10 Best Beaches to Visit in Mexico City

Mexico City is surrounded by land on all four sides so besides some exclusive water parks you can’t experience the warmth of the sun and soothing waves reaching the shores in Mexico City but there are various famous beaches near Mexico City which serve an exuberant vacation for the beach lovers. You can select whether you are a sea-person or an ocean-person and travel all along the coast lying nearby Mexico City which is washed up by the biggest Pacific Ocean on the west and has two beautiful Seas, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea filling the eastern coasts of Mexico. Here we provide you a list of the nearest beaches of Mexico City which are best for both family and solo vacation trips among various famous travelers around the world.

List of Beaches near Mexico City

1. Costa Esmeralda

Top Beaches in Mexico City

Costa Esmeralda

This famous beach near Mexico City lies on the Veracruz coast. It is one of the most visited beaches near Mexico City which is infused with adorable emerald waters and golden beach sand surrounded by lots of options for hotels and bungalows and many good restaurants that serve both the seafood and special Veracruz cuisines with the same enthusiasm in their refined places.  A famous spot for major family attraction every year lies near the beach stated as Los Tuxtlas, known worldwide for its collection of endemic species of birds and other jungle life. Along with sunny bay, you can enjoy the jungles and endemic animals near this beach which is a perfect vacation for families with unprecedented curious kids.

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2. Troncones

Top Beaches in Mexico City


You can find a large community of North American ex-pats who are staying here for several months or years. Therefore a distinct amount of American culture can be easily spotted in this area of the beach. This is one of the best beaches near Mexico City which has numerous local surf shops, several yoga retreats and well-stocked grocery stores that might not let you leave so easily. The refreshing North Pacific Ocean along with its beautiful surfing waves in the early morning is a treat to watch(if you manage to wake up early!).

3. San Pancho

Top Beaches in Mexico City

San Pancho

This top beach near Mexico City is another hub for the ex-pats from the European countries. They serve an artistic package near their shops where you can grab your precious expedition for the handful of art galleries and jewelry stores. They sell some incredible accessory designs which are authentic to some of the nearby tribal communities. This popular beach near Mexico City doesn’t have many hotels, but there are lots of houses rented out by foreigners, in fact, an isolated beach is what we all want. When the Americas try to relax then you can easily presume several yoga studios situated near the beach. You can pair up horseback riding into your trip as well because it’s very affordable here with the regular fare guides that can take you on a sunset gallop near the exuberant shores of this beach.

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4. Acapulco

Top Beaches in Mexico City


This is one of the nearest beaches from Mexico City which gives this beach a carefree and crowded look. There might not be very easily available shores but the town remains kitschy and fun, with lots of the 50s and 60s-era hotels and hundreds of options for eating and drinking. This town had a fishing community before which isn’t available here now. The small town now provides majorly tourist lodging and other necessary needs aimed at foreign tourism.  Due to some brutal violence hitting headlines in this region affected the reputation of this famous beach near Mexico City a lot but you can still have your best party time and best hotel charms near this beach with very reasonable costs. Even some bargaining at the small lodging houses near the beach can get a fairly cheap deal as the competition is very high due to numerous hotels situated close to the village.

5. Puerto Escondido

Top Beaches in Mexico City

Puerto Escondido

This is one of the most active beaches near Mexico City which is an all-time awake nation of beaches. They have a party going on in different resorts of the beach almost at very small intervals of time. Even the heavily enthusiastic surfers leave their hangover at 7:00 a.m. in the morning to catch the amazing waves perfect for surfing coming with the clash of Northern and Southern Pacific Oceans. The hotels and resorts are quite 

Shabby here and have chic decor which can give you a direct sense of their lesser prices apart from the other expensive hotels on another best beach in Mexico City. Therefore it isn’t a hard struggle to find tonnes of bars and restaurants serving very drinks with full party culture. You can even blend in the after 9:00 p.m. beach parties that happen on the beach itself so you can dance and connect with various other tourists and locals all free of cost(Bydaway, for offering drinks to the ladies you have to manage on your own!).

