Top Most Famous National Monuments in California

You must aware that California has several national monuments in California and also there are many different historical monuments in California. Some are 1,000’s of acres and some are just a small piece of land, but all encompass a beauty which makes California unique. Check them out below and make sure to add a few new ones to your California national monuments list.

List of National Monuments in California

1. Cabrillo National Monument

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Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Park is different from many others on this list as it is centered around a monument of Juan Rodrigues Cabrillo on the outer tip of the peninsula facing San Diego.  However, that is the focus and it does not mean there is not a lot to explore here as well. There is an old turn of the century lighthouse, new modern lighthouse, a collection of tide pools and different hiking/walking trails. It is an interesting area which provides some of the beautiful views of San Diego and even Tijuana in the distance that’s the reason to be on top of the list of monuments in California.

2. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto National Monument

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San Jacinto National Monument

Rising unexpectedly from the desert floor, the Santa Rosa and the San Jacinto Mountains National Monument reaches an elevation of 10,834 feet at the summit of Mt San Jacinto. Over 272,000 acres includes two federal Wilderness Areas and the Santa Rosa Wilderness containing the 61,600 acres of BLM and Forest Service lands, and 19,470 acres of the Forest Service’s San Jacinto Wilderness.

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3. Devils Postpile National Monument

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Devils Postpile National Monument

Devils Postpile National Monument is a famous monument California located near Mammoth Mountain in eastern California. It was created in 1911 and protects the Devils Postpile, an unusual formation of columnar basalt, that seems to jut out of the Earth in a staggering fashion. Also, the park has many other natural attractions, such as waterfalls and pieces of the famous John Muir Trail.

4. Muir Woods National Monument

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Muir Woods National Monument

Muir Woods is the best spot to see redwood trees in the San Francisco area. The monument area is located in a lush canyon, where you can stroll through the giants on a dozen or so miles of trails. The area technically extends the way out to the coast as well, including the fantastic Muir Overlook, which is a well-known spot for travelers on Pacific Coast Highway.

5. Carrizo Plain National Monument

famous monuments California, list of national monuments in California

Carrizo Plain National Monument

Carrizo Plain National Monument is a well-preserved area over 50 miles long and 15 miles across. It is the largest native grassland in California and it paints a picture of what the area would have been looked like before humans settled it. Painted Rock sits in the middle of the park and is one of the best collection of rock art in California. The San Andreas Fault runs through the eastern portion of the park, making some impressive mountains which you can look up at. The area is best visited when the wildflowers are at full bloom ie during the spring.

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6. Lava Beds National Monument

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One of the most unique of all California’s National Monuments, it has over 700 lava tubes throughout the 40,000 acres. The park has developed trails to 20 of them and they all are so unique that it makes for an amazing place to explore. Really it is out of the way when you are driving around California, but it is worth it to see.

7. Fort Ord National Monument

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Fort Ord National Monument encompasses a sweeping landscape of luminous beauty and rich biodiversity in the heart of California’s Central Coast.  In addition to its biological wonders, the area is notable due to its historical significance, including its role in the Spanish settlement of California and in the military training of American soldiers. The monument, designated in 2012, is a world-class destination for hikers, mountain bikers, and outdoor activities who come to enjoy the area’s history and scenic landscapes. 

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8. Cesar Chavez National Monument

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Dedicated to one of the most efficacious Latino Americans in the 20th century, the Cesar Chavez National Monument spotlights the work he did to bring the awareness to the plight of the farm workers. It is situated in Central California and has a museum and grounds you can walk.

9. Giant Sequoia National Monument

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Giant Sequoia National Monument

Giant Sequoia National Monument is a national monument in California which includes over 30 groves that feature these gigantic trees and are not parts of Yosemite, Sequoia or Kings Canyon. The 328,000 acres has no shortage of massive trees, and it is awesome to see so much of these places being protected.

10. Castle Mountains National Monument

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Castle Mountains National Monument

Castle Mountains National Monument has 21,000 acres of land between the Mojave National Preserve and Nevada State Line. Currently, it is only accessible via 4WD vehicles, so there is not a lot the person can visit.

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11. Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument

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Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument is one of the newest National Monuments which includes the mountains from Lake Berryessa north past Clear Lake. There are dozens of campgrounds and miles of trails to explore.

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As explained above, here we have mentioned the list of some famous national monuments in California, which also includes the information regarding the historical monuments in California, you can also check our other articles as they provide you the proper information about California, so kindly read them and don forget to share your views in comment section. 

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