Best Cities in Croatia to Visit | Major cities in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe. Cities in Croatia is worth visiting. Croatia is also home to some dazzling sights and some stupendous cities. Cities like Dubrovnik and Split have attracted hordes of tourists every year, others fly under the radar, contentedly hugging the coastline of the shimmering Adriatic; peaceful pockets of perfection, bathed in radiant sunshine.  Croatia is located in the Balkans has become one of Europe’s top tourist destinations again since its War of Independence in the late 1990s. Adriatic coastlines and the gorgeous islands make this country exceptional. 

Dubrovnik is said to be darling of Croatia’s tourism scene, thanks to a scenic, medieval-era old town jutting out into the water itself. Further north along the coast is Split, famous as the spot where Roman emperor Diocletian built himself a nice little palace almost 1,700 years ago. You’ll find the capital Zagreb,  further inland, with its neoclassical buildings and hiking opportunities at the beautiful Krka National Park. Let’s take an overview of the top cities to visit in Croatia.

Croatia City List

1. Zagreb

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Zagreb is Croatia’s capital. It is the largest city located in the northwest of the country. It is considered in the top tourist cities in Croatia. This beautiful city situated along the Sava river. Zagreb is rich in history and You would love to see there are lots to see in the Upper and Lower parts of the city, including Zagreb Cathedral. Zagreb has become popular over the last few years especially at Christmas time thanks to Advent in Zagreb.

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2. Zadar

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Zadar, top cities in Croatia is known as a three-thousand-year-old city. It is situated on a beautiful coastline rich in history is sure to draw tourists.  City Zadar, located on Croatia’s northern Dalmatian Coast. Zadar could be called the ideal tourist getaway because it offers plenty to see and do without all the crowds of other popular destinations in Croatia. At the heart of the city, there is Old Town which offers you fantastic sightseeing attractions including medieval architecture, Roman ruins, and numerous old churches.  Tourists around the world will find a string of beautiful beaches, besides the Old Town. All along Zadar’s coastline where they can swim, sunbathe, and relax.

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3. Dubrovnik

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Dubrovnik is also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic,” this city is one of the prominent city to visit in Croatia. This beautiful city is located at the southern tip of Croatia off the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik was established in the 7th century on maritime trade. Dubrovnik presents many sightseeing treasures with orange rooftop houses sitting in contrast to the blue sky, visit the best cities in Chad. Dubrovnik is stuffed with many historic features such as the old, cobblestone streets, defensive walls, stunning churches, and magnificent palaces. Just outside the Old Town are popular beaches like Banje and Lapad, while the nearby island of Lokrum offers even more beaches.

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4. Vukovar

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Vukovar city suffered a lot of damage during the Homeland War in the 1990s but has seen a massive spike in tourism over the past two years thanks to the cruise on the Danube from Vukovar and cultural events. The Vukovar Water Tower is the symbol of the city.

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5. Pula 

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

A list of cities in Croatia is incomplete without Pula.  Pula has a wealth of historical sites dating back to the Romans. Pula has also some lovely sights for visitors to enjoy. The undoubted crown jewel is the impressive Roman amphitheater that dominates the center of the city and there are numerous other historical sites of interest nearby. While the old part of town is quite picturesque, the modern section is more commercial and urban in appearance. Located right at the end of the Istrian Peninsula, there are some nice beaches just outside of Pula for visitors to sit back and relax on. Many tourists opt to head to the stunning Brijuni islands which are situated not too far away from Pula.

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6. Karlovac

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Karlovac is also known as the ‘City on Four Rivers’  in Croatia. It is an interesting, unique place to visit and seldom frequented by tourists and counted in major cities in Croatia. Only three rivers course through the city, with one other passing nearby,  in actual fact. Flying under the radar, the historic city center is shaped and defined by its distinctive fortifications. Set out in a six-pointed star design, it is this feature that makes Karlovac worth stopping by although within its confines, the historic buildings are decaying slightly and could be looked after better. Apart from the ‘star’, Karlovac has one of Croatia’s best breweries so make sure to try its local brew before heading off again. People often stop by when traveling from Zagreb to the coastal regions.

