Ladakh is moving towards a sustainable future by constructing roads from plastic waste

Synopsis: Ladakh has taken the initiative to build roads out of plastic waste in an effort to reduce plastic waste and advance toward a sustainable future. This aims to reduce the carbon footprint that consequently protects the environment.

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Ladakh is struggling greatly with plastic waste. Plastic bottles, bags, wrappers, and other items are carelessly thrown away by people. These plastics ultimately harm wildlife and pollute the environment. In order to reduce the amount of plastic waste, the Ladakh administration has undertaken the challenging task of constructing roads out of plastic waste and has embarked on its journey toward creating a sustainable future, which is truly praiseworthy. The goal of this project is to safeguard the environment, reduce carbon footprints and maintain the Himalayan ecosystem.

According to the Ladakh administration, about 10% of the region’s roads will be built with plastic. Officials added that using plastic waste for the construction of roads is a great way to keep our environment clean. There are many ways to recycle plastic waste and road construction is one of them, as it has always been a major issue that people are currently facing in Ladakh. 

Previously, roads were built by cutting down trees and bushes, and they were not replaced after they had been cut down. This causes erosion and landslides. To prevent this, the government should build roads using plastic waste that does not harm the environment.

On July 11, a training session in Kargil covered a variety of topics, including how to use waste plastic in road construction. The session was planned with the intention of instructing engineers on ways to improve road construction operations in cold climates. The Ladakh Rural Development Department and the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) collaborated to organise the training session for regional engineers to facilitate this task.

According to the officials, recycling is a fantastic way to keep our environment clean. The government has already approved the legal framework allowing the use of plastic waste in road construction. 

The PWD Department of Ladakh’s Administrative Secretary has issued an order mandating the use of practice waste in road construction. The order states that all bituminous roads in Ladakh must have at least 10% plastic waste, including plastic bottles, containers, etc. which will reduce the plastic waste in the region. This is also a long-term solution to the problem of plastic waste in Ladakh. It will be a challenging task to make the Himalayan state an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral destination for tourists.

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