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Equatorial Guinea, a tropical country is located in central West Africa bordering the Bight of Biafra (Atlantic Ocean). Cities in Equatorial Guinea are so popular. It lies between Cameroon and Gabon, and it shares maritime borders with Nigeria and São Tomé and Príncipe. Equatorial Guinea is comprised of five inhabited islands plus a portion of the African mainland, known as Río Muni. The country is slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Maryland and slightly smaller than Belgium with an area of 28,000 km². Equatorial Guinea has a population of about 1.2 million people according to census 2015, the capital city is Malabo on Bioko Island, the largest city is Bata having a population of 250,000, a port city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Litoral Province of Río Muni.  Spanish, (national), French, and Portuguese are spoken languages. Here is a list of best cities in Equatorial Guinea: 

Beautiful Cities in Equatorial Guinea list

1. Bata

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Bata is the capital of the Littoral Province in Equatorial Guinea. It is also the largest city in Equatorial Guinea and home to around a quarter of the Equatoguinean population. This city is put on a narrow coastal plain, with hills and mountains to the east. The city is a favorite of the nation’s elite and it is not hard to see why, as the climate is great, the African influences are varied, and the city architects have done a great job sculpting the waterfront into a modern, enjoyable place to spend time. Bata is a beautiful city with a renovated waterfront walkway, Paseo Marítimo, that is currently being expanded to the south.

2. Malabo

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Malabo, the capital city and one of the best cities in Equatorial Guinea to visit located on the northern end of Bioko island in Bioko Norte Province. Malabo looks out across the Gulf of Guinea towards the shores of Cameroon and just 40km away on the African mainland. The pulsing heart of one of the least visited states in modern Africa, this city is still one of the ten smallest capitals on the continent. This may not be the situation for long though, as it is expanding rapidly thanks to an influx of oil wealth, as well as Western and Chinese workers. Touring the center, you get the impression that this used to be a sleepy little place, perhaps like nearby São Tomé, but when they struck oil two decades ago everything changed, and there are few who would want to go back to that earlier time.

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3. Ebebiyín

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Ebebiyín is a small city in the northeastern corner of mainland Equatorial Guinea. It is formerly known as the capital of the province of Kié-Ntem in Equatorial Guinea. The three-party border between Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Cameroon lies in this popular city in Equatorial Guinea. The three main transport routes coming from Bata, Yaoundé and major cities in central Gabon ends here and also the capital of the Kié-Ntem Province.

4. Luba

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Luba having a population with 7,000, is the second-largest town in Equatorial Guinea. it also has a port for the logging industry on the island’s west coast beneath volcanic peaks. This one of the famous cities in Equatorial Guinea has attractions include several beaches and a colonial hospital. The city may be reached either by sea or by the main road linking Luba to the country’s capital, Malabo. The road is now[clarification needed] accessible; it takes about an hour to drive from Malabo to Luba. In 1999, a free port opened near the town, creating deepwater access for larger and oil industry vessels, an alternative to the congested port of Malabo for re-supplying on fuel, water, and other materials.

5. Evinayong

Evinayong is a town is located on top of a small mountain in southeastern Rio Muni, central Equatorial Guinea, Western Africa. Evinayong is also the capital of the Centro Sur Province.  St. Joseph’s Cathedral is the attraction to see in Evinayong. It is a Roman Catholic Diocese of Evinayong. This main city in Equatorial Guinea has a population of 7,997 known for its nightlife, its market, and the nearby waterfalls and a prison too.

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6. Mongomo

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Mongomo is one of the top cities in Equatorial Guinea in the province of Wele-Nzas. On the eastern border,  it is located on mainland Equatorial Guinea, hardly 1 km west of Gabon’s Woleu-Ntem Province. The main attraction of this city is the cathedral basilica of the Immaculate Conception. It is the episcopal see of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mongomo.

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7. Mikomeseng

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Mikomeseng is one of the best cities to visit in Equatorial Guinea. Mikomeseng lies in the province of Kié-Ntem. This city has a  population of 5813. Mikomeseng in the region of Equatorial Guinea (general) with its 5,813 habitants is a town located in Equatorial Guinea some 271 km South-East of Malabo, the country’s capital.

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8. Niefang

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Niefang is located in the province of Centro Sur having a population of 4858 people city in Equatorial Guinea. It was formerly named Sevilla de Niefang during the Spanish occupation. Niefang having name means “Limit of the Fang was traditionally the western border of the Fang tribal area.

9. Cogo

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Cogo is one of the cities in Equatorial Guinea to visit is set on the Muni estuary in Rio Muni, Equatorial Guinea. It also lies east of Acalayong. Cogo is famous for its partly ruined Spanish Colonial architecture. It is also the southernmost city of the Littoral Province of Equatorial Guinea. This formerly known as Kogo or Koszho is located 121 km from Bata by road or 117 km when traveling through Acalayong.

10. Annobón

Top 10 Cities in Equatorial Guinea


Annobón is formerly known as Anno Bom and Annabona. This beautiful city in Equatorial Guinea is a province of it consisting of the island of Annobón and its associated islets in the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean’s Cameroon line. San Antonio de Palé is a provincial capital. It is situated on the north side of the island and the other small city is Mabana, formerly known as San Pedro. 

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Here is our list of top cities in Equatorial Guinea which are must-visit your trip to this nation as all of these cities are very popular among visitors as there are a lot of things to do and see. Hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about this city.

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