10 Best Foods to Try in Barcelona | Famous Foods of Barcelona

Barcelona is a colourful city which is dotted by the spectacular architectures designed by the famous artists of this city. Along with the rich heritage of art and culture, this Catalonian city of Spain inherits some flavourful recipes of foods that marks its significance throughout the work from the best foods of Barcelona that you won’t find anywhere. Since the city is invigorated with the rich Spanish flavours and peppery flavour tones from the abundant produce you might feel perplexed in choosing the top foods in Barcelona, therefore, I have curated a brief list of top foods to eat in Barcelona that you must not miss at any cost. The foods mentioned are not only popular delights of the city but hold a distinct culture which yields respective dishes permeated with the traditions and cultures it comes from. You’ll surely love this food tour and if there’s any query left please ask us through the comment section below. We will be happy to help!

List of Foods to Eat in Barcelona

1. Paella

Famous Foods of Barcelona


Spain’s Catalonian capital Barcelona is well known for this famous Spanish cuisine which is a spectacular dish prepared in a large shallow pan that consists of rice, vegetables, paprika, saffron. Along with taste, the appearance of this popular food in Barcelona is very appealing making it a world-famous signature dish of the entire Spain. Paella is served at many restaurants in Barcelona and there are many different kinds of preparations with subtle differences yet the core flavour of this dish remains extremely delicious and tempting. Sometimes, you can also find wholesome additions of seafood, meat, or vegetable toppings making this dish juicier.

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2. Spanish Omelette

Famous Foods of Barcelona

Spanish Omelet

Despite being a breakfast food, you’ll find locals eating this famous food of Barcelona all day long by tagging it along with other meals of the day. You can find Spanish Omelet in all sizes ranging from small bite-size to big pancake shapes that are filled with onion and chunks of deliciously roasted potatoes. These are served in slices and often paired with the regional sauce of the city- aioli, a sauce made of fresh garlic, salt, and olive oil. The crispy layers of omelette fit perfectly well with the sauteed onions and potatoes popping out from the layers. Later the omelette dipped in aioli transcends an external burst of flavours in your mouth in just one bite that surely you will also incorporate this morning omelette in every meal of yours, like others!

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3. Fideuà

Famous Foods of Barcelona


This is a very exotic food to eat in Barcelona which might hold some similarity with the seafood paella cuisine but instead it is prepared with noodles replacing the rice of paella recipe. The noodles are permeated with a plethora of seafood delicacies such as Monkfish, squid and prawns which are usually added before cooking.  Later the whole mixture of delicious noodles pervaded with seafood pieces is cooked in a fish and shellfish stock infusing all the flavours into the noodles and seafood meat. The presentation of a fideuà is also spectacular(just like its taste!) as it comes out on the paella flat pan steaming hot on your table.

4. Bocadillos

Famous Foods of Barcelona


These are the Spanish versions of sandwiches that are prepared on long baguettes. The crusty and soft textures of these sandwiches win every traveller’s heart who looks for a light stomach filling food in Barcelona while strolling along, the city. The sandwich is also garnished with a combination of four delicious regional sauces and toppings of olives, lentils, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and corn are added along making the cuisines more tempting and nutritious. You will love this food option especially for your morning spree in the city.

5. Iberico Ham

Famous Foods of Barcelona

Iberico Ham

Unlike other hams, Iberico ham is known for its meatier and less delicate features. This is the implicit version of Italy’s prosciutto, It’s also referred to as Jamón Ibérico by the locals sometimes. Surely, this ham is served fresh and tastes wonders with the sauces from Barcelona’s sauce collections. This cuisine is also cost extra as it comes from an expensive variety of Iberico pigs who have a small litter and their meat takes time to mature. But now you will find hybrid varieties of such pigs in the regions which are bred to gain this meat according to the people’s requirements. It’s one of the top foods to try in Barcelona that you must not miss if you are a fan of pork meat.

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6. Calamari and Squid

Famous Foods of Barcelona

Calamari and Squid

Served with the resources of Balearic Sea Barcelona receives fresh seafood and owns various famous seafood cuisines as its speciality. Calamaris is referred to as a deep-fried appetizer squid that is served in restaurants and bars heavily. It tastes supremely crunchy and juicy. Fascinating the eaters with its outer crunch and inner soft pearl white squid meat this is one of the best foods to eat in Barcelona. Just remember that the taste becomes more infatuating when they are served grilled or fried sustaining the steaming hot flavours on your plate so prefer consuming them as crunchy delights in the city.

7. Blistered Peppers

Famous Foods of Barcelona

Blistered Peppers

Entire Spain is known for its love for hot peppers and spicy food. Therefore, in Barcelona, people tend to use Padron peppers which are very similar to shishito peppers but slightly less hot and pungent. They are grilled over the smoky coals until they turn soft and blistered. Even though the dish sounds very simple but the flavours are purely appealing and surprising. Don’t worry eating an entire pepper which is served with a bit of sea salt topping won’t make your taste buds burn like hot coals as the variety of peppers holds the least amount of capsaicin(the chemical which makes you feel hot due to chillies). These are some of the popular street foods in Barcelona that you must try for once.

8. Manchego Cheese

Famous Foods of Barcelona

Manchego Cheese

Barcelona’s collection of cheese is evidently unending but the Manchego cheese, which is basically a hard aged sheep’s milk cheese is superb in texture and flavour that you will add, them in almost every meal in Barcelona. It holds a slightly salty, earthy, and nutty touch in its layers which makes it even more desirable. Manchego cheese is made in the La Mancha region of Spain and can be found throughout the country due to its popularity and heavy demand. You will love any famous food to try in Barcelona that is pervaded with the toppings of Manchego cheese. Try the cheese with its long lost pair Iberico Ham. It will be spectacular.

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9. Bombas

Famous Foods of Barcelona


As the title sounds, it is a ball of meat and mashed potatoes that are covered in breadcrumbs and fried till the crunchiness reaches the ear of the cook. You will love to savour over these crunchy balls that come in all kinds of sizes ranging from small two-bite sized snacks or larger tennis ball-sized Bombas. This is one of the popular foods to eat in Barcelona especially while sharing the bite-sized balls with friends while discussing great destinations to visit in Barcelona. The serving of this dish is also mind-blowing as the ball is sandwiched between a pair dollops of aiolis, one on the bottom and another on the top.

10. Cannelloni 

Famous Foods of Barcelona


A perfect dish for the meat lovers who mooch around the city in search of juicy meat cuisines. Cannelloni is considered as a typical Barcelona dish which is prepared from stewed meat that is filled inside doughy tubular roles, unlike the Italian minced meat rolls. The twist in the dish comes to form the topping of a rich and creamy béchamel sauce which makes the dish an oozing bowl of wrapped meat tubes covered in a scrumptious sauce. It’s one of the best foods in Barcelona that any meat lover should not be missing. You can try Canelons d’ànec (duck cannelloni) for more flavourful pleasures.

Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned list of top 10 foods of  Barcelona, Spain that are not only delicious but very affordable in various aspects. You can even make some of the popular foods in Barcelona back at home but who needs preparation when you can enjoy such fabulous dishes at affordable prices. Barcelona is an amazing city with colourful food and vibrant culture, you’ll love their energy and euphoria with which wich they serve famous foods to try in Barcelona.  For reading more engaging blogs like this please head on to our other posts and comment if you have any more suggestions that we can add in the articles making it more useful for our fellow travellers globally. Till Then Adios Amigos!.

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