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The City of London existed dates back to Roman times. Because of it, there is no shortage of historic attractions and monuments in London to visit. The Tower of London is one of the most impressive, iconic attractions, and one of the most important historic landmarks in London. This historic fortress is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, dating back to 1066 and the Norman Conquests.  It also documents over eight centuries worth of London history from the royal family, to notorious prisoners and politicians. Visit the oldest exhibition in the world, the Line of Kings, to see the armor of the old rulers, as well as the priceless Crown Jewels and Traitor’s Gate. See the legendary ravens hopping around the courtyard, and one of the famous buildings and monuments in London pop into the Jewel Tower. 

List of the Top Monuments and Landmarks  in London

1. Tower of London

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The Tower of London is another one of London’s most famous monuments. It is a remarkable fortress standing majestically on the North Bank of the River Thames. The Tower of London houses several exhibits including the magnificent crown jewels and the coveted Koh-I-Noor, also a highly significant part of England’s history. Also worth a watch is the Ceremony of the Keys, the locking up of the towers, which has been performed every night from the past 800 years. The ceremony is extremely popular among foreign tourists, as such; it is advised to book tickets well in advance.

2. Buckingham Palace

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

Your trip to London is incomplete without a visit to the Queen’s residence. If you happen to be in London during the summers, you can tour the 19 State Rooms, magnificently decorated with some of the greatest treasures from the Royal collection. The Picture Gallery features works by Rembrandt, Van Dyck and Canaletto. Be a part of the famous British ceremony of Changing the Guard that takes place outside the Buckingham Palace. From May to July it takes place daily and on alternate days from August to March at 11:30 am. The monuments of London can’t be left without it. Reach early so that you can catch this wonderful spectacle of the choreographed marching of the guards in their bright red uniforms and bearskin hats.

3. Trafalgar Square 

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The lively Trafalgar Square is in many ways the center of London, playing host to a variety of activities including celebrations like the Royal Wedding, Olympics One-year-to-go celebrations, Chinese New Year and St. Patrick’s Day; filming and photography; and rallies and marches. It is one of the most famous monuments in London. At the center is the 52 meters high Nelson’s Column, standing since 1843, and guarded by four gigantic lion statues at its base. Christmas in Trafalgar Square is an experience in itself with caroling and festive events centered around the majestic Christmas Tree, an annual gift from the people of Oslo, as a ticket of gratitude for British support during World War II.

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4. Stonehenge

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

You’ll always be awestruck by them, no matter how many times you see the mighty circle of stones rising from the Salisbury Plain, The most famous historical monument in London.  In the late Neolithic period in around 2500 BC, it was destroyed.  Along with nearby Avebury, Stonehenge is now part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mystery of why and how the enormous sarsen stones and smaller bluestones were transported and erected here has fascinated people for centuries and will continue to.

5. St Paul’s Cathedral

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

St Paul’s Cathedral, historic sites in London a beacon of London’s enduring spirit.  During the Blitz, Sir Christopher Wren’s graceful cathedral famously stood strong. The original Gothic cathedral was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666 then Wren’s domed structure replaced. Inside, you can climb up 259 steps to the Whispering Gallery within the dome’s interior, or dare to venture up to the Golden Gallery on the outside for sensational city views.

6. The Houses of Parliament

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The Houses of Parliament is the political epicenter of England. It is considered as one of the most famous historical sites in England. It was sat here in some form since the 11th century when Danish King Cnut built a palace on the river. In its 900-year history, it has been the site of infamous trials (William Wallace and Sir Thomas More), survived the notorious the gunfire plot, and be the focus of pivotal political rallies such as those by the Suffragette Movement.  After a huge fire destroyed the previous palace in 1834 the current Palace of Westminster was designed by architect Sir Charles Barry.

7. Tower Bridge

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The fantasy turrets on the scaffold that stretches from the Tower of London to the Shad Thames on the South Bank have made it one of London’s most conspicuous structures. It was worked in the late 1800s and top historical landmarks in London, it’s available to the two vehicles and people on foot. These days there’s a historical center in the towers and you can visit the Victorian motor rooms just as respect the perspectives from its significant level walkways including a glass segment. 

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8. Hampton Court Palace

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

Hampton Court Palace, famous historic monuments in London is situated on the banks of the Thames in west London. This beautiful palace was originally the home of Cardinal Wolsey in the early 16th century than Henry transformed it into a grand Tudor palace. Get a look at what life resembled in his court in the embroidered artwork clad Great Hall and find the luxurious dinners they devoured in the splendidly reestablished Great Kitchens. At one point, they served up to 1,600 meals a day. The gorgeous gardens including the Great Vine and the Maze.

