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Will you Plan a Tour to Florence this year? Will you know about the Famous Wine Bars in Florence? Want to know about the Hookah Bars in Florence and their address, then you should read this blog before leaving for Florence. Here you get all the beneficial information about the Florence Hookah bars, their Address, timing, costs and many more interesting things about the Famous Hookah Bars. So without wasting much more time, we will start with information related to the Best Hookah Bars in Florence which are given below.

List of Famous Hookah Bars in Florence

1. Caffe Bistrot

Famous Hookah Bar in Florence, the Best Hookah bar in Florence,

Address:  Via Giovan Battista Niccolini, 30/R, 50121 Firenze FI, Italy

In a decent area not a long way from the Duomo, this Famous café/shisha bar (at 9 pm and onwards).  I had the gnocchi loaded up with mozzarella which was very noteworthy I would recommend it to anybody as it’s a sheltered decision. On our table, we additionally got the gnocchi e pesto which correspondingly to mine was astounding. We likewise got the pasta carbonara which I hear was additionally decent. We had the pizza with eggplant which like most pizzas in Florence was decent (anyway observing as there are loads of expert pizza joints in Florence I would go for the pasta. We had two jugs of wine, the white Pinot hold was basic however decent with an impactful persistent flavor and afterward, we changed to the Ruffino rose which I thought was, in reality, better so win, win.

2. Bar San Firenze

Famous Hookah Bar in Florence, the Best Hookah bar in Florence,

Address: Via della Spada, 37, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy

Came here the previous evening for some genuinely necessary hookah. I had a magnificent time. Directly after entering, we were welcomed by a decent man and appeared to our seats outside. Ela wound up being our server and she was AWESOME! She was so kind and constant and outright magnificent. She was trying sincerely and I perceived how much consideration she gave all around. At a certain point, I was nippy and without asking, she gave me something to keep me warm! On the off chance that that isn’t astonishing assistance, I don’t have the foggiest idea what it.  Presently onto the hookah: slammin. It was some incredible hookah bar and I know my hookah. Furthermore, I had a cappuccino with it that was great and I requested a second bc I delighted in it. In general, extraordinary assistance, incredible hookah, extraordinary espresso, yes I’m down for that! Additionally, they give out these nuts first and foremost and they are DELISH! Furthermore, every espresso accompanies a little sweet and everyone was so yummy.

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3. BlackLine

Topmost Hookah Bar in Florence, Hookah Bar in Florence,

Address: Via Marco Polo, 83, 56031 Bientina PI, Italy

An inviting and current scene with an enormous open space that is redesigned by the season, for instance in this period (December 2014) it has a Christmas subject with lights, firs and fine white rock that very well reenacts day off. The staff is likewise fantastic. I prescribe everybody to go there in any event once. Abundant space outside for a very well-kept room. Despite the fact that I am not an admirer of the class, I constantly visit this Florence Hookar Bar. The staff consistently is by all accounts readied and kind and the aperitif isn’t awful! This is unquestionably a spot not to be missed in any event once.

4. Shisha Florence

Topmost Hookah Bar in Florence, Hookah Bar in Florence,

Address: Via dei Benci, 19r, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

We appreciated this Topmost hookah bar however it was frightfully overrated. It is 40-50 euros for the hookah and 5-8 euros for a beverage. They offered potato chips however no nuts or any snacks accessible to arrange. The hookah was great (as was the cooling and big screen to watch the world cup) yet we could stay away for the indefinite future because of cost. Being from the Middle East and where we designed the hookah, this was totally loathsome flavor and substance. This spot had the most exceedingly terrible help and didn’t significantly offer crisp natural product sets out toward the hookah.

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5. Moyo

Famous Hookah Bar in Florence, the Best Hookah bar in Florence,

Address: Via dei Benci, 23, 50129 Firenze FI, Italy

Moyo is a chic and mainstream bar in Florence best known for its quality aperitivos. Facilitating week-by-week themed evenings, for example, ‘Monday frenzy’, ‘American Aperitivos’ and ‘video DJ’, Moyo is a fun spot to loosen up, appreciate delectable nourishment and mixed drinks. Their DJs play a blend of a turning club and move music, which makes this bar the ideal pre-club scene. The beige dividers joined with high sponsored seats around shiny dark tables and a hardwood bar make the feeling of a ‘vintage yacht’ inside. Their astounding mixed drink list runs from works of art, for example, martinis and negronis to their in-house mixed drinks and claims to fame.

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6. Zoe

Famous Hookah Bar in Florence, the Best Hookah bar in Florence,

Address: Via dei Renai, 13, 50125 Firenze FI, Italy

A modern bar-caffè in the Oltrarno neighborhood, on the south side of the Arno, this spot pulls in an exuberant horde of local people and outsiders at aperitivo “hour” (from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.). Revelers spill out to tables in the nearby piazza, and in the late nights, youthful Florentines talking boisterously over ethno-encompassing music pack the spot. Zoe offers a comfortable spot where you can meet companions and appreciate a glass of wine. The aperitivo is flavorful and worth looking at when you are anticipating nibbling before a huge Italian supper. It’s probably the best spot to appreciate a beverage before going to Piazzale Michelangelo and to appreciate a cool spot during the night.

7. Caffe San Firenze

Florence Hookah Bar, Most Visited Hookah Bar in Florence.

Address: Piazza di S. Firenze, 1r, 50122 Firenze FI, Italy

On the off chance that I return to Firenze, I’m returning this best Hookah Bar. Most importantly, realizing that its Firenze, you’d believe that they’d do the visitor charge. Yet, no, that isn’t the situation. This spot is likely the best value for your money to the extent hookah and beverages are concerned. I’ll begin with the hookah. we got the rose/mint from Al Fahkur. We remained there for in excess of two or three hours and not once did the hookah get excessively cruel. They supplant coals regularly and furthermore, they’ll deal with you. My mate accidentally quenched the shisha and they supplanted it.

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Mentioned Above is the Famous Hookah Bar in Florence which you should visit whenever you reach Florence. If you are a Wine and Hookah lover then here you get the best Hookah Bar in Florence then you should visit. If you plan a trip to Florence with your friends then you get information from here. I hope you like the given information about the Famous Hookah bar if anyone has any other suggestions then mention them in the comment box.

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