The Best Crowded Christmas Markets in Barcelona | Barcelona Christmas Markets

Christmas 2019 is about to come. We all know it is the happiest time of the year. The perfect occasion to enjoy family, gifts, and dinners. Suppose you are in Barcelona during Spain and looking for where are the Christmas markets in Barcelona, just dont worry we will take you a ride of it.  The snow starts to fall from the sky, the logs burn in the chimney and families gather to sing carols, celebrate and spend time together. This is the moment of the year to leave the cold outside and enjoy the warm feeling of being with family and friends. No matter if you are religious or not, no matter if you simply like going out and buying stuff (or you simply need to run away from the never-ending New Year’s reunions, parties, meetings with relatives), Christmas Markets are there for your benefit. They are a part of the tradition of the city and something worth visiting. Barcelona is a great place for Christmas shopping as well with a wide range of street shops and department stores catering to all budgets and tastes. Here we will tell you about the several traditional Christmas markets that take place every year.

List of Christmas Markets in Barcelona

1. Fira de Santa Llucia 

Christmas Markets in Barcelona, Barcelona Christmas Markets

The best Christmas markets in Barcelona show up the notable Fira de Santa Llucia, set alongside Barcelona’s Cathedral. It is a market with a seriously long story that began in 1786 and is the most seasoned Christmas advertise in the nation. Santa Clause Lucia is such a conventional spot, that it is constantly packed and visited by a large number of voyagers. Santa Clause Lucia Christmas Market is the best spot to examine the most average customary Catalan Christmas conventions: the astounding confine Tio and the Caganer.

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2. Fira del Poble Espanyol 

Christmas Markets in Barcelona, Barcelona Christmas Markets

Poble Espanyol (Spanish Town) is an outdoors structural historical center situated in Montjuic, a couple of meters from the Magic Fountains. It is a historical center that offers contemporary workmanship, engineering, artworks, and nourishment. The walled-in area is comprised of 177 genuine scale structures from all Spain and makes up a town with its boulevards, squares, houses, schools, and shops. From the sixth to the eighth of December, Poble Espanyol praises the enchantment of Christmas with an amazing business sector that has the right to be crowded Christmas markets in Barcelona. During those three days, guests will appreciate tastes of wines and carefully assembled brews, customary Spanish nourishment (paella, better believe it!), unrecorded music and theater, Christmas enlivened movies and Christmas Carols.

3. Fira de Nadal Sagrada Familia 

Christmas Markets in Barcelona, Barcelona Christmas Markets

Fira Sagrada Familia ought to be the biggest Christmas market in Barcelona. Made in 1962 as a prolongation of Santa Lucia’s, this is these days the most customary Christmas Market in the zone of the city known as Eixample. It is set in Sagrada Familia Square and isolated into four segments where you can purchase trees and plants, nativity scenes, customary figures, nourishment, desserts, shows, create, and even adornments and garments from the finish of November as far as possible of December. 

4. Port Vell Market 

Christmas Markets in Barcelona, Barcelona Christmas Markets

The first of our top Christmas Markets in Barcelona is the newest one. This market is situated in Portal de la Pau, besides Christopher Colombus’ Statue. It is a piece of the Port of Barcelona’s 15Oth anniversary festivities. It has a wooden market slows down, enhanced with customary Christmas tinsels which sell artworks and presents. For the individuals who can’t stand the virus air without eating, there are loads of nourishment trucks with customary Spanish nourishment. The market additionally has a phase and bunches of melodic and dramatic shows! In any case, none of these is yet the greatest astonishment of our first decision, as you will see. Imagine a scenario in which I disclose to you that there are a 31-meter-high Christmas Tree and an astonishing skimming nativity scene. Ensure you don’t miss this one, from early December to early January. 

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5. Fira dels Reis 

Christmas Markets in Barcelona, Barcelona Christmas Markets

In the past Father Christmas was not in any case known in Spain and the Epiphany, or Three Kings Day, celebrated on the sixth of January, was the most significant and customary Christmas occasion in all the Hispanic world. Things have changed much from that point forward, however yet, on the Epiphany Day, Hispanic children get presents (if there is no unmistakable confirmation of bad conduct) from the Three Wise Men from the East, who are along these lines as increased in value by the youthful ones like Santa. This makes the Three Kings Market one of our Top Five Christmas Markets in Barcelona, without a doubt. The market was made in 1877 as a toy advertise where the youthful Catalan children could pick the blessings that they “requested” later, in an elegantly composed and displayed a letter that the rulers themselves read. These days, the market’s tinsels are situated on both sideways of Gran Vía, one of the city’s fundamental roads, where the many chariots of the King’s Parade welcome and offer confections the huge number of neighborhood kids on January the sixth. 

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Exploring the Christmas markets in Barcelona would be the perfect plan for a winter day or evening in the Catalan capital Barcelona. Walking down the Ramblas from Plaza Catalunya until reaching the Fira de Santa LlĂşcia, for example. Walking through the stands, seeing the people shopping and discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

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