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There’s a host of top historic monuments in Estonia to visit and among the very best are Pirita Convent, Toompea Castle and Barclay de Tolly Mausoleum. We’ve put together an expert guide to Estonian, landmarks, monuments, and cultural places with our top ten monuments to visit as well as a full list of lists of important monuments in Estonia, which shouldn’t be ignored if you have the time.

List of Monuments in Estonia

1. Russalka Memorial

monument in Estonia

To the imperial sailors, Russalka Memorial dedicates a memorial when the namesake ship was sunk in the nearby Gulf of Finland and they all lost their lives. Situated near Tallinn’s Kadriog Park, visit the statue, and topped by a bronze angel you’ll find a carved stone monument which is one of the famous monuments of Estonia. The seaside area was chosen to represent the memory of the men aboard ship and their connection to the ocean. Estonia at the time used to be a part of the Russian empire so note the Orthodox cross in the angel’s hand which points toward the final resting place of the wreck and her followers.

Address: Pirita tee 1, 10127 Tallinn, Estonia.

2. Father and Son’ Sculpture

monument in Estonia

Though Tartu’s Father and Son’s sculpture was originally intended to be placed in Tallinn, it has come to serve as one of the city’s most well-known pieces of public artwork. Cast in bronze by a grieving widow in 1987, the statue was purchased by the local city council in 2001 to preserve it. Visit this unique monument in Estonia which depicts a toddler-aged son hand-in-hand with his father. You’ll notice immediately that the child’s dimensions are equal to those of his parent, creating a disorienting effect. As many find posing next to a man-sized child to be a great photo opportunity so be sure to bring your camera.

Address: Küüni 5b, 51004 Tartu, Estonia

3. Sculpture Bronze Pig

monument in Estonia

Sculpture Bronze Pig is a charming reminder of several things that is aptly located near the market. First, the pig is the city’s symbol of prosperity. On a more practical level, the market sells pork hence the typical cuts of pork engraved and listed on one side of the statue. The smiling pig was brought to the square in 2008 and is meant to help new butchers with cutting meat properly. If you look this famous monument in Estonia closely, you may also find another meaning here: it smiles standing atop an overturned wooden tub–a typical basin where the animal is placed after slaughter.

Address: Vabaduse puiestee Kaubmaja takana/ Uueturu, Tartu Estonia.

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4. Pirita Convent

monument in Estonia

Pirita Convent is the most important monument in Estonia and the 15th-century nunnery of the order of St. Bridget, now stands as a picturesque ruin in modern-day Estonia.  The city of Tallinn, at the time it was constructed and was already a trading hub where it was based and the idea to build Pirita Convent was first mooted by some of its merchants. Yet, it would take several years to begin building the convent. Eventually suffering destruction at the hands of Russian forces in 1575, Pirita Convent would continue operating for some 150 years.

Address: Merivälja tee 18, 11911 Tallinn, Estonia

5. Toompea Castle

monument in Estonia

Toompea Castle in Tallinn has been a central administrative, is the site of the Estonian Parliament and military center for hundreds of years. Today, with medieval fortifications blending into latter-period Czarist architecture and the early 20th-century parliament building Toompea Castle reflects the numerous phases of its construction. It is considered as one of the national monument in Estonia. Visitors can also see the famous Pikk Hermann tower is an Estonian national icon that stands 46m high.

Address: Lossi plats 1a, 10137 Tallinn, Estonia

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6. Barclay de Tolly Mausoleum

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The Barclay de Tolly Mausoleum is home to Field Marshal Mikhail Andreas Barclay de Tolly. He was a key contributor to Russia’s victory over Napoleon in the 1812 and 1813-15 campaigns and was one of the most talented military commanders in Russian history. If you in the search of best monuments in Estonia you must see this place. The work of sculptor Vasily Demut-Malinovsky you will see inside the mausoleum is a grandiose funerary monument. In a vault beneath the mausoleum, the caskets of Barclay and his wife Auguste Eleanora are placed. According to the local testament, the embalmed body of the Russian Field Marshal was once on display in the 1950s-60s though the coffin is now closed.

Address: Jõgeveste, 68616 Valga County, Estonia

7. Walls of Tallinn

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Surrounded by a walled complex of great value, the beautiful city of Tallinn has been perfectly preserved. It could be the location of a medieval movie. With more than 2 kilometers of stone, it is one of the best-preserved walls around Europe. In addition, the watchtowers are still preserved in the wall, 3 of which you can visit. And this old monument in Estonia is just outside the old town. What saved these walls is a wonderful fairy tale.

Address: Väike-Kloostri 1, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

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8. Great Gate of the coast and Fat Margaret Tower

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To defend the city on the coast and impress visitors, the Great Gate of the coast (Suur Rannavärav) and Fat Margaret Tower (Paks Margareeta) were constructed. It is the 1st monument that tourists see ve are coming on cruise ships when they arrive in port. It is counted in one of the beautiful monument in Estonia. The door is in the great wall of the city, situated on the north side of the Old City next to the harbor.  Margaret tower has a diameter of 25 meters and a height of 20 meters, that was built during the XVI century reconstruction to protect the harbor. Throughout its history served as a storehouse for weapons and gunpowder and as a prison.

Address: Pikk 70, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

9. Hermann Pikk

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Hermann Pikk is a tower in the Toompea Castle. It is also known as the Great Hermann located next to the Parliament building of Estonia, on the hill of Toompea in Tallinn. Between 1360-1370, the first part of the tower was built. This popular monument in Estonia was later rebuilt to a height of 45.6m in the sixteenth century. A winding spiral staircase of 215 steps allows visitors to reach the top of the tower.

Address: 10133 Tallinn, Estonia

10. Tartu Red Square 

It is situated in the heart of the city. This place has been the location of the market from the 13th century. This most visited monument in Estonia is now a major tourist spot and the location of many café terraces. The fountain of the two students kissing is the other highlights apart from the City Council.  It was designed by Mati Karmin and installed in 1998, but people have accepted it as a symbol of the city. Suffered in the 1775 fire, all of the buildings in the square. Nearby is the tilted house and souvenir shops.

Address: Raekoja Plats, Tartu, Estonia.

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