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6. Puerto Vallarta

Top Beaches in Mexico City

Puerto Vallarta

This is the west coast beach of Mexico City which sits on the Bay of Banderas, one of the largest bays in the world. You can easily spot the difference in the vibe and culture of this western coastal region from the east coast of Mexico. The town is far more quiet and calm along with a thick jungle covering the surrounding mountains which serves a great family time for vacations. They also have nice dining restaurants and pretty resorts to party late at night. In fact, the nightlife of this well-known beach near Mexico City is equally famous and fun to attend.

The Cobblestone streets nearby the beach own some historic buildings which are capped with red-tiled roofs and draped brilliantly with bougainvillea blossoms fused with shopping malls, a strip of hotels, and a heavily touristed marina to attract thousands of tourist every year.

7. Sayulita

Top Beaches in Mexico City


This beach lies north of Puerto Vallarta. They are famous for having a  sleepy-surfer culture that means the surfers have to wake up early and surf while they are still sleepy and hungover from their late-night parties. But true enthusiasts find no trouble in doing such sports as they are determined to take out every ounce of fun from their never-ending vacations in Mexico City. Due to various young enthusiasts, travel bloggers and ‘wander-lusters’, this beach is among the most photographed and visited beaches in all of Mexico City. The bar and restaurant scene is small here but vibrant diners are always the talk of the town. If you are fed up from the crowd then you can travel just 15 minutes further up the coast and you’ll discover San Pancho beach which is comparatively less crowded and isolated for calm basking and book reading near the beach shore.

8. Huatulco

Top Beaches in Mexico City


This is the spot of the town among various beaches near Mexico City due to their lovely cruise culture on the coast of Oaxaca. This coast is a very busy port offering smaller cruise ships of versatile qualities to explore Mexico City’s best beaches near the Carrebian sea and Pacific Oceans. They also have personal airports that handle many direct flights into Bahias De Huatulco International Airport. Hence, easy accessibility makes this among the busiest beaches near Mexico City.

For, a home base calm evening you can land on the Santa Cruz Bay and explore the populated areas filled with various Mexican markets and local people. While spending the time near the spectacular beaches you can travel for Cacaluta Bay which is famous for having the most stunning beaches of Mexico City, but this bay is accessible only by boat, or by land with a taxi ride and then a hike to enjoy the splendid crowd on their beaches.

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9. Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo

Top Beaches in Mexico City


This is Mexico City’s best-known beach which owns coolest resorts and bars. Since they are served by two famous towns(as the name suggests) there are two different cultures which you can explore in this most-visited beach near Mexico City. For Ixtapa, you can expect for the better resorts and beaches while the charming, down-to-earth Mexican seaside village is all the cherries for the cake of Zihuatanejo.  The beaches aren’t covered with crystal white sand, analogous to the famous Hollywood movies might have depicted but originally the sand is more golden, with a cobalt-colored sea. You can enjoy the sun barefoot on these popular beaches near Mexico City surrounded by bars, restaurants, and an energetic nightlife. Walking for 20 minutes to the south of Zihuatanejo you can hunt the unending isolated beaches that stretch for miles to spend alone time near the shores.

10. Los Cabos

Top Beaches in Mexico City

Los Cabos

This beach might not be as close as other mentioned beaches near Mexico City. In September 2014 Los Cabos was struck by Hurricane Odile, a powerful blow that decimated much of the Baja peninsula, destroying hotels and infrastructure and halting tourism. But this beach has reemerged as one of the most luxurious beaches near Mexico City surrounded by the blue crystal water of the ocean and dense forests yet underdeveloped due to its recent discovery. You can enjoy a large number of yachts serving the direct route to the main cities of Mexico and touring over the Northern Pacific Ocean for various diving sports.

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Thes beaches near Mexico City are a lot more fun when you extend your trip dates a bit further as they have a lot of intricate minute details that need a great tempting exploration. As par, the list of top 10 beaches near Mexico City deserves a great vacation time to mesmerize you with their turquoise and crystal blue water filled with tonnes of sports and hotels.

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