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Ecuador is a country celebrated for its mountains, jungles, coastline and colonial towns. Mentioned beautiful cities in Ecuador is a standard vacation spot. This all would be impossible to pinpoint just one must-visit corner of Ecuador. If you love surfing then go to Montañita if you are adventure lover Baños is for you and the art-lovers love to go Cuenca. With high respect for nature, Ecuador has surely made more efforts to preserve its natural reserves. Also, being the closest country to space, several tourists visit to simply admire its highest mountain Mount Chimborazo. So, are you onboard? The following is a survey of the Best cities to visit in Ecuador.

Ecuador City List

1. Quito

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador with million landscapes. This beautiful city is located at 2850 meters above sea level in the central north of Ecuador. With a population exceeding 1.6 million and a history rich in Incan heritage, Quito has the best of both the modern and the traditional worlds. In Quito, you will find here architectural beauty, a walk around the city’s old town allows tourist to come within inches of stunning colonial buildings and historic churches. But for the best view of the entire city, head up on the gondola to the Pichincha Volcano. On a clear day, the panorama from the viewpoint is unparalleled anywhere else in the city. Intrepid hikers can carry on up the volcano on foot for another few kilometers, while those preferring to enjoy the view with a cup of coffee and a cake can do so in the visitor’s café.

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2. Banos

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

The adorable city of Baños lies at the foot of the active volcano Tungurahua. This city named after the hot springs fed by the thermal waters of the volcano.  Baños is one of the most popular cities to visit in Ecuador. It is also known as the “Gateway to the Amazon.” If you love safari Baños is a favorite departure point for the jungle. Waterfalls here cascading thousands of feet down deep river gorges, it attracts tourists. In this city, you will love to see Pailon de Diablo waterfall that surg over a gorge where the Rio Verde and Rio Pastaza meet. This place is found to be the most impressive.

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3. Cuenca

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

A UNESCO World Heritage Site tucked away in the south of the country, Cuenca is many people’s favorite town in Ecuador. Much calmer than the buzzing capital, the rhythm of life is slower here and the people friendlier. Rich in beautiful colonial buildings and picture-perfect steeples, a trip to Cuenca can often feel like stepping back in time. Cobblestone streets, gossiping nuns, and ladies in traditional dress are all common sites. While arguably not a week-long holiday destination in its own right, Cuenca certainly makes for a lovely day trip or overnight stay.

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4. Cotacachi

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Cotacachi the most beautiful cities in Ecuador lies just a 20-minute drive from the popular market town of Otavalo. This city is famous for its leather shops,  holidaymakers seeking unusually cheap but great quality leather bags, belts, and shoes. Cotacachi is mostly visited as a day trip. You will get here much more tranquil shopping towns. UNESCO has given name this city as “City of Peace.” It’s a great place to take a stroll around and inhale the luxurious scent of fine leather any day of the week, but to really nab some bargains be sure to visit on Sunday – the town’s market day.

5. Puerto Ayora

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Puerto Ayora is known as the largest town in the Galapagos Islands.  This beautiful town is the perfect base. From here you can explore the incredible natural wonders of the islands.  This town has a wealth of hotels, restaurants, and stores for you to choose from. A laid back place, Puerto Ayora has a delightful waterfront where you can grab a meal and you’ll often find pelicans, marine iguanas, and sea lions flopping about along the shore, get the best cities to visit in Angola.

6. Montañita

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Montanita is a seaside town. It is known for its laid back atmosphere and a great place to surf. Montañita bursts into life with a fairly even mix of sun-worshiping foreigners and sea-loving locals in every summer. A trendy spot, there’s always a lot of 20-something backpackers in Montañita, many of whom end up staying much longer than they had planned as they become won over by the surfer lifestyle. An ideal destination for taking a break from the fast-paced lifestyle most of us are accustomed to and taking some time out to enjoy walking around barefoot and discovering your inner hippie.

7. Otavalo

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Otavalo is Ecuador’s most well-known market town. It is situated just a short bus ride from the capital city, Quito. High up on most tourist itineraries, Otavalo is arguably the best place in the country to purchase souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home. Trading has been taking place in these streets since pre-Incan times and still today this remains one of the biggest and most important markets in the country.

The weekly Saturday market brings an eruption of color and noise to the town that budding photographers and bargain hunters won’t want to miss. That said, some market owners do try to rip off tourists so don’t be afraid to haggle for a fair price.

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8. Mindo

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Mindo is a famous city to visit in Ecuador, situated within a beautiful cloud forest. It is just a couple of hours drive from the capital Quito. A popular retreat for nature lovers, bird-watchers and backpackers wanting to take a day or two out from the usual gringo trail, Mindo is a tiny town full of welcoming, hospitable locals. You can enjoy here the abundance of attractions and activities on offer including tours of butterfly farms, walks through fields of orchids, horse-riding excursions, mountain biking rides, and feel the wind through their hair as they hurtle down zip wires. Of course, for those looking for a more sedentary, relaxing couple of days, Mindo is also a beautiful spot for passing the time lying in a hammock and listening to the sounds of nature, read about thesebest cities to visit in Bahamas.

9. Vilcabamba

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Vilcabamba is known as the town of longevity. The locals say that so many of them live so long thanks to the clean mountain air and their stress-free lifestyles. Therefore it’s no surprise that this pretty town has become popular with retirees and younger people seeking a peaceful, relaxing vacation. The town’s surrounding mountains and national parks offer ample opportunities for hiking, long calming walks, and horse-riding. The town is also buzzing with tourist offices and services so tired hikers can treat themselves to an indulgent massage or spa treatment to soothe their aching muscles, and all for a very reasonable price.

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10. Puerto López

best cities in Ecuador, top cities in Ecuador, Ecuador major cities

Ecuador city list is incomplete without Puerto López,  is one of the favorite destinations for all ages in Ecuador. It may not be the most picturesque town at first glance, but it certainly has plenty to offer the seaside reveler. The best time of year to catch a glimpse of the whales shooting up into the sky out of the waves and entertaining fascinated tourists is between the months of June and September when they head to the area to mate and give birth. Parque Nacional Machalilla is another must-see place while in Puerto López. It is the only coastal national park in the country and home to Ecuador’s last area of dry rainforest.

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