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Bahrain is one of the independent sovereign states in the Persian Gulf. By the addition of the Gulf anywhere you must picture the stereotypical scene of long endless sand dunes surrounded by arid vegetation and turquoise water bodies. That’s what happens in Bahrain and the best cities in Bahrain are rich in culture and history gifted to them by frequent rulers from different parts of the world. But, more than 80% of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s landmass lies in its archipelago of 33 islands, whereas major cities in Bahrain reside in the Middle Eastern Inlet with Saudi Arabia to its west and Qatar bordering toward the southeast. Bahrain was famous for its pearl fisheries during ancient times and due to its constant struggle for becoming a dependent country, all the cities here will never cease to amaze you from their engaging facts.

Bahrain City List

1. Sitrah

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Sitrah is a beautiful island in Bahrain situated in the Focal Governorate of Bahrain, and lying to the east of Bahrain Island in the Persian Inlet. This is among the ten largest cities in Bahrain and the capital Manama lies south of Sitrah. While its western limit is secured by Tubli Sound. Sitrah is also among the archipelago of 33 islands that establish some of the significant attractive tourism in the entire Bahrain. This is an oil port and they handle a fair place for oil fields in north-eastern Saudi Arabia. You can explore their exotic beaches and fishing areas and explore their nearby towns which have broad tank ranches, oil refineries situated on the southeastern region of Bahrain island close to Awali.

2. Riffa

Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain


Riffa is the second biggest city in Bahrain and has a substantial demographic distribution between the West Riffa and East Riffa. If you want to explore the ancient architectural heritage of Bahrain then you must visit Riffa. It is one of the prominent city on every traveller’s list of top cities to visit in Bahrain. They offer a few interesting attractions including the 19th century Riffa Fort, along with some engaging shopping centres such as Bukuwara Street Market to browse. The two fundamental shopping avenues here are the Riffa Bazaar and Bukuwara Road where you can find the finest pottery works with designer local clothing and much more expensive souvenirs to drool upon. In the western region, you must not miss out the white sleek beauty of Riffa known as Riffa Clock Tower. But the East Riffa has a bigger number of shops and markets than West Riffa, therefore, choose your preferences before hopping over your camels(just kidding! they are not ‘that’ primitive).

3. Muharraq Island

 Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain

Muharraq Island

This is an island owned by the title of being the second-largest island among the famous island chains of Bahrain. This is named after Muharraq City which is one of the famous cities in Bahrain for its well-known hotel, beaches, buildings and Pearl centre which was made a UNESCO world heritage site in 2012. Muharraq Island incorporates a few towns including Al Muharraq, Arad, Altair, Busaiteen, Hidd, Halat Bu Maher, Galali, Halat Nuaim, Halat Selah and Samaheej. You can get the best services of hotel stays and beach resorts in this destination even the Muharraq Landing strip is likewise situated on the island.

4. Muharraq City

Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain

Muharraq City

Muharraq is the third biggest city in Bahrain. This city is like the ‘Las Vegas of Bahrain’ you can expect all the glittery nightlife along with luxurious resorts and beaches from this city. This is among the best Bahrain cities to visit for complete fun. This city has a long history of being ruled by the people who were a group of a pagan cult dedicated to the shark god, Awal with the city’s ancient name being Arwad. Later, Muharraq developed to be a noteworthy focal point of Nestorian Christianity that can be explored from the names of few towns in Muharraq mimicking this Christian inheritance. The Muharraq Club is a standout amongst the best football clubs in Bahrain. The real gems of the city to explore are its souqs or the customary markets, conventional expressions, luxurious hotels and music.

5. Isa Town

Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain

Isa Town

For exploring the recently built villas, and some of the Pakistani’s and Indian touch you can visit this city. As they are famous for their marketplaces and distinct ethnicities of schools. This famous city in Bahrain is a customary commercial centre which owns few decent schools in Bahrain including the Indian School, Pakistan Urdu School, Hallowed Heart School, Bahrain Bayan School, Naseem Worldwide School, Ibn Khuldoon National School, and St. Christopher’s School. By the names of the school, you might have realised that the population living here is a great mixture of different migrants coming here. Truth be told, Isa Town is also the HeadQuarters for a few essential divisions, for example, the Directorate of Street Traffic, National Driving School, aside from workplaces of Service of Training, Ministry of Information.

6. A’ali

Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain


This is one of the biggest places in Bahrain and they own the major heritage of Bahrain’s ancient world inhabitations. A’ali lies in the northern part of the main island and is super famous for its burial mounds dating back from ancient times. This ancient golden history is spread throughout the central part of the city and you can explore the site under a tour guide’s provision. You will be fascinated to see the cultural artefacts that have been isolated from the burial mounds and are showcased in the famous landmarks of the city. This is a must-visit city in Bahrain where you can get fabulous pottery boutiques to admire the renowned handicrafts of the locals along with its rich history.

7. Madinat Hamad

Bahrain cities to visit, favorite city in Bahrain, beautiful cities in Bahrain

Madinat Hamad

This is one of the best cities in northern Bahrain to visit, and this region is governed by the Northern Governorate of Bahrain. The Hamad Town is named after their Lord Hamad who is a receptacle for the Isa Al-Khalifah. 

Hamad Town is located 18kms far from the capital city of Manama, and 19kms from the Bahrain International Airplane terminal. You can visit the Isa campus of the University of Bahrain here and Madinat is also known for its Persian market, with more than 450 shops, where you can get the topmost local food products ranging from dates, other fruits, carpets and handicrafts at this market.

8. Al-Malkiya

Bahrain city list, best cities in Bahrain to visit

Al Malkiya

This is one of the religious centres of Bahrain which is well known among the major Shia community living in the country.  The is one of the important cities in Bahrain that lies on the western coast of Bahrain Island and houses a significant destination for the lovers of Malkiya Club football team as Malkiya is home to this team. They have a large population dependent on the fishing occupation but in 2007, protests broke out as one of the powerful members of the Bahraini royal family tried to seize some of the coastlines of the village having great fishing zones. A famous grave and shrine of Zayd ibn Suhan, one of the companions of Ali is also situated in this city.

9. Budaiya

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A famous city in Bahrain to visit lying on the northwestern coast of Bahrain’s main island confides a naturally rich area of the country that is suffering constant deforestation due to frequent construction and modernization. But still, you see Al Budaiya palm trees and vegetation shading the place beautifully providing their natural nourishments. You can take part in activities like pearl diving and fishing in this city or just chill and sip out the famous drinks and nargiles in this city.

10. Hawar island

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Hawar island

This is one of the nicest islands in Bahrain which is about a 45-minute boat ride from the southern city of Al Dur. This is one of the best cities to visit in Bahrain lying southeast of the country and close to Qatar. You can get the best resort retreat, with hotels and water-sports equipment in this city. And for those wanting to venture in the warm seas of the Persian Gulf can also take their ride all along the scenic shores of its beaches. The eastern side of the island is lined with high cliffs best for hiking under guided help forming a typical zone of perfect vacations.

I hope you liked the above mentioned top 10 cities in Bahrain that you must visit. This country might look an arid region with minimalist facilities but the constant development in all the best cities in Bahrain have created the top leading spots for vacations along with a collection of their primitive heritage isolated in different famous cities of Bahrain. There is a lot to explore if you follow our above-mentioned list. So do visit the cities that must not be missed in Bahrain and kindly share your views in the comment section below.

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