Top 10 Things to Buy in Jerusalem | What Souvenirs to Buy in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the best version of a local and established city where you can find a whole range of items ranging from expensive antiques to organic beauty products coming straight from the dead sea’s nurturing black mud. There are lots of famous things to buy in Jerusalem that you can crack for just a few bucks and they look completely classy and trendy. There are numerous souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem that not only give you a sweet memory of your trips but also make up for a great home decor item. For buying and finding such things you must own a perfect guide which I provide you here. So follow along these amazing top 10 things to buy Jerusalem and return with affordable goodies for all your loved ones under a perfect budget.

List of Things to Buy in Jerusalem

1. Armenian Pottery

What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Armenian Pottery

There are a lot of traditions you will find in Jerusalem that might not belong there but somehow the migrants have beautifully implanted their world creating a plethora of homely items. This culture and tradition bring colorful bowls made of ceramic, tiles and various other wares in Jerusalem. Armenian Pottery uses ceramics with glazes from metallic oxides to provide extra shine to their elements. This is one of the best things to buy in Jerusalem if you also love to decorate your house with adorable items. This colorful yet earthy pottery attracts lots of travelers. At present in the world, you can find this pottery only in Jerusalem.

2. Jewellery

What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem


Women’s best friends! Can never change their forms just change their styles which you can find here. There are lots of popular souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem that you can find in the various high-end luxury stores in Jerusalem such as Baltinester, Stern, Avi Luvaton Gallery, and many more. You can also look for beautiful gold jewellery with diamonds as Israel is quite famous for its diamonds as well. You might love to see their designs are traditional but they keep on changing their styles with the upcoming trends.

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3. Israeli Wine and Beer

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Israeli Wine and Beer

You might consider that finding alcohol in a city like Jerusalem might be difficult but their climate is suitable for making wine. Therefore, a number of varieties such as Merlot, Riesling, and Cabernet are produced here which you can buy at very affordable costs in comparison to other countries selling the same brands at higher prices. Jerusalem owns a good number of wineries that produce wines from local organic grapes. This is one of the famous things to buy in Jerusalem as the cost of Israeli wine ranges from the cheapest INR 418 to the most expensive INR 4886. One can also find foreign wine too at very low prices so bring out some wine collection for your loved ones back at home.

4. Palestinian Embroidery

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Palestinian Embroidery

You might have seen a lot of women wearing these bright coloured embroidered fabrics. You can either buy these embroidered fabrics in just unstitched forms or try out the ready-made version of this beautiful artwork. Actually, there are two types of embroidery, one is cross-stitch which is also called Fallahi and the other one is couching which is also called as Tahrir. It is an important part of Palestine women’s outfit in Jerusalem. These are completely made by hand and help to preserve traditional art and culture. You can easily find them in the fabric stores of Jerusalem. Their refined work makes these a must-buy thing in Jerusalem.

5. Hamsa

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem


These are one of the things which keep on rotating from one tradition to another or from one country to another with a myriad of names but the concept remains the same. There are a lot of people who still believe over bad energies, therefore Hamsa or the amulet which is believed to protect from the evil eyes are bought by a lot of customers in Jerusalem. If you consider what to buy in Jerusalem? for your superstitious friend trust me there isn’t any better gift than this. You can easily find this anywhere in Jerusalem. It is made of different materials such as ceramics, copper, and even wood whereas there is one artist by the name Chaim Peretz who creates different types of hamsas from sterling silver and stained glass which you might wanna look at as their designs are very tempting.

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6. Bedouin-Woven Rugs and Cushions

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Bedouin-Woven Rugs and Cushions

How can you forget rugs in Jerusalem? In fact, no one will make you forget these as on every local market turn you will meet a rug or cushion seller claiming it’s the original piece their. Whereas rugs and cushions are authentic gifts given by people in Jerusalem which are specially made by women who work together to spin and dye the wool on the ground with very simple looms. You can find them in various bright colours. These are some of the top souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem to make your loved ones feel special by including them in this long old tradition of gifting rugs form Jerusalem. One can also find amazing striped cushions and cushion covers made by the same handicrafts.

7. Antiquities

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem


You can never end your shopping if you keep on exploring the antique stalls of Jerusalem. As the city is already in a state of conflict with lots of religious histories contained its famous monuments, therefore, you can get a lot of exaggerated versions of stories and find tonnes of things to buy in  Jerusalem that not only makes your collection more valuable but there are various shopping places with well-known dealers who have been authorized by the Israel Antiquities Authority. You must look for the Clay Oil Lamp as it is one of the top antiquities sold in Jerusalem in every shop.

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8. Israeli Ceramics

 What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Israeli Ceramics

These ceramics are made from the clay found in Israel. For all the home decors or interior designers, this is one of the best places to find cutleries with the best price possible. These works of art are not only beautiful but they also represent the cultural heritage of the artists. You can get some of the finest items when you struggle with what souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem? then visit the shops of ceramics on Yoel Salomon Street. They can be found at a price starting from INR 699 and ranging up to INR 14,000.

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9. Olive Oil

What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Olive Oil

For all those who might not know Jerusalem produces one of the best quality of olives which makes them provide the best quality of olive oil poured over it and a spice mixture, called za’atar (consisting of ground hyssop, sumac, sesame seeds, and salt), sprinkled on top. The mixture is usually scooped up with pita bread. You must not miss this delicacy as you will not find olive being used by some diet freaks but here it’s the main ingredient of various dishes. These are some of the best souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem in which Za’atar can be purchased at any spice shop in the Mahane Yehuda.

10. Ahava Salt Sea Products

What to Buy in Jerusalem, Things to Buy in Jerusalem

Ahava Salt Sea Products

These are some of the best beauty products that you can find in Jerusalem. The Ahava basically means ‘love’ and the company produces skincare products from the Dead Sea and the Salt sea. You might have already heard about the nurturing quality of the deal sea, therefore, you can get the best beauty products from this company which is even based at a distance of one hour drive from Jerusalem. You can get a lot of best-known souvenirs to buy in  Jerusalem as there is a broad range of products ranging from cleaning products, rejuvenating and detoxifying manufactured by this company.

There are even more interesting items in Jerusalem which you can search in the local markets of the city. The above-mentioned things to buy in Jerusalem are loved by most of the travelers and they even come back for more after visiting Jerusalem. You can get the best souvenirs to buy in Jerusalem with the help of our easy guide suggestions that are not only best for catching up with the latest trends of your youngs but are also very affordable in prices. Follow our other blogs for knowing more interesting facts about this city and do mention in the comment below if you have any queries.

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