Famous Restaurants in Maldives | Best Places to Eat in Maldives

The vacation trips always end up on the exotic beach destinations when you live in such countries where the summers or winters are hard to sustain, still, you want to experience the soothing, fresh and sunny vibe of the summers to enjoy. For all the beach lovers it’s the first thought to visit the Maldives which are among the cheap and best destinations to visit in all the seasons. But finding the best restaurants in Maldives is another struggle on this island where you find a resort just on every next door quoting for being the best in the Maldives. So here are the refined top places to eat of the Maldives which are not only serving the best foods but provide you a complete vacation package of spa, lodging, and sometimes trips to certain famous places of the Maldives. 

List of Restaurants in Maldives

1. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant

The Maldives well-known features can never be experienced in a much better way than in this restaurant. They came up with the idea of an underwater dining five meters below sea level to experience the spectacular aquatic flora and fauna of the Maldives. This unique restaurant in the Maldives is located in a part of the Conrad Hilton Rangali Island resort in the South Ari Atoll. They specialize in serving the European meals which are prepared by the top chefs of the world. Their most recommended meals include Malossol imperial caviar with sour cream potato blinis and yellowtail kingfish with a saffron champagne risotto and beurre blanc foam, followed by vanilla chocolate vantage with mango sorbet meals which are much more delicious when you see great white sharks lurking around your terrace and different colorful and vibrant small fishes passing by your feet.

2. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island 

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

These top restaurants in the Maldives are the flambeau for all the underwater dining restaurants as this famous restaurant in the Maldives was the first underwater dining restaurant in the world. Such an amazing experience to dine among the crystal blue waters filled with vibrant colored reefs and fishes when you enjoy the brilliant seafood meals prepared fresh by the top culinary chefs. Their best-served meals among a lot of tourists are the lobster and champagne barbecue. You are offered posh villas, private pools, luxe resort with spas, water sports, all along with underwater dining at this popular place to eat in the Maldives.

3. Hot Rock

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Hot Rock

As the name suggests you are literally served with hot rocks(obviously not for eating!) above which your delicious food is cooked slowly with the conduction of the heat from rocks. This restaurant is situated on the eastern side of Meeru Island. This is among the best restaurants in the Maldives that have a fine selection of delectable meats to choose from and served from ceramic hot rocks cooked at your table. There are marvelous views of the infinity pool and ocean visible from their terrace restaurant dining.

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4. Maaniya Restaurant

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Maaniya Restaurant

This the most-visited restaurant in the Maldives which serves a varied selection of courses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, situated at the Sun Island Resort. Their guest serving is the best among all the resorts in the Maldives. They even provide you the same table throughout your stay in their hotels. They have some amazing best-known breakfasts along with their authentic Maldivian cuisines which are mostly ordered by the upcoming tourists to taste versatile flavors of the Maldives. They have a buffet system for serving their guests with great hospitability. Even sometimes on holidays, you are served with complimentary drinks of seasonal fruits to enjoy with your meals.

5. Pebbles By Royal

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Pebbles by Royal

This is a popular beach-restaurant in the Maldives which is at the perfect location nearby the famous Thundu beach of the island. They have great staff service and delicious foods to serve. Sometimes the foods take a bit longer to come but the deliciousness will suffice all the waiting. They have various customize options to serve for every portion of the tourists addressed. They offer exclusive vegan options and Halal options. When you listen to a famous beach restaurant you usually end up with a small terrace view of the beach which is so far away from the main restaurant. But here you will be served actually over the beach sand with the soothing winds and gushing tides rolling nearby the beach.

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6. Reethi Restaurant

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Reethi Restaurant

They have a traditional vibe in their restaurant which is famous for the three-section dining spaces split into Earth, Fire, and Aqua. This is one of the best-known places to eat in the Maldives especially their breakfast which is served in the veranda built above the waters of the Maldives while the evening turns this place into a complete spiritual place that has three basic themes as an inspiration for their authentic flavors in cuisines. The cuisines served in those three distinct regions show a great inspiration and creativity skills of the chefs as well. Earth is for fine French fare, Fire whips up the full spectrum of Asian, Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Chinese and Thai flavors with vibrant Indian specialties, and Aqua is the section for seafood lovers, delivering authentic Italian flavors. You must try their Maldivian lobster which is recommended by a lot of other travelers visiting this place.

7. Muraka

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives


These are some of the major fine dining restaurants of the Maldives who offer three different styles of lodging in their hotels which are equipped with well-furnished rooms and excellent room services. The upper level of the restaurant offers a personalized 24-hour service with the blissful waters of the oceans and spectacular sunsets with incredible colors to flourish in the whole sky. While the under-ocean experiences are provided with 180-degree domed rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows for the splendid views of marine life. They serve some of the best foods of the Maldives. The best-served cuisines are pink peppercorn-crusted Maldivian tuna loin with fried bok choy and crispy potato wanton, as well as lobster bisque with papaya salad and papaya seed dressing.

8. Sala Thai

Famous Restaurants in the Maldives

Sala Thai

Don’t get offended over the name(if you know what sala means in Hindi!) These restaurants are on the pinnacle of serving the most healthy and fresh foods in their authentic Siamese surroundings. They are situated in the small six-room Sala Boutique Hotel and ranks among the best seafood restaurants in the entire Maldives. Their shrimp marinated in a spicy fish sauce with Thai herbs is among the best delicacies to be experienced for all the people who wanna explore the best cuisines of the Maldives. Some foreigners are usually blown away by their local Maldivian cuisine of Penang curry and the traditional Thai dessert of sticky jasmine rice with mango.

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The amalgamated list of the above-mentioned restaurants is distinct to serve you with the best vacation packages which not only provides delicious cuisines but gives you the best lodging and beach activities to practice along with your stay. Some might provide you a customize table for dining that remains the same for your entire stay so you don’t get troubled with the booking and miss out on the best views of the Maldives. Do explore some of these best restaurants of the Maldives and share your experiences in our comment section below.

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