Top 10 Famous Foods in Budapest | Best Foods to Try in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the city of dreams for the meat lovers but the Hungarian influence is far more interesting to explore here than any other section. Such a collision of different ethnicities brings out some of the traditional food to eat in Budapest that is not only super delicious but their serving style and appearance already wins the heart of the food bearer. The availability of various dishes is also very easy therefore you don’t face any extra obstacle in finding a particular cuisine.  Still, there are some jaw-dropping wonderful cuisines that you must explore in Budapest, cherishing the incredible lineage and meticulous care of the classic vintage recipes of the city. Hence I have curated a list of top 10 foods to try in Budapest, Hungary that are spectacular in taste and are extensively famous among the travellers.

List of Foods in Budapest

1. Halászlé

Top 10 Foods in Budapest


Getting the fresh catch from the dissecting river Danube you will be thrilled to receive one of the famous foods in Budapest that is actually a Fisherman’s soup. It is a hot, spicy paprika-based river fish soup that is loved by the locals. If you love to try new seafood cuisines then surely this will be a dish that you must try in this city. Since it is particularly prepared in the Danube regions you can find it easily in the nearby restaurants of the city aside river. Be aware of the spiciness as it might stun some foreigners due to its shocking blend with seafood.

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2. Töltött Káposzta

Top 10 Foods in Budapest

töltött káposzta

Just like Korean kimchi, this is one of the popular foods in Budapest which comprises stuffed cabbage rolls that are superbly delicious and vibrant in taste. Töltött Káposzta is made from the pickled cabbage leaves, filled with minced pork meat, paprika with a dab of sour cream as a garnish on top. These fabulous foods are not only tasty but they are astonishing in appearance which makes it even harder to leave aside.

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3. Újházi chicken broth

Top 10 Foods in Budapest

Újházi chicken broth

As the name of this top food of Budapest suggests it contains a whole chicken, mixed with fresh veggies like carrots, mushrooms, garlic, tomato, green pepper, cauliflower and peas. All of the mixtures is then boiled for hours to get the thick delicious broth that is served as a very special food in Budapest. You might find this traditional dish often served in Hungarian weddings as a custom food. So if you get invited to the Hungarian wedding dinner don’t miss the chance to try out the best cuisines of the city for free.

4. Pörkölts

Top 10 Foods in Budapest


Another rich meaty dish in Budapest that holds hot flavours combined with the boneless meat yielding one of the best foods in Budapest. Porkolts is a stewed meat curry that is infused with paprika, vegetables excluding potatoes. The exclusion of potatoes makes the dish hotter and spicier, therefore, be ready to put some milk or bread afterwards the meal to neutralize the spice on your taste buds. Meat can vary from beef, lamb, chicken and pork according to the consumer’s preference. Locals love this dish in their main course menus hence it wouldn’t be a hassle to find the dish.

5. Rakott Krumpli

Top 10 Foods in Budapest

rakott krumpli

If you are looking for light comfort food in Budapest then this is your top choice. Rakott Krumpli is basically a numerous layered potato dish that is prepared by baking the cuisine under high temperatures. You might love this food due to its simplicity and calm tones of flavours that are not tainted with any hard spice unlike other foods of the city. Including Hungary, you might find this food in the nearby states hence don’t miss such wonderful flavours while you are in Hungary.

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6. Libamáj

Top 10 Foods in Budapest


Foie gras is a vegetable that is used with great ease in entire Hungary and is widely available in the city at very cheap prices. Therefore, it’s evident you will find a lot of dishes comprising foie gras in various forms but  Libamáj is one of the top food to try in Budapest that has the best combination of this staple veggie with fried goose liver rich in taste and highly tempting in appearance.

7. Túrós Csusza

Top 10 Foods in Budapest

Túrós Csusza

Have you ever heard that noodles can be made from curd and cheese? Well, Budapest will tell you how! Turos is the unique food to eat in Budapest that is basically curd or cottage cheese noodles that are traditionally homemade by using flour, eggs that are later mixed into a dough and torn by hand to give them a typical uneven look that comes alive while boiling in water. It’s savoury in taste and totally comforts your taste buds with its subtle tones of light and airy noodles that sustain the rich and creamy texture of curd and cheese.

8. Nokedli

Top 10 Foods in Budapest


If you are also a fan of dumplings then this food is exclusively made for you.  The Hungarian nokedli dumplings hold similarity with spaetzles. These are made with noodle graters after which the scraped dough is boiled into the water with a spoon or a knife. It tastes amazing with butter but some restaurants serve this with goulash or chicken paprikash that creates this must-try food in Budapest, a heavy main course meal.

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9. Túrógombóc

Top 10 Foods in Budapest


Another version of Hungarian dumplings where you find the curd or cottage cheese dumplings being shaped into spherical balls that are later boiled in water and covered with buttery bread crumbs to bring the crispy texture along with the creaminess of the dumpling’s filling. The creaminess reaches another level when the dish is served with a warm, sweetened sour-cream sauce combining all the textures of crisp and rich cream into one bowl of top food to try in Budapest. It’s one of the sweetest dishes you’ll taste in the city for sure.

10. Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake)

Top 10 Foods in Budapest

Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cake)

If you have already succeeded in finding sweet treats of the city then don’t leave this one as well. The chimney is one of the best foods to eat in Budapest as it amazes every visitor with its charming serving style where long strips made of sugary dough are wrapped around cone-shaped spots that are glazed with butter and roasted over charcoal. Therefore, when the dough is removed from the spit, steam is released from the centre like a chimney justifying its title and its rich crispy flavours with one stroke.

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Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned list of top 10 foods of  Budapest that are not only delicious but very affordable in various aspects. You can even make some of the popular foods of Budapest back at home or just buy the cheap raw materials and give them to your friends as presents tasting later, prepared new meals without any extra work! For reading more engaging blogs like this please head on to our other posts and comment if you have any more suggestions that we can add in the articles making it more useful for our fellow travellers globally. Do share it among your friends who wish to see this beautiful city and experience its thoughtful delicious food.

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