Best Things to Do in Paris at Night

Paris is more beautiful than ever during the night, the kind of place where anything is possible. Have you ever been out in Paris at night in curious to know the things to do in Paris at night? Are you planning a trip to Paris then please don’t try to miss those nights in Paris by wasting on sleeping. Just try to come out and see what things are taking place at night in Paris. Paris is full of stunning architecture and monuments that truly shine when the sun goes down, that’s why it is called the City of Lights. We will tell you here about the Paris at night attractions, things to do in Paris at night with family and many more things.

1. Explore Seine River in Moon-light

Explore Seine River in Moon-light

Explore Seine River in Moon-light

If you are spending only a night in Paris, head to “Paris Most Beautiful Avenue” and walk under the moon along the Seine River’s banks. On your way, you will see some of the main Paris tourist attractions, from Notre Dame Paris to Les Invalides, this time beautifully illuminated. It is difficult not to be in love with Paris after a night stroll like this one. If you are too tired to walk, you can always enjoy a Seine River night cruise.

2. Louvre at Night

Louvre at Night

Louvre at Night

One of the most spectacular places to visit in Paris at night is the Louvre Palace and Museum, with its glowing glass pyramid dominating Cour Napoléon. Visiting the Louvre Museum at night is also a good idea because it tends to be less crowded than during the day. Also, the Louvre artwork, especially the sculptures, looks incredibly beautiful under the moonlight. The Louvre Museum is open at night on Wednesday and Friday until 9.45 pm. You can visit the Louvre Museum for free on the first Saturday night of the month, from 6 pm to 9.45 pm.

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3. Parisian Cabarets at Night

Parisian Cabarets at Night

Parisian Cabarets at Night

Cabaret shows usually include crazy can-can girls but also singing, dancing, singing, and juggling. Most of the cabarets also come with the dinner option or a glass of champagne so you are set for a fun night out in Paris.

4. A night at the Opéra Garnier Paris

 Opéra Garnier Paris

A night at the Opéra Garnier Paris

We suggest arriving well in advance to admire its architecture and rich decoration. Feeling thirsty during the interlude? Then head to the Grand Foyer, grab a glass of champagne and admire this stunning gallery, inspired in the Hall of Mirrors of Versailles Palace. If opera or ballet is not your thing but you don’t want to miss one of the most beautiful attractions in Paris, we recommend the Mysteries of the Opera night tour.

5. Night Photography at Paris

Night Photography at Paris

Night Photography at Paris

A guided Photography in Paris night tour with a professional photographer is always a good idea, especially if you want to improve your photography skills. Apart from their invaluable photo tips, local photographers know the best Paris photo spots at night and how to get the most out of them so you can end your day with really cool shots.

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6. Go Out at Night 

The capital is very fond of dance festivals, the vibrant scene in Paris means there must be something interesting to be seen which includes cultural dance and contemporary. Here you can enjoy the dance which is performed, these fests are much attracted by the visitors because they want to spend their time in proper enjoyable moments. I must tell you that if you are visiting Paris at least once then please try to enjoy those things which you won’t get anywhere.

7. Head to a Cool Rooftop Bar for Dinner, Drinks, and Views 

Some visitors are more interested to enjoy their nights and try to do some interesting things, so for them, Paris is open at night as well. Mostly when the friend circle visits Paris they don’t waste their night sleeping but they just try to move out at night and enjoy those moments. Therefore for such types of groups, there are fine bars through which they can enjoy their drinks. If the visitors are couples then they would be looking for the beautiful and romantic views which they can easily get there. And those views are captured well in the reflection of the night near the Eiffel Tower and Seine river. If any family visits Paris night out they can enjoy their dinner on the rooftops.

8. Montmartre Night Ride on a Vintage Car 

It is one of the most unique and interesting things to do in Paris at night. While going in the vintage car you can enjoy having some drinks, it will be passed through many places like the Seine River and the Eiffel Tower. There are informative drivers for every car through which you need to simply sit at the back seat of the car and relax, enjoy those lovely places, streets at that moment.

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So far we have told you about the things to do in Paris at night, and also we have explained above that how you can enjoy your night in Paris. It’s not necessary that you need to spend lots of money and travel around Paris instead as per your requirements there are some tips through which we let you know what are the free things to do in Paris at night. If you liked our post please like it and you can also comment in the below comment section.

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