An Ultimate Route Guide to Reach Markt, Bruges

In the shadow of the majestic bell tower, the market square was the scene of festivals, fairs, tournaments, revolts, and medieval executions. Looking for a route guide to reach Markt? Stay with our blogs! This place is full of history! Today, the square serves as a meeting point for the locals and the three to four million visitors who come to the city every year. The most striking building is without doubt the belfry.The square has been used as a market since 958, and a weekly market has been held here since 985. Nowadays, the large square is surrounded by banks and many guild houses converted into restaurants. The Markt is full of pedestrians and cyclists and is a good place to start or end your walking tour of the city. The most visible buildings in the square are the Belfry and the Cloth Hall. However, in all four directions of the square, there are unique buildings that give a glimpse into Bruges’ great past. To have the best Markt experience, our complete route guide to reach Markt will help you know everything you need to know: 

Best Route Guide to reach Markt

About Markt

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About Markt

Markt, Bruge’s busiest square, is right in the center of the city. The Markt used to be an extremely busy Waterehalle, an underground warehouse where goods were loaded and unloaded at the market by merchant ships. Today the canals are still there, albeit underground. Set amid buildings that reverberate in historical importance, Markt is the perfect blend of culture, tradition, history, and modern lifestyle. Climb aboard horse-drawn carriages or buggies as they take you for a glimpse of the Neo-Gothic Provincial Hof, the Belfry, the bricks made by Huis Bouchoute, Cronenberg, or even a quick snack at the Frietkot, fries stand. The cafes here, while extremely irresistible on the outside, are a hint of a pocket on the inside.

How to get to The Markt/ Ways to reach Markt

bikes to reach this Markt, train route to reach this Markt, convenient route to Markt, various routes to reach the Markt in Bruges

How to get to The Markt Ways to reach Markt

By Air:

The nearest airport is Ostend – Bruges International Airport, which is more than 30 minutes away by car or 15 minutes by train.

By Sea:

If you are in the UK, specifically in Ramsgate, Kent, there is an attractive option which is to take the car ferry from Ramsgate to Oostende, or Oostende, as it is written, and then take the train from there to Bruge. For those further up the coast of England, who can reach Hull more easily, there is a ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge, which is also close to Bruge.

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By Rail:

Most visitors arrive by train at Bruges Railway Station, which is the central station for lines to the coast anywhere in Belgium, and as such runs regularly to all major cities in the country and to France. Although it is only 2 km from the station to the Mark, it is a long way for travelers arriving with luggage. Therefore, a taxi is recommended, although the journey is much longer due to the one-way streets, it will still take less than 10 minutes and cost around € 10 euros.

To the Markt itself

Once in Bruge, usually arriving at the train station, it is an easy 20-minute walk through the city’s interesting streets to reach Markt square. You can take the number 12 or number 3 bus. Look for the bus with the direction “Centrum” and get off at the station marked “Brugge Markt”. The bus stop is inside Markt square, so you can easily tell when to get off.However, walking is more recommended.

Walking Route

Leave the station and cross the main road, it is a double road but there is a good intersection just outside the station. Cross the street and turn left. It will be in Ketsbrugge – Straat, with the blue-painted Tuf Tuf Brasserie on the right.

After a few meters of walking along the main road, you will turn right onto Oostmeers road, crossing a small bridge. It doesn’t really look like a bridge, but you can look at the water and know it is. Keep walking on the road, but not at least, unless you want to make a nice detour!

With a high brick wall on your right, you will have views of the park on the left and then a good traditional Thai restaurant next to a more typical Belgian tea room. Follow this quiet residential village road overlooking the church towers in the distance.

Finally, the road becomes narrow and ends, here you turn right and immediately turn left again on an even smaller road. This time, so small that it didn’t allow cars called Orangeboomstraat. Continue straight and the road becomes Lendestraat, still very narrow.

Keep going until you reach the main shopping street in Zuidzandstraat, and here turn right, following this big road until it becomes Steenstraat, and continue and you will enter the Markt directly!

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