Most Visited Monuments in Zurich Switzerland | Famous Monuments of Zurich

Others are more familiar with its many historic monuments and well-preserved buildings whilst many know Zurich as a city of finance and modern skyscrapers and landmarks, which clearly document its rich heritage. The cathedrals of both Fraumünster and Grossmünster are amongst the most easily spotted of all monuments in Zurich and both date back to the early part of the 13th century. Above the River Limmat, the historic Schloss Kyburg castle stands roughly 150 meters / 492 feet, so when visiting you can expect some good views across the Zurich cityscape. This historical monument in Zurich is considered by many to be the best-preserved castle in the whole of north-eastern Switzerland, while others will enjoy a visit to St. Peterhofstatt (St. Peter’s Church), where you will find the largest clock face in Europe, measuring almost 9 meters / 30 feet. The most visited of all the monuments in Zurich Switzerland are explained further below: 

List of Monuments in Zurich

1. Grossmunster

Famous Monuments of Zurich


Charlemagne discovered the graves of the city’s patron saints Felix and Regula, according to legend and had a church built as a monastery on the spot. This monument in Zurich was the starting point of the Swiss-German Reformation led by Huldrych Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger in the first half of the 16th century.  What is now the University of Zürich the theological college then annexed to the monastery spawned?

2. ETH Zurich

Famous Monuments of Zurich

ETH Zurich

Known as the ETH Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule), the grand building is part of the university campus of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. It is home to over six million books, documents, and regional Swiss artifacts, founded in 1855.  For its facade alone, the library is worth visiting and also acts as an important national monument in Zurich for technical and scientific information.

3. Fraumünster

Famous Monuments of Zurich


Founded in 853 by King Louis the German, by the female members of the aristocracy of Europe this church with its convent was inhabited. The convent enjoyed the patronage of kings until well into the 13th century and the abbess the right to mint coins in Zurich. After the Reformation, ownership of the church and convent passed to the city of Zurich. The Romanesque chancel and the high vaulted transept are the important architectural features include. This popular monument in Zurich was last renovated in 1911.

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4. Käferberg Mountain

Famous Monuments of Zurich

Käferberg Mountain

On the northerly side of Zurich, situated within the Kreis 10 district and standing, Käferberg Mountain is one of the city’s biggest natural landmarks, famous monuments in Zurich and a great place for a long walk. Many exceptional vantage points, where you can appreciate the actual scale of the neighboring lakeTrails through woodland areas lead you past. On the mountain’s popular restaurant terraces further views can be enjoyed from the outdoor tables where a play area for children is also provided.

5. Uetliberg 

Famous Monuments of Zurich


Uetliberg towers over the rooftops of Zürich at 2,850 feet above sea level. The lake and the Alps affords an impressive panoramic view of the city. It is one of the ancient monuments in Zurich. As its summit is often above the blanket of fog that can cover the city at this time of year Uetliberg is particularly popular in November. The hiking trails to the summit are converted into sledding runs in the winter.

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6. Bahnhofstrasse

Famous Monuments of Zurich


After the construction of Zurich’s Main Railway Station, the world-renowned shopping boulevard was created. With the Main Railway Station on a length of 0.87 miles, at the spot where city moats were 150 years ago, today it connects Lake Zurich. It is one of the iconic monuments in Zurich. As well as at Paradeplatz the Swiss banking center you find numerous boutiques, department stores, and timepiece stores here.

7. Lake Zurich

Famous Monuments of Zurich

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is one of Switzerland’s “Big Five” in terms of lakes after Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Constance, and Lake Lucerne. It was mainly used as a traffic and transportation route in the past, but today this beautiful monument in Zurich is a popular excursion destination for sailing, boating, swimming and picnicking on the shore. On both sides, forested chains of hills frame Lake Zurich. By ferry or by crossing the dam at Rapperswil, you can get from one side to the other.

8. Schloss Kyburg

Famous Monuments of Zurich

Schloss Kyburg

Spanning some 900 years, the Schloss Kyburg boasts an interesting past. This important landmark and one of the old monuments in Zurich is close to the central city and features concentrate on the Middle Ages and a range of themed exhibitions. Experienced guides are on hand to take you around and impart their knowledge if you wish to find out more about the castle’s rich heritage.

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9. Sechseläuten

Famous Monuments of Zurich


Directly adjacent to Lake Zurich every spring, the “Sechseläuten” (Spring Festival) takes place at Zurich’s most popular fairground. Then the “Böögg” an artificial snowman effigy is placed on a stake is burned to say goodbye to winter and welcome the summer. The Christmas market and annual performances of the National Circus Knie also take place here in this top monuments in Zurich.

10. Lindenhof

Famous Monuments of Zurich


Grossmünster Church, City Hall, the Limmat river, the university and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, these spot provides a glorious view of the Old Town. The most famous monuments in Zurich was also the scene of numerous historical events. in the 9th century, the grandson of Charlemagne built a regal palace as a place of residence on the very same site and In the 4th century, a Roman fort stood on Lindenhof.

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11. Zurich Old Town

Famous Monuments of Zurich

Zurich Old Town

You can easily discover the Old Town, starting at the Zurich Main Station including the famous “Niederdorf” on your own. Must-sees of Zurich’s historic city center, the attractions listed below are the ultimate. Those who want to learn more about Zurich’s history, the “Zurich Old Town Walking Tour” and the past can participate in the most popular guided city tour.  it is one of the historical monuments in Zurich.

So far we have discussed the best monuments in Zurich, which contains the proper information regarding all the most visited monuments in Zurich. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about Zurich then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about Zurich.

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