rent self-drive vehicles to make their travel easier.

According to reports, the trails and routes selected have been carefully mapped out, providing visitors with a distinctive opportunity to learn about the region, its inhabitants, and their way of life.

Along with indulging one’s own self-planned itinerary, Nagaland Offroad Tourism will also be offering self-drive expeditions for enthusiasts. This initiative will be experiential in nature and give visitors the option to get a glimpse of the lives and lifestyles of tribes throughout the state. 

Kitto Zhimomi, Commissioner, and Secretary, of Nagaland Tourism, commented on the initiative and stated that the main goal of this initiative is to use the vehicle of Nagaland Offroad to generate income for the residents of the interior. However, the initiative will secretly promote sustainable tourism as well.

According to Zhimomi, this unique initiative to promote off-road tourism will stimulate the local economy. However, the locals have to face a variety of side effects, including homestays, workshops, arts and crafts, traditional foods, and other adventure sports like trekking and mountain biking.

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