Best Towns Near Venice Italy | Beautiful Towns Around Venice 

Venice, one of the northeastern regions of Italy. It is also known for Veneto and Prosecco. You would love to see top towns in Venice. Fair enough. But the northeast of Italy spans from the Adriatic Sea to Lake Garda, to the Dolomites. In the shadow of La Serenissima are many best towns near Venice Italy that are star-shaped; are much older than Venice and still inhabited, or simply offer sweeping views of the land. Let’s have a written tour of  some popular towns around Venice Italy.

List of Best Towns in Venice to Visit

1. Padua 

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Padua is often overlooked as a destination, which is a shame as it is a vibrant art city and one of the beautiful towns in Venice Italy. It is lively towns that offer a culture with the feel of a smaller town thanks to its historic center. This city lies less than an hour from Venice, Padova was named Patavium by the Romans and was historically tied to the Republic though it has been inhabited since 1183 BC. The location of this Venetian town is perfect for seeing northeastern Italy.  Within an hour you can reach not only Venice but also Treviso, Verona, and Vicenza, while just a little farther afield are Ferrara and Lake Garda.

2. Torcello

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Benefiting from close ties with Byzantium, sparsely-populated Torcello was an important port for centuries. There’s even a Venetian-Byzantine-style Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta was founded in 639 as one of the towns near Venice. Here you will see the Basilica that contains the earliest mosaics in the Venice area. On top of being one of the most historic religious edifices in Venice. You can visit here on top of the recently restored bell-tower, the view of the archipelago is unobstructed. 

3. Burano

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Burano, not to be confused with the Murano. Burano is the ferry stop before Torcello. It is actually four tightly-packed islands connected by bridges,  towns near Venice beach also of Roman founding. Lacemaking by hand-and-needle, and the tiny houses’ brightly-colored patterns, Burano is notable for these two features. Zig-zag among the alleys of Burano, stop on the bridges (which might not have a parapet, like the Ponte del Diavolo in Torcello), and enjoy the colors of the buildings especially at sunset. In Torcello and Burano you’ll be immersed in history, canals, colors, but you’ll see few tourists.

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4. Murano

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Along the Canal Marani, Murano is an island located northeast of Venice. You will find here about 5600 inhabitants and it is composed of seven smaller islands separated by canals and rivers, linked by bridges. It is considered in one of the towns near Venice beach ca. The toponym comes from Amurianum, it is a district of Altino. The inhabitants of this ancient Roman town once situated on the Venetian lagoon took refuge on the islands to escape the invasion of the Huns, in the year 453. During the crisis and the fall of the Roman Empire throughout the coastal area, there was substantial population growth, given that many Latin populations moved to the coast to distance themselves from barbarian incursions.

5. Chioggia

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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On the southeastern corner of the Venice Lagoon is Chioggia, a small and beautiful town to stay in near Venice that resembles a miniature Venice. Calli (narrow alleys) are alternated by canals with bridges, with perfectly laid slab pavement. Some tiny roads allow cars, but the island is virtually pedestrians only. You can visit here in this best towns to stay in near Venice several Medieval churches along your walk. You can’t get lost, because the streets running east-west are uninterrupted.

6. Arquà Petrarca

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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These hills stand and one of the towns of Venice isolated within the Po Valley. Arquà Petrarca sits on top of the hills. The town doesn’t have a proper center, it’s all jagged and developed between the parte Alta (high side) and part Bassa. Walking along the steep narrow roads includes a lot of going-and-coming from short streets but it is quite interesting. The almost-white stone-walled church stands over you on one side, the hills tower over you on the other side, and yet you have a sweeping view of the Colli. 

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7. Bassano del Grappa

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Bassano sits at the feet of the Venetian Prealps. Its name is inherently connected with the all-Italian Grappa, but the town offers more. Always look up while walking the narrow streets in the historic center. You will find here the views of the rising green hills, a lovely backdrop for the lightly toned buildings, mostly white and ivory. These all are can be found here in this best town near Venice beach. Such as the tripartite, or the more ornate Venetian-Gothic, you’ll also notice the various Venetian-style windows, 

8. Asolo

 Best Towns in Venice to Visit, towns near Venice

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Asolo sits on the hills at foot of the Alps, not far east from Bassano del Grappa. It is a fortified town with a small stronghold. The streets are narrow and all the buildings are historic with quite a few Portici. The cobblestone paving is a feature just as much as the narrow streets. It is one of the best towns near Venice. This atmosphere contrasts with the 360° view of the land from the Rocca (the stronghold). It is quite spectacular from up there. The Venetian Plain is south, the towering Dolomites are north, and green all around. It is very quiet unless you hear laughing and cheering from the osteria in town.

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Venice towns list is letting us know all the famous towns in Venice to visit as it is providing a brief description of the most visited towns in Venice and some Venice major towns. I hope this article would be beneficial for you as it provides the name of towns in Venice which must not be missed and kindly share your views.

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