9. Nelson’s Column

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

This amazing structure is set in Trafalgar Square. The Nelson’s Column commemorates Admiral Nelson’s victory in the Battle of Trafalgar. The 1805 navy battle was fought between French led by Napoleon and Spanish fleets versus the British. Admiral Nelson was killed in that battle. You can visit his ship HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Now it is counted among the famous monuments in London.

10. Wellington Arch and Marble Arch

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

Emperor Napoleon faced defeat in 1815 by the Duke of Wellington also known as Iron Duke at the Battle of Waterloo following the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar. This is one of the historical monuments in London. The Wellington Arch, on the southeast corner of Hyde Park, and Marble Arch, on the northeast corner, commemorates Britain’s victories in the Napoleonic Wars. Chelsea apartment rental called the Wellington, London Perfect also has a gorgeous.

11. Cenotaph

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

English architect Edwin Lutyens designed many memorials in post-war Britain, and the Cenotaph in Whitehall is one of his most famous among them. Cenotaph is considered one of the most popular monuments in London. Every year on Remembrance Day that is celebrated on November 11, the end of WWI.  The Queen, politicians and other ambassadors lay wreaths at the memorial. On this day, two minutes of silence are observed and red poppies are worn.

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12. Battle of Britain Monument

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The Battle of Britain Monument honors the crucial aerial battle when the Germans tried to invade Britain in WWII in 1940. The Brits were successful thanks to brave troops and British-designed aircraft like the Spitfire and Hurricane. The glory of this amazing history makes it one of the top monuments in London. 

13. The Victoria Memorial

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The Victoria Memorial is one of London’s best monuments that honor Queen Victoria. It is set in front of Buckingham Palace. In 1837 at the age of 18, she became queen. Victoria reigned for 64 years. The Victorian Age marks heyday for the British Empire. It covered India, Australia, and also large parts of Africa and governed over 400 million people. This year, you can celebrate Queen Victoria’s 200th anniversary, and you always can rent out her namesake London Perfect apartment.

14. Crimean War Memorial

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The imposing Crimean War Memorial in St. James’s commemorates Britain, Turkey and France’s victory against Russia in 1853-1856. This war memorial is definitely deserved amongst the famous monuments in London, England. For the first time, the worldwide media extensively covered the war. It was also when Queen Victoria introduced the Victoria Cross medal of valor. Famous nurse (and Brit, though she was born in Italy), Florence Nightingale also treated soldiers in this war. There is a statue of her just a few yards away.

15. Peter Pan Statue

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

Kensington Gardens, a favorite of author JM Barrie, plays home to the enchanting Peter Pan statue. Such as the stunning Kensington Court, there are plenty of London Perfect apartments around Kensington. Here’s how to live it up in Kensington. Also, here’s how to enjoy the perfect day in Kensington. Its unique history makes it famous statues in London. 

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16. Charles I Statue

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The equestrian statue of Charles I at Charing Cross honors an interesting monarch. Like his father James I, Charles I believed in the “Devine Right of Kings.” He actually managed to rule without Parliament for eleven years. This marks the start of the English Civil war when the king and his supporters known as the Cavaliers, fought against the Parliament (the Roundheads). This famous statue in London England was large because of disagreements about reforms in the Church of England and also the growing rebellions in Catholic Ireland and Scotland.

17. Boudicca Monument

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

The Romans ruled Britain for about 400 years. This started in AD 43 when Emperor Claudius invaded, before then in 55 BC Julius Caesar led a Roman invasion, but it was unsuccessful. Later, when Emperor Claudius invaded, the British tribes resisted. Boudicca, queen of the Iceni in what is now northern England, was one of the tribal leaders who fought against the Romans. She is remembered via a statue on Westminster Bridge by the Houses of Parliament. If you want to know more about it definitely deserves in monuments to see in London.

18. Oliver Cromwell Statue

Monuments in London, landmarks of London England

Charles I lost the battle (Battle of Marston Moor and Naseby) and Parliament eventually executed him. This brings us to our next statue. There was no monarch with Charles I out of the running. England officially became a republic called the Commonwealth and become one of the important monuments in London.  It stayed this way for eleven years under the rule of one of the army’s generals, Oliver Cromwell (also known as Lord Protector). There’s a statue of Cromwell outside of the House of Commons, that’s why it is counted in one of the monuments in London England.

So far we have discussed the famous monuments, historic sites and landmarks in London, which contains the proper information regarding all the top monuments in London. I hope you might have loved reading this article and if you love to know more about London then kindly head to our other articles as well which will help you to get knowledge about London.

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