Top 10 Foods to Try San Francisco | Best Foods in San Francisco

You can experience the best of everything in Florence. This city delivers some of the tremendous varieties of flavors to explore. You will love the popular foods in San Francisco as they cater to every genre of food ranging from juicy steaks to completely vegan meals, you will get all types of custom dishes in this city. You might feel chaotic after looking at so much variety and wonder about what food to eat in San Francisco? But trust me as soon as you fill your palette with the delicious Italian and Florentine cuisines that have evolved into tastier versions of themselves in this city. All the fabulous dishes will make you realize that there is nothing more tempting than the famous foods to try in Florence. So, here I have collated a list of the foods of San Francisco that you must not miss on your adventurous trip.

List of Foods in San Francisco

1. Dutch Crunch

Foods in San Francisco

Dutch Crunch

If you want to try out something crunchy and delicious in San Francisco then Dutch Crunch is the best option. Eating your delicious meal with a few slices of Dutch Crunch bread is amazing. You can find famous bakeries making this all over the city. They take pride in their loaves-n-slices and serve you some of the famous foods in San Francisco with good reason. You can try the best of these loaves at Roxie Food Center, right outside Balboa Park. It is a no-frills grocery that you must visit.

2. Cioppino

Foods in San Francisco


If you are looking for delicious seafood in this city then Cioppino is one of the top rich fish stew in which calamari, Dungeness crab, mussels, and other interesting seafood favorites are married together with a tomato broth to come out as an iconic food in San Francisco that makes everyone tempted to have more of these. This is one of the essential SF experience which you must not miss. If you want the best version of this food tries it from Telegraph Hill’s, Sotto Mare.

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3. Prime Rib

Foods in San Francisco

Prime Rib

Finally, the eager wait of non-veg lovers can be over as this juicy cut of prime rib, served with a mountain of creamed spinach is an unimaginable dish that blows your mind with its superb flavors. You might wonder how spinach can go better with a meaty rib but trust me this is a phenomenal taste that you can’t miss in SF. Out of all the best foods to eat in San Francisco if you don’t have prime rib you are really missing out a lot. The best place to explore these is at the English-style House of Prime Rib, which has been serving this San Francisco classic since the 1940s.

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4. Egg Custard Tarts

Foods in San Francisco

Egg custard tarts

Desserts are one of the specialties in this city as you will end up with very simple yet extraordinarily amazing sugary delights that can easily beat any other popular food in San Francisco. Egg Custard Tarts are sweet, flaky, creamy, and buttery in fact everything that San Franciscans look for in the desert. You can ask from any of the locals to experience this dessert at its best and all will answer Golden Gate Bakery makes the best, which is even evidenced by the everyday line out the Chinese bakery’s door.

5. Clam Chowder Bread Bowl

Foods in San Francisco

Clam chowder Bread Bowl

This is a popular East Coast invention that San Francisco has taken. Clam chowder is served in a sourdough bread bowl and is enjoyed with other top foods of San Francisco. This is one of the incredible take-ups that every San Franciscan loves to enjoy at any time in their meals. You can find the best clam chowder bread bowls at the infamous Boudin Bakery, serving the city since 1849

6. Xiao Long Bao

Foods in San Francisco

Xiao long bao

Xiao Long Bao is a surprising staple food in San Francisco that you can’t say no. These are basically piping hot dumplings that are both cooked and served in a Chinese bamboo steaming baskets to get a complete Asian dumpling experience and no one gets these thin-skinned beauties perfectly cooked like Yank Sing in the Embarcadero. So don’t miss out on such a delight at an affordable rate in the city.

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7. Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Foods in San Francisco

Salted caramel ice cream

While ending the great food tour of San Francisco you need to try this unique and weird dessert. A chilly SF day with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream is the best perfect day to spend around all the sightseeing and touring in the city. Bi-Rite Creamery is one of the famous shops among a long list of palatable delicious ice cream shops, that have this unique signature of salted caramel being one of their top favorites. Taste the salty-sweet, creamy goodness from the city through your lovely partners.

8. Swedish Pancakes

Foods in San Francisco

Swedish pancakes

Pancakes are always revolutionary with the change of cities. While this one of a great example of melting pot culture, that offers you a Swedish take on the pancakes. Such, yummy, fluffy, and as big as a silver dollar, these Swedish pancakes can beat any top food to eat in San Francisco. Starting your morning with this breakfast is loved by all the travelers. Since 1938, Sears Fine Food has been serving the city every day with whopping delicious Swedish pancakes to all the locals and tourists of the city.

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9. Dim Sum

Foods in San Francisco

Dim Sum

Another precious takeaway from the bustling streets of Chinatown is the best dim sums. They are traditionally eaten for breakfast but everyone has their own equation with eating them so it depends on your preferences.  Dim sum is an assortment of bite-sized pastries, steamed dumplings, and vegetable-based dishes that are just the right amount of juicy, creamy, wholesome, and delicious. Along with nicer sit-down places who serve tea with the food, while the waiters make rounds between the crowded tables you can barely dislike this superb food to try in San Francisco.

10. Cruffin

Foods in San Francisco


Just like the wordplay of various couples in the film industry, there is a star of the food in SF which comes from the camaraderie of two top desserts that are just irrevocably tempting and flavourful. The combination of a croissant and muffin is a genius combination that makes anyone waiting in line early every day and still worth such efforts. The wait is 100% worth it and you will be wondering why nobody has made this sooner. But don’t miss out on this famous dessert. 

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Hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of San Francisco that are super juicy and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods anywhere in the local’s corners of the city, therefore, no need to search expensive places to dine anymore. Besides, you can shop around with your saved money from food and thank us later! So, just enjoy the famous foods in San Francisco that can fill your tummy and save your pocket money. For more engaging blogs head on to our other travel blogs and try out our latest Adequate travel app available on play store now for more exciting features.

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