Top 10 Things to Buy in London| Best Souvenirs to Buy from London

‘London never ceases to surprise you’ is one of the features you will discover in this city very often. Due to its gradual trends and heavy tourism, people keep on looking for some unique and famous things to buy in London as a takeaway which always keeps this city on the edge of creativity. You might experience a lot of royal and historic traditions and items that will leave you in awe. Hence, it is nearly impossible to stay unimpressed from any of the features of London. Ranging from royal dramas till street arts and cultures you can find your genre of interest in London for sure. The top souvenirs to buy in London can be found especially near the famous landmarks of the city such as Big Ben or Buckingham Palace. But to find out more interesting things to buy in London read out the given below list and find your personal favorite, items to take back from this city. Follow up the given list of top 10 famous items to buy in London.

List of 10 Must-Buy Things in London

1. Umbrella from James Smith & Sons

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Umbrella from James Smith & Sons

London experiences one-third of rainy weathers annually, therefore, you will find umbrellas as one of the main entities to carry around in this city. Hence, the best-styled version of umbrellas is manufactured here out which you can choose your styles. To find out the best things to buy in London you can never exclude their umbrellas therefore to have a fashionable start you can visit James Smith & Sons and find out your elegant solution to escape the rainy weathers of this city. This shop has been crafting extraordinary handmade designs in umbrellas since 1830 in London and their shop at New Oxford Street is still in its old structure having an original Victorian design.

2. Tea from Fortnum & Mason

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Tea from Fortnum & Mason

Yes, don’t be surprised, even England has a huge fan following for ‘tea time’ just like Indians do. The only difference is in their way of serving the tea. These are the popular souvenirs to buy in London if you are also a ‘tea-lover’ otherwise you can gift these items easily as well. You can find all kinds of tea ranging from famous varieties of Chinese tea leaves until the Assam tea from India in London. There is a famous shop situated on Piccadilly, named Fortnum & Mason where you can take an afternoon tea break to experience the relished teas of London or you can pick up a selection of their teas from the department store for your loved ones back at home.

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3. Exclusive Fragrances

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Exclusive Fragrances

If you love to take perfumes instead of hard smelling Deo, then London is the best place for you to shop around. You can get a lot of extraordinary fragrances across UK high streets in London. If you are also struggling with the idea of what to buy in London? especially for your loved one, you can visit the Regent Street boutique in London that offers some unique purchases you can’t get anywhere else. You can get exclusive fragrances, inside coloured beautiful personalised bottles that can even have your scent customised perfumes or a scented candle with an embossed message for your beloved. Such a lovely gift to take back for your partners! If you admire Jo Malone, you will love the Archive Collection and Artisan Studio on Regent Street.

4. Jensen’s Gin

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Jensen’s Gin

Gin is one of the top beverages that is consumed by the drinkers in London usually. This is basically an alcoholic drink that is distilled from the fermentation of juniper berries. Jensen’s has been a very famous brand in London from a very long time and has designed its years into replicating the old-style London gins from the heyday of the gin cocktail. This is one of the only small-batch London Dry gins that is actually produced in London. For all the drinkers, one of the bottles of Jensen’s gin is a must-buy thing in London for sure.

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5. A Hat from Lock & Co.

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

A Hat from Lock & Co.

If you are starting to explore the typical British attire in London then you must begin from the top that always includes hats remarking the most important feature of London’s ancient clothing. And what better place to get this famous thing to buy from London other than the oldest hat shop in the world, Lock & Co. Since this shop was established in 1676 it is the perfect place to admire beautiful hats while surrounded by the rich history of London. You can get some of the most unique designs that have already added character to some of the world’s greatest figures, such as Oscar Wilde and Admiral Lord Nelson by manufacturing their hats. So, buy your new accessory of clothing they sell both male and female designs.

6. Fabric from Liberty of London

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Fabric from Liberty of London

If you want to find the trendiest fashion of British culture you can easily explore it in London. Not only can you watch other beautiful trends-setters wearing the designer accessories and clothing but they also offer you complete transparency for finding out your cut of style. Such incredible dresses are majorly manufactured from the finest quality of fabrics. You can find such fashionable and homeware collections in Liberty London. This shop is best known for its vast range of exquisite fabrics which are heaven for textile-lovers. You can even choose top souvenirs to buy in London among such collections for the fabric connoisseurs back at home. Otherwise, it is a very great opportunity to buy some fabric for your own unique creation.

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7. Football Scarf

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Football Scarf

Since the whole of England has a very heated fanbase that follows Football. In fact, football is considered the most popular sport in British culture from very old times and London is home to some of the greats teams you follow. Ranging from Arsenal, Chelsea till Tottenham all are based in London and own fascinating stadium tours about the history of their iconic clubs, therefore, getting the famous merchandise is the best gift for your football lover friends. Out of such items, a football scarf serves as iconic memorabilia, to take-away or carry around while watching the football matches anywhere in the world.

8. Bespoke Suit from Savile Row

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Bespoke Suit from Savile Row

While admiring the ‘gentleman attire’ of British clothing you can also take this savvy look in the form of their smart suit for a special occasion like a wedding, or any formal meetings and parties. If you want to get some of the best things to buy from London for your male friends then never think anything besides a good-looking suit from Savile Row. The shops on this street have an impeccable taste from a very long time for creating suits that are the cutting-edge of style and will know exactly what length and cut will suit your shape. They offer a measurement alteration on time to make a suit specifically tailored to your body, therefore, try out for your specialised versions.

9. Stinky cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

Stinky cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy

This is one of the best and affordable items that you can buy for your foodie friends. Just because they come under the category of ‘stinky’ doesn’t mean these cheeses taste horrible. In fact, extracting various flavours from ageing of cheese under different bacterias and fungus is one of the oldest art in British culture. If you wonder what is cheaper to buy in London? Then just hop on the Neal’s Yard Dairy in London, which can get you an abundance of numerous stinky cheese varieties in London. Some stinky Taleggio or blue cheese is a worthy gift for any self-respecting food lover.

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10. South Asian Bangles

What to Buy in London, Things to Buy in London

South Asian Bangles

Besides, all the treats and clothing in London one of the famous immigrant cultures that boosted its reach to every British and American home are the South Asian Bangles. These are the best ideas for what souvenirs to buy from London? Especially for your female friends who love to collect accessories. These bangles are traditionally hand-painted glass bangles that make up for a delightful gift and for finding the best of these handicrafts you can visit the Himalaya Palace shopping centre where they serve various pieces of jewellery from South Asian influence including these iconic bangles and fabrics.

I hope you enjoyed these suggestions stating the top 10 things to buy from London that are royal, classic and useful as whenever you wonder what is cheapest to buy in London? You can easily follow up as a par list to provide you with a range of products from the cheapest to expensive. With intricate items from every section ranging from food to fashionable accessories, you can find anything that is trendy and is super intricate in their designs in London through the above-mentioned list. Follow our other blogs for more engaging info like these and don’t forget to comment in our sections below about what more you would like us to write about?

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