Best Cities to Visit in Uzbekistan | Major Cities in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan was almost absent in the tourist map until 2011 but now the current showstopper of world tourism. The cities in Uzbekistan have become a trending destination. The bloody history of the Silk Road and the cultural assortment of ancient cities in Uzbekistan have contributed to budding tourism. In the year 2017, Uzbekistan ranked it 76th in the world in absolute terms and witnessed an influx of 3 million tourists. Tourists have shown a greater interest in the history, culture, and architecture of Uzbekistan, ever since the Arab Spring. If you are planning a classic tour, make sure to scale these trending largest cities in Uzbekistan for an impressive experience. 

List of Cities in Uzbekistan

1. Samarkand

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Samarkand sounds almost mythical and conjures up images of ancient times.  However, this is no fairytale: Samarkand today cherishes its traditions like a lively city.  Archaeological excavations have revealed that the town of Afrosiab was founded in the 7th century BC and a history that dates back to 3500 years. The area was continuously served and inhabited as a melting pot of diverse cultures. Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were conquered here in this city and played an important role in the development of Islamic architecture and arts and was the sumptuous capital of the Timurid Empire. Registan square, the Shahi-Zinda complex, Afrosiab, the Ulugbek Observatory and the Bibi Khanum and Gur Emir Mausoleums are the major attractions of this biggest city in Uzbekistan.

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2. Bukhara

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As an exemplary medieval city, its well-preserved city center was recognized by UNESCO.  Bukhara had a large impact on the Islamic World in the Middle Ages like city-planning, urban, scientific and development.  Dating back to the 10th century, the earliest architectural monument is the tomb of Ismail Somoni. The list of the top 10 cities in Uzbekistan is incomplete without it. It was the largest Islamic center for the study of Sufism almost for seven centuries up until the 16th century with hundreds of mosques and madrasas or learning places. Avicenna was a World-renowned scholar born near Bukhara and grew up there. 

3. Khiva

largest cities in Uzbekistan, cities to visit in Uzbekistan, list of cities in Uzbekistan

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Khiva was inscribed in 1990 noting its importance in the exceptional heritage of ancient Silk Road traditions and it is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Uzbekistan.  Itchan Kala is surrounded by thick mud walls which literally translates as the inner part of the old city. It is considered one of the best cities in Uzbekistan. It is in spite of the fact that around 250 family units despite everything make their home inside and contain 51 landmarks and, it feels increasingly like an outdoor museum. It’s difficult to envision this is the 21st century. It is here in Khiva that the researcher AI-Khoresmi, the dad of variable based math, was conceived and acquainted with calculations with the world. Take a guided visit to find workable pace stories that highlight throughout the entire existence of this entrancing city. Khiva is one of the top spots to find in Uzbekistan 

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4. Shahrisabz

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This prosperous city of the Timurid Empire is the origin of the incredible medieval hero Amir Temur. It has remarkable landmarks from fourteen to fifteen hundreds of years however its history goes back more than 2000 years. It is counted in one of the top cities of Uzbekistan. Amir Temur requested the Ak Sarai – the white summer royal residence – to be worked just as his own grave. Tamerlane’s mid-year castle was one of the features of the Timurid engineering. Nowadays you can even now observe the remaining parts of the royal residence’s 65 meter high grand entryways. 

5. Tashkent

cities in Uzbekistan, major cities in Uzbekistan

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With a population of 3 million people, Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. It is one of the major cities in Uzbekistan. This huge city mirrors the authentic improvement of the nation from its compositional landmarks of oriental structure to its Soviet arranged road format and its cutting edge glass high structures. The territory of present-day Tashkent was at that point settled in the fifth to third hundreds of years BC. Its name actually deciphers as “stone city”. It has been devastated a few times ever; the latest harm originated from the seismic tremor in 1966 when a large number of its antiquated chronicled landmarks were crushed. Hence Tashkent today is a cutting edge city with a wide assortment of cafés and shopping openings.

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6. Muynak

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Muynak is the city of self-governing Karakalpakstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan. The city is 200 km. from Nukus. In 1991 the number of inhabitants in the city was 13 000 peoples. Today it is less on the grounds that the environmental circumstance of the withering Aral turned out to be more regrettable. It is one of the cities to visit in Uzbekistan. Residue storms spread the salt and synthetic compounds a ways off of 500 km. Sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, and sodium sulfate are brought through the air and execute or hinder the advancement of common vegetation and horticultural harvests. The atmosphere in the Aral Sea zone in winter of – 40 and +40 in summer, there is little precipitation.

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7. Andijan

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Andijan is the regulatory center point of the Andijan area, situated in the eastern piece of the Fergana valley. Andijan – it is the important city in Uzbekistan, which is situated in the core of thickly populated regions. Andijan is the most seasoned city in the Fergana valley. This district of extraordinary customs and unmistakable school of horticulture is situated at the junction of significant vehicle courses in the old dregs of the stream Andijansay encompassed by plantations and vineyards. 

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8. Karshi

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Karshi is a city in southern Uzbekistan. It is the capital of Kashkadarya Province having population of 238,2. Karshi city is situated in the waterway bowl Kashkadarya in the core of the Kashkadarya desert spring, in the eastern piece of the Karshi steppe. It is counted as one of the best cities to visit in Uzbekistan. It is situated at the foot of Kunguru, on the western edge of the Pamir-Alai mountain framework. Karshi is probably the most established settlement in the region of Uzbekistan. It is the origin of Amir Temur (Tamerlane). The age of the city is 2706 years. On October 27, 2006, the nation praised the 2700th commemoration of Karshi city.

9. Navoi City

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One of the famous cities in Uzbekistan, Navoi city is situated in the southwestern piece of Uzbekistan, in the Zeravshan valley, 360 km. southwest of Tashkent (400 km.). Navoi city is the focal point of the Navoi district. The city was named out of appreciation for the incomparable Uzbek writer Alisher Navoi. In Uzbekistan, Navoi is the most youthful territorial community. This cutting edge modern city has an advantageous land area: 347 m. above ocean level, on the left bank of the Zeravshan River. 

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10. Turtkul

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Turtkul is a tourist city in Uzbekistan located on the correct bank of the Amudarya, 35 km. from the railroad station of Urgench, 170 km. from Nukus. In Turkul, there are around 22 thousand individuals. Today Turtkul is one of the enormous urban areas of Karakalpakstan. There is a TV in the city. There are 6 colleges in the Turtkul locale, Turtkul Bank College, Turtkul Industrial, and Pedagogical College, Turtkul Medical College, Turtkul Agricultural College, Turtkul Industrial, and Transportation College and Turtkul scholastic lyceum.

So far we have discussed the best cities in Uzbekistan, which contains the proper information regarding all the top cities in Uzbekistan. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Uzbekistan then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Uzbekistan.

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