Top 10 Foods of Cancun | Best Foods to Try in Cancun, Mexico

You can experience the best of everything in Cancun. This city on the far south of Mexico seems a very little place to explore but when you dwell into its culture and vibes you will explore myriad flavors of incredible foods in Cancun that just carve out a whole new happy memory in your head. You might feel it’s exaggerated what food to eat in Cancun? It can make you feel like this! But trust me as soon as you fill your palette with the delicious Mexican cuisines that have evolved into tastier versions of themselves in Cancun their aroma will make you realize there is nothing more tempting than the famous foods to try in Cancun. So, here it is a precisely curated list of top 10 foods of Cancun that you must not miss on your Cancun trip. 

List of Foods to Eat in Cancun

1. Papadzules

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun


Most of the famous dishes of Cancun are influenced by the Spanish and the Aztec cuisines but their real origins can be traced to some 9,000 years back ending at the Mayans. This famous food in Cancun, Mexico is an example of such dishes that are soft and creamy and have a pleasant aroma coming out of its core ingredients that includes pork, chicken, egg, or cheese. There are a lot of dishes in Cancun that you will be attracted to just from their appearance. A pro tip if you want to know whether you can handle any Cancun’s local cuisine just smell it first if it makes you sneeze from its extra spicy aroma then don’t eat it alone. You can pair such spicy dishes with one of the famous drinks from Cancun that will easily balance out the flavors of the whole dish.

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2. Huevos Motulenos

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun

Huevos Motulenos

This dish was first discovered in Motul, a Yucatan city. You will love to eat this top food of Cancun during your breakfast as it has that freshness and light texture that makes it perfect for morning dishes. The dish includes two fried eggs served with black beans and topped with tomato sauce and hot salsa on a bed of tortillas. You can enjoy it any other time as well. Some locals love to take it along with them over the beach as a pass-time snack.

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3. Lime Soup

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun

Lime Soup

One of the most famous foods to try in Cancun is this iconic soup that includes garlic, cilantro, chicken, and avocado with a dash of salt. You will love the consistency of this soup which is just perfect, not too watery, not too thick. This soup is more incredible when it’s made with local limes which are sweeter than most varieties and not as tart. You might think that it would be a dish of pregnant ladies due to its extra sourness but you can easily try it as the lime varieties usually used are much sweeter than what you use in your daily kitchen.

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4. Panuchos Yucatecos

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun

Panuchos Yucatecos

This food is often found at local taco stands in Cancun and you can enjoy this food throughout the Yucatan region with almost similar taste. This is one of the best street foods in Cancun that you can carry anywhere you like. It consists of refried beans topped with chicken, onion, lettuce, tomato sauce, avocado, and cheese. This serves as a very healthy snack that you can eat at any time of the year and don’t have to worry about its hygiene. These are normally fresh and don’t provide any harm to your metabolism. Even if possible you can take it for your flights as well.

5. Cochinita Pibil

 Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun

Cochinita Pibil

Since the Mexican cuisine is filled with heavy meaty portions so you can’t get rid of meat completely in all of the foods of Cancun, Mexico instead you can enjoy different varieties of meat. Just like this dish is a pork cuisine which is marinated in achiote paste, habanero peppers and red onions to yield out this incredibly delicious dish that you can’t wait to eat. It is usually prepared in banana leaves which gives it a distinct aroma. Then the dish is served as a sub sandwich or typically inside a taco as a Mexican style. You must try out the Cochinita Pibil from Zama restaurant in Cancun.

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6. Ceviche

 Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun


This is the superstar of seafood dishes in Mexican cuisine. Cancun owns a very distinct location that provides it with both marine and freshwater fishes. You can enjoy all of these delicacies in the Ceviche Mexican version which is generally made from fresh raw seafood marinated in lime juice, tomatoes, chopped peppers, onions, salt and cilantro. Locals love to pair it with tortilla chips (aka Totopos) or saltine crackers. You must try out the local style. It’s more crispy and tasty than just trying out the raw salad of seafood. This is a must-try food in Cancun that you must give a chance at least once.

7. Marquesitas

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun


Time for some sweets! This is a fresh dessert of Cancun cuisine that you can eat anytime. Especially try out when you have a painful heartbreak it’s so satisfying( just kidding!). Don’t start with big scoops of this wafer-thin crepe which is cooked in a purpose-made griddle to form the consistency of a waffle cone stuck in your side jaws. Instead aim for its filling which has your choice of toppings ranging from chocolate, Nutella, Jam, Caramel or anything you feel like stuffing in your mouth. The waffles are crispy and pair perfectly with the filling, unlike your pairs. If nothing seems to work out try pouring melted caramel or Nutella over the whole dessert it will definitely make you forget everything( and it means everything!).

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8. Enchiladas

Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun


How can you go from a Mexican city without paying your respects to the Enchiladas? These are some of the famous foods to eat in Cancun that everyone misunderstood as tortilla(but it’s not!). Enchiladas are corn tortillas that are specifically rolled around a filling and covered with a savoury sauce. Enchiladas can be filled with tonnes of ingredients, including meats, cheese, beans, potatoes, vegetables, or combinations whatever you feel like!

9. Fried Fish

 Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun

Fried Fish

This is the main cuisine which was cooked by the native Maya people in Cancun. This is one of the best foods of Cancun which crossed with that of the many conquerors who passed through. The traditional custom includes cooking the fish while coating it with Tiki Xic along with the spice mixture and wrapping it up in banana leaves with pickled onions. Later the fish is slowly roasted over low flame for long periods which makes the fish wonderfully moist, and the banana leaves, aside from making the perfect envelope for grilling or pit roasting, add a subtle smell and taste to the whole dish.

10. Churros

 Best foods to Eat in Cancun, Foods of Cancun


These are the Mexican french fries that you must not miss at all! The long traffics or lengthy beach rides are never complete until you have a cup of churros in your hands. It makes everything less boring. You can listen to long speeches of tour guides with a churro in your hand. These are one of the top street foods to try in Cancun. This historic fried-dough pastry is predominantly a choux based snack that any age group will love to consume. Churros are traditional in Spain and Portugal but you get their different versions all over Mexico.

I hope you enjoyed these top 10 foods of Cancun that are super aromatic and delicious. You can find the above-mentioned foods anywhere in the local’s restaurants therefore no need to dine always at expensive restaurants of Cancun. Beside your resorts will already cover the entire cost of your trip so try out the as par famous foods in Cancun that can fill your tummy and save your pockets. For more engaging blogs head on to our other travel blogs and try out our latest Adequate travel app available on play store now for more exciting features.

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