Top 10 Beaches in Buenos Aires | Best Beaches of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is an illustrious cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina which is world known for its ancient jaw-dropping architecture and top beaches of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a fun city of exciting culture and invigorating traditions that play a tempting melody of relaxed times constantly in your mind. Providing exquisite adventures and water sports to enhance your beach fun to another level is the main focus of various beach destinations in the city. Therefore, finding the famous beaches to visit in Buenos Aires I have curated a brief and crisp list of the best destinations where you can spend your vacations with ease. The city becomes a Lil harsh and frustrating if you don’t know where to find the best beaches which are acceptable to customize their offer according to your requirements. Hence, follow up the given below guide and select the perfect beaches of Bueno’s city according to your priorities and budget. 

List of Beaches in Buenos Aires

1. Peru Beach

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Peru Beach

This is one of the best places to visit if you are travelling with your family. With impressive accommodations under handy, affordable and fair prices it’s one of the top beaches in Buenos Aires, Argentina that is well attended and delivers a wide range of drinks complemented with myriad local cuisines of the city.  Altogether its a perfectly recommendable beach that you must explore once for maximum fun and enjoyment in sunny weather. There are furnished arrangements of various sports activities well suited for kids such as-artificially constructed climbing walls, playing court etc.

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2. Villa Gesell

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Villa Gesell

One of the illustrious destinations near the city which attracts many travellers with its scenic sand dunes and deep blue ocean water. Aside from adorable popular beaches in Buenos Aires, you can chill out at the relaxing spas and enjoy various coastal adventures especially maintained for enhancing tourism traffic. Therefore, if you are also a fan of dune buggies, surfing or forest exploration or trekking then Villa Gesell the best place for your vacations. Not only serene beaches but you are rendered with plenty of discos and bars to keep you busy at night. Hence, if you seek a pinnacle of euphoria and adventures in your ride there’s none other destination in the city other than Villa Gesell.

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3. Pinamar

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires


This town in itself is a famous spot due to its designer resorts and holds distinct favouritism of upper-class Argentines from a very long time. Today it has lost none of the charm but fortunately, the prices are more affordable and under the budget of regular people to spend their precious times at this spectacular beach of Buenos Aires.  Since there are plenty of places to rent gear and participate in some water sports you can easily enjoy windsurfing, jet-skiing, wakeboarding and fishing even if you arrived here without any preparations. Make your plans more exciting and memorable by exploring Pinamar.

4. Buenos Aires Playa

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Playa

Located nearby a beautiful water body that compliments the serene ambience of the beach and provides a simple and nice touch to this river coast. More precisely this destination is more of a park than a famous beach in Buenos Aires. Yet the place is adorably covered with fine coarse sand turning the place into a sandy park beach which lies near the river and offers a soothing breeze along with incredible surroundings. These beaches are open for all throughout the year hence no more scheduling your tour dates according to the beach timings. It’s a great place to cool off in the heat of summer with plenty of water stations rendering refreshing water bathing at very cheap rates. 

5. Playita de Olivos

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Playita de Olivos

Featuring a surreal and romantic riverside promenade this is one of the most visited beaches in Buenos Aires. Famous for its natural and structural framework which is very well arranged and offers pleasing vibes. This is an impressive beach to visit in the city to spend a great time under the efficient services and clean surrounding. The pedestrian path to ride bicycles, organise games for children and exercise machines is one of the best characteristics of this beach that you won’t find anywhere else in Bueno Aires. You can also rent a dock and kayaks for fishing if you like here!

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6. Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

If you adore luscious green places that are filled with a plethora of flora and fauna then this beach in Buenos Aires is exclusively made for you! You find umpteen number of enjoyable places that are nicely located between the city skyscrapers and the sea giving an amazing scenic view to capture. There are numerous sidewalk areas for a nice stroll with your loved ones. You can also bike,at some nice spots around the swamps as well. With a clean and secure surrounding, nothing feels hasty after all. Therefore, it’s one of the stress-free beaches where you can escape away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

7. Playa Palo Blanco

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Playa Palo Blanco

Playa Palo Blanco is truly an excellent coast to be envious about if you haven’t visited this beach yet! This beach makes your summer entirely romantic and memorable. But due to its significant location as being one of closest beaches to the centre and easily accessible, it is filled up instantly by a lot of locals and travellers in no time and becomes a cloud of dust with the extravagant mob pervading the beach. Still, it’s a great spot if you are looking for the closest beach in Buenos Aires and want to give a quick tour with limited left out time in your vacation trips.

8. Kite Beach

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Kite Beach

Irrespective, of its name you are offered with much more than just kites! Surely the surreal weather and soothing winds set a perfect spot for flying vibrant colourful kites but aside from being a nice well maintained golden sand beach Kite beach is one of the best places to enjoy the fantastic cultural life of Buenos Aires. There are numerous samba and Malandragem classes which run live and you join in to absorb the essence of this city while dancing your heart out in an invigorating dance form like salsa. Surely, it’s a must-visit beach in Buenos Aires if you love dancing or you just want to enjoy the love of dancers and their incredible dance performances.

9. Beyond Beach

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Beyond Beach

‘Beyond beach’, surely takes you beyond the stress and hassle of daily life! Situated across a populated neighbourhood, this destination serves as a perfect spot for relaxing and easing out all your stress away. You will be offered with long stretches of luscious green grasslands that are beautifully bordered by the vibrant blue lining of freshwater. Apart from the zesty highlands, this is one of the best beaches in Buenos Aires that suits best for evening walks and small strolling across the street in search of delicious seafood and famous souvenirs to buy from the city.

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10. Mar de Ajo

Beaches in Buenos Aires, Best Beaches in Buenos Aires

Mar de Ajo

Beach of this city is also referred to as the ‘Sea of Garlic’ which was founded almost two hundred years ago. Previously this place was renowned for being one of the famous fishing villages while later at around 1930s it succeeded in becoming a strong tourism industry. There are numerous fishing piers situated at this famous beach to visit in Buenos Aires which also constitute in becoming one of the largest structures in all of Argentina’s Atlantic coast. This beach is close to Punta Medanos, where many people enjoy horseback riding and 4×4 tours. 

All the above-mentioned beaches are best in providing exquisite adventures and water sports to enhance your beach fun to another level. You don’t wanna enter into the long lines under such weather of Buenos Aires, therefore, get all the information regarding the most-visited beaches of Buenos Aires from this article which helps you in every tour of this city and gets you the best deals possible under your budget at various famous beach resorts in Buenos Aires. This city offers endless thrilling experiences to a lot of travellers only if you know the best beaches here that are acceptable to customize their offer according to your requirements. Hence, do ping us whenever you wish to see such surreal places. While for more engaging blogs like these head on to our other blogs and keep sharing and commenting. 

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