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The Italians consider their cooking important and Venice eateries are generally viewed as the absolute best in the nation. In this article, we will discuss the best Italian Food in Venice and  Top 8 Italian Restaurants in Venice. Risotto and bigoli pasta are classic dishes to attempt here, alongside seafood, which is a major component of the Venetian eating regimen. Going from crisp sardines to crab, cuttlefish, and shrimp, the seafood and fish offering is rich and differed. The best eateries source this seafood locally from the Lagoon, so your catch will dependably be new. Over this, Venice is commended for its conventional treats, cakes, and pastries, for example, Tiramisu, so it’s well worth leaving some space for every eatery’s sweet plates.

List of All Top Italian Restaurants in Venice

1. Osteria Boccadoro


best Italian restaurants in Venice,Italian restaurants in Venice

Ostaria Boccadoro

A commonplace Venetian eatery, found far from the visitor trail in a quiet Venetian square, the Osteria offers conventional Venetian dishes utilizing just fresh fish, hand made pasta, vegetables and neighborhood ingredients, allowing coffee shops to appreciate the valid and characteristic flavors. This is effectively a standout amongst the best places to eat in Venice. The environment of the restaurant is elegant and simple and there is a small personnel dining room for a client meeting or more intimate gatherings.

Address: Calle Larga Widmann, 5405/a, 30121 Venezia VE, Italy

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2. Locanda Cipriani

best Italian restaurants in Venice,Italian restaurants in Venice

Locanda Cipriani

Situated on memorable Torcello island, Locanda Cipriani is only 30 minutes away from the focal point of Venice, and in spite of not being in the downtown area is still viewed as a standout amongst the best places to eat in Venice. This Eatery is running since 1938 and it is one of the best Italian Restaurants in Venice. The three indoor lounge areas, open-air patio, and garden would all be able to be reserved for exceptional occasions and altered by visitors’ prerequisites. The restaurant specializes in traditional cuisine, rustic for example, the John Dory filet which is cooked by Carla Cipriani’s recipe.

Address: Piazza Santa Fosca, 29, 30142 Torcello VE, Italy

3. Antiche Carampane

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,

Antiche Crampane

It is one of the oldest Italian eatery situated close to Rialto Bridge, this restaurant provides an authentic menu with traditional cooking, handmade sweets, fresh wild fish and biscuits. Over the last couple of years, VIP visitors have included: Bill Murray, Yoko Ono, Natalie Portman, Monica Bellucci, Salma Hayek, Timothy Dalton, Audrey Tatou, Brian Ferry and numerous Italian on-screen characters and worldwide politicians.

Address: Rio Terà de la Carampane, 1911, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy

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4. L’Alcova

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,


This is one of the famous Italian restaurants in Venice, With its wonderful panoramic terrace nearby Grand Canal, L’Alcova Restaurant is the ideal setting to observe all the activity on the Venetian waterway and a standout amongst the most romantic restaurants in Venice. Open lasting through the year, L’Alcova is a selective and cozy eatery with Chef Klostermaier planning refined regular dishes portrayed by rich tastes and extraordinary identity. He has a solid ‘Common Flavors’ rationality, giving a crisp wind on conventional Venetian food.

Address: 30100 Venice, Metropolitan City of Venice, Italy

5. Osteria Alle Testiere

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,

Osteria Alle Testiere

This Eatery is one of the top Italian restaurants in Venice, Osteria Alle Testiere is situated it the heart of Venice, a couple of steps Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s, the restaurant is very famous with only 6 tables in it. Osteria Alle Testiere is closed on Sunday and Monday and open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to becomes a paradise for the artists at the time of Film Festival and the Art Biennale mostly because of its ‘mystery’ area far from the paparazzi.

Address: Calle del Mondo Novo, 5801, 30122 Venezia VE, Italy

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6. Mirai

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,


Setting the standard for Japanese eating foundations in Venice, the speculative chemistry of flavors at the Mirai is on account of the inventiveness and ability of best sushi chef Norio Nishibori, who has made flawless dishes for the eatery. In Japan, Shushi means is not only dishes with fish, be that as it may, all utilizing rice as a staple component, and arranged by inflexible and confounded principles. The Mirai utilizes fish of the most elevated quality and freshness and therefore, the settled menu dependably offers a path to the specialty of the day.

Address: Sestiere Cannaregio 227, 30121 Venice

7. Antico Martini

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,

Antico Martini

Food at the Antico Martini offers diner the decision of crisp fish, for example, scampi and king prawns or conventional meats like Venetian-style liver joined by new occasional vegetables. The main course typifies the delicacy of Venetian cooking with a variety of flavors and hues. There is a wide choice of  Cake, pastries, and confectionery. Situated nearby the Fenice Theatre, Antico Martini, it is a perfect pre-theater eatery.

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Address: Campo Teatro Fenice, 2007, 30124 Venezia VE, Italy

8. Cocaeta

 top Italian restaurants in Venice, famous Italian restaurants in Venice,


From dark chocolate to strawberry crepe every dish is here are worth to eat. They have an excellent range of savory crepes and tasty sweets. The ingredients at Cocaeta restaurant are fresh and the flavors are excellent, the service is very polite and speedy and it is known as one of the best restaurants in Venice of Crepes.

Address: Fondamenta San Giobbe 549, 30121, Venice, Italy

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Here are the top  Italian restaurants in Venice where you can eat the best Italian food all over Venice with perfect quality, friendly service, and reasonable price. Whenever you visit Venice these restaurants are worth to try. If you like our post please share it so it will be helpful for other individuals also and you can read our other article also to know more about Venice.

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