Top 10 Must-Try Foods in Amsterdam | Famous Foods in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the city of heritage and admirable architecture. Along with legacies of the city’s 17th-century Golden Age this city’s ‘golden foods’ are also extremely famous among people. You can find tonnes of incredibly delicious foods to eat in Amsterdam that are super cheap and tasty. Where else would you find such a combination of delicacies? Amsterdam is the best place to wander around steep narrow lanes and enjoying different local street foods of Amsterdam. It is just another engaging errand that you can never forget. But to find out the best of all cuisines in this city can be a stressful job. Therefore, I have curated a list of the top 10 foods of Amsterdam that you should never miss on your Netherland’s trip.

List of Best Foods to Try in Amsterdam

1. Kroket

street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam, top foods in Amsterdam


This is a crispy meat-filled, sausage-like snack that has a tremendous following of foodies. You can find a lot of popular fast food dishes in this city but Kroket rules them all. Though there are several versions of this dish, as most Krokets in the Netherlands are filled with either lamb or beef ragout. But you can choose your option from the flexible menus that can serve you with great pleasure. Don’t miss out this super famous food of Amsterdam especially when you are wandering around the city on your own.

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2. Stroopwafel

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam, top foods in Amsterdam


To get Amsterdam’s sweetest bites you must fall over this stroppy delight in the streets. This is one of the top foods in Amsterdam that you can have at any time. Stroopwafels are the best antidote for a ‘foodgasm longing heart’. Stroopwafel is basically a wafer cookie made from two thin layers of baked dough joined by a caramel filling. This Dutch symbol has gone global in recent years and can be your favourite as well. So just hop in any local food joint you can easily find this dish.

3. Herring

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam


If you have a craving for some delicious street food in Amsterdam then don’t miss out on Herring by any chance. Yet, be aware of their hygiene and serving methods as it is sold raw and fully frozen (to make sure it’s safe) and then semi-cured in salt to provide flavourful juicy seafood that is aged for a few days in oak. Such aromatic dishes are a hard choice to blow off. Therefore, just that bones have also been removed and gulp the entire piece at once. Herring booths throughout the city are open for longer hours serving you such incredibly famous foods to try in Amsterdam.

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4. Cod

street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam, top foods in Amsterdam


If you are going down that road of seafood alley then try one more super popular food in Amsterdam that is a deliciously fried salt cod satisfying everyone’s food fetishes. This famous food is available at many of the fish booths around the town. These are generally served with homemade tartar sauce and makes up for a perfect lunch. The crispy texture outside with a soft buttery-in-mouth feature in the inside is the best culmination of delicious foods. You can find this lunch almost at every restaurant under very affordable rates so don’t forget to buy it.

5. Poffertjes

street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam


As you are struggling already to pronounce this dish let me ease that out it’s pronounced as ‘Puffer-Jes’. This is a Dutch version of pancakes that come covered in sweet sugar syrup. These fluffy and delicious foods of Amsterdam are the best morning food to try on. Especially on a cold and rainy day in Amsterdam, there’s nothing better than popping into a local café for a heaping plate of Poffertjes. You will love their subtle crunchiness infused with soft fluffy textures.

6. Satay

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam


Well, this obviously is not an authentic dish of Amsterdam. Satay is an Indonesian food that is eaten majorly in the Southeast Asian regions. This is a seasoned, skewered and grilled meat that is served with distinct varieties of sauces. As there are a lot of great Indonesian restaurant chains in Amsterdam you find this top food in Amsterdam very easily. Such take-away counters are popular throughout Amsterdam, and you can consume a lot due to their extravagant deliciousness so try not to gulp all at once save for the trips later and have it on the road. After all, it’s just like a spicy meat lollipop that you can have, whenever you want!

7. Oorlog French Fries

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam

These are crispy cones filled with hot homemade fries, topped with mayonnaise, peanut sauce and raw onion. This is one of the best foods to eat in Amsterdam and fills in for a perfect pass-time for short snack breaks during the trips. It may sound odd, but after only one cone you’ll be hooked for life. This is one of the tastiest fries you can have. If you are pondering Oh! Common these are just fries, then lemme tell you these are much beyond in flavours than regular fries. So, pull your cones out on the road and enjoy amazing food with breath-taking views of the city.

8. Speculaas

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam


If you by any chance reach Amsterdam in its busiest months that is December, as all the city is covered in Christmas decorations and baked sweet desserts. You must not miss to try out their delicious spiced cookies that are eaten around Christmas in the entire Netherlands. They seemingly contain every spice associated with the festive season that includes nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. Such aromatic spices are mixed together with butter, flour and sugar to make Speculaas batter, then cooked in a hot oven to give the cookies their distinctive, brittle texture. These are must-try foods in Amsterdam that everyone should try once.

9. Bossche Bol

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam, famous food of Amsterdam

Bossche Bol

No wonder the name of this extraordinary dessert is already sounding ‘something delicious’! These are the cream-filled, chocolate glazed profiteroles that are shaped into spherical balls (roughly the size of a tennis ball) and have their own similarity to ‘éclairs au chocolate’. These are covered in brittle milk or dark chocolate and own the crown of being a national staple. Such a dessert is the epitome of all the best foods in Amsterdam. Obviously, you can’t eat them like food. You will be instantly hit by a sugar rush but it’s one of the delicacies you should never miss in Amsterdam. 

10. Liquorice Drops

foods to eat in Amsterdam, street foods in Amsterdam

Liquorice Drops

Black Liquorice is the popular candy from Amsterdam that you must take as a souvenir for any of your kids who love to eat extra sweet-n-sour candies. These candies in appearance might share their traits with other similar sweets from around the world. But to be precise these are Dutch drops or candies that are often laced with a rather puzzling ingredient called ‘Salmiak’ having a salty, almost umami flavour. drops a subtle kick, which balances out their sharp sweetness, creating a moreish blend of flavours.

Hope you enjoyed these top foods to try in Amsterdam that you must follow up on your trips to get the best cuisines on your plate. You can have most of the foods on the streets, as major foods of Amsterdam are made road-friendly so that every traveller can enjoy both of their foods and site tours easily. There is much more to this golden city than just beautiful bridges and weird shop names. To find out more about this amazing city you can head on to our other blogs. We have recently launched our Adequate Travel App that you can check out on Google Play Store so get your hopes high and famous foods on the checklist.

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