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7. Sibenik

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Croatia city name list is incomplete without Sibenik. It is an up and coming destination that is becoming increasingly trendy due to the music festivals that it hosts in an old Croatian fortress. With its incredible cathedral, beautiful beaches and the medieval old town is perfect to attract tourists across the globe. Sibenik, a picturesque city is situated on the side of a hill overlooking the beautiful azure waters below and as such, steep alleys and steps characterize the center. St James’ Cathedral is the main attraction apart from this there are actually four old fortresses for visitors to take a look. From here you can take a boat ride to the delightful islands of Zlarin and Prvic which lie nearby and the stunning Krka National Park isn’t far away either.

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8. Dakovo

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Dakovo is known as the center of the fertile. It is a rich region in Slavonia. The Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter is the town’s most famous landmark. Make sure to check out the pure-bred white Lipizzaner horses and rich Slavonian cuisine. Dakovo is one of the historical cities in Croatia.

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9. Slavonski Brod 

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Slavonski Brod is located in Slavonia in the northeast of Croatia. It is considered in popular cities in Croatia. Slavonski Brod is pleasant enough if the unspectacular city to visit although it has a nice promenade along the Sava River. The highlight of any trip to the city is the impressive Brod Fortress which is in excellent condition and is very interesting to walk around. Try and visit during mid-June when the city hosts the Brodsko Kolo Festival a local folk festival that highlights some of the traditions of the region.

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10. Varazdin

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Varazdin was the former capital of Croatia. Varazdin’s beautiful baroque buildings are appropriately lavish and grand with a number of palaces dotted around the city. Its old town is simply delightful to explore and is amazingly well-preserved with some nice churches and museums interspersed among the old buildings. Not everything in the city dates back eons as its vibrant student body brings a youthful feel and ambiance to its streets, While the historic castle looks fantastic, while the historic castle looks fantastic.

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11. Sisak

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Sisak is an important economic, historic and cultural city in its region. It is located on the banks where three rivers join. The city has some interesting historical sites with the triangular fortress that dates to the 16th century being the main attraction. Roman ruins can be found at different points throughout Sisak and it has some peaceful paths stretching along the riverbanks. The greenery on the show makes it a pleasant place to stop by, laidback place. It is famous in the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

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12. Rijeka

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Rijeka is the third-largest city in the country. Rijeka also contains Croatia’s most important seaport and mixes the grand with the grimy. The old parts of the city are nice to explore with Austro-Hungarian architectural styles dominating the center, while the inevitable urban sprawl has accompanied its development. Numerous museums can be found here you can also explore the city’s long and varied history with Tsart Castle being of particular interest. Located in Kvarner Bay, most visitors use it as a gateway to Croatia’s islands although if you stay longer you’ll inevitably find that Rijeka is a nicer place than immediately meets the eye.

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13. Osijek

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Osijek is known is in the best cities in Croatia to visit is situated not far from the borders with Hungary and Serbia.  Over the centuries Osijek’s important location has seen it swap hands numerous times with the Romans, Hapsburgs, and Ottomans all having ruled at one point. Consequently, there is an eclectic mix of architectural styles and the city actually has three centers; each with their own feels to them. Tvrda, the oldest part, is the most picturesque of the three and highlights the cosmopolitan side of Osijek. It is also a university town with a bustling nightlife. You can come here to explore nearby sights such as Kopacki Rit National Park.

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14. Split 

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Split is the second-largest city in Croatia. It is a fantastic place to visit in Croatia. Split has charm and elegance in abundance.  The palm tree-lined white waterfront is marvelous to walk along, lying on the Adriatic coast and the historic center lying just behind it is mesmerizing for all the ancient sights that it contains.  The city slowly grew from these auspicious beginnings into the Split we know today although the remains of Diocletian’s Palace itself are still the undoubted highlight. Originally this city was the Roman Emperor Diocletian. A lively place to spend some time, a plethora of nice restaurants and bars dot the old alleys and it is this lived-in feel that makes Split so compelling to visit. It’s not just a tourist site; it’s a home and a life to many Croatians.

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15. Opatija

Best Cities in Croatia to Visit, Cities in Croatia

Opatija, towns in Croatia is located on the Adriatic coast and was a fashionable resort in the 19th century. , Dotted with Habsburg-era villas, Opatija is gorgeous. Go for a stroll along the Lungomare on a balmy evening or dine at one of many fantastic restaurants. Opatija is also known for the Maiden with the seagull statue.

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Here mentioned the list of cities in Croatia. contains the proper information regarding the cities to be visited in Croatia and some of the most beautiful and famous cities in Croatia. Kindly head to other blogs as well if interested to explore the whole world, and don’t forget to share your views in the comment section. 

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