Discover Why the Maldives famous For | What’s popular in the Maldives?

Maldive is well known for its heavy tourism traffic in the entire world due to its exotic beaches and resorts lying nearby the beaches. When the summers are on the brim and you have a whole new vacation to plan, try this small island country(which isn’t that small) in the Southwest of India and Sri Lanka washed up by the Arabian sea of Indian Ocean. You might never find such an affordable package of beaches, resorts and various other cultural trips anywhere in the world other than in the Maldives. Apart from being the beach nation for the entire world, you can explore the Maldive’s most famous places through our given list of landmarks or let’s say ‘under-watermarks’ in the Maldives. With more than 1000 beautiful islands and 26 coral atolls, you will find the best seafood cuisine and a plethora of century-old traditions that enlists the Maldives as most popular to visit among all the vacation spots in the world.

The Maldives is Famous For the Following Reasons 

1. Beaches

Maldives’s famous for, Maldive’s well known for, Maldive’s most famous for, the Maldives as most popular to visit

The Maldives are world-famous for their white sand beaches with vast bluish-green Indian Ocean kissing the horizons to brush the spectacular sunsets with orange hues, vermillion reds and a bright yellow spark of the sun. These amazing beaches of Maldives are washed up by the calmer waves in the mornings.  The Maldives’s best-known twilight hours are blissful and mesmerizing to watch infused with a thousand hues of red, orange and purple creating a magical aura all around the shores. You can redefine your romantic vacations under the gazillion stars of the Maldives.

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2. National Museum

The Maldives are world-famous for, Maldives’s popular place to visit

The general stereotypes of only water sport activities in the Maldives are beautifully tarnished by a large collection of historic artifacts in the Maldives’s famous National Museum.  The museum traces the history of the Maldivian Islands along with meticulously preserved galleries and artifacts of weaponry, household wares, religious paraphernalia, Arabic and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood and more. Major highlights are the 11th-century piece from Alifu Thoddoo, a coral stone head of Lord Buddha(famous Hollywood movies are built around the stealing thrillers of this artifact); a 13th century engraved wooden plank from Hukuru Miskiiy and Feyli Kolhu. They open the museum every day, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. (excluding Fridays)


3. Architectural Heritages

Maldives’s famous for, Maldive’s well known for, Maldive’s most famous for, the Maldives as most popular to visit

The major tourist attraction exploring the cultural landmarks of Maldives never miss visiting the Grand Friday Mosque at the Islamic Centre becoming the skyline of Male through its spectacular golden dome and artistic wood carvings on the walls depicting various verses from the Holy book of Qur’an. Their library collection is the largest in the Maldives. Some other famous mosques include the Ihavandhoo Friday Mosque, Male Eid Mosque, Isdhoo Old Mosque and Fenfushi Friday Mosque which are splendid examples of ancient coral stonework. The Maldives’s popular place to visit always includes Hukuru Miskiiy which has an intricate lacquer work on its walls. A major flood of Tsunami in 2004 lead to the establishment of great architecture in the Maldives which is a memorial to all the people who were taken away by this flood. Among tourists, this place is best for surfers for surfing over the strong waves of the Indian ocean.

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4. Bioluminescent Water Under The Stars

The Maldives are world-famous for, Maldives’s popular place to visit

You can never miss out on these magical creatures if you ever visit the Maldives. Even some great movies have shown these places as a destination for the last wishlist of people’s life(wonder the glowing pearls in movie Villain!those are real but not pearls!). You can check out the Maldives’s most famous Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll to see the literal translation of ‘Taare Zameen Par’ or ‘Stars on the Ground’ which are actually the phytoplankton of dinoflagellates class emitting the luminescent toxins with the movement of the waves as their defense mechanism to keep the fishes and other creatures away(Weird! For hiding you are actually glowing yourself out from the ambiance). Even by walking or agitating the water you can make them illuminate more(some organisms do blow up when you agitate them!)


5. Spa Therapies 

Maldives’s famous for, Maldive’s well known for, Maldive’s most famous for, the Maldives as most popular to visit

The beach culture of the Maldives and the huge amount of tourism acquired by it every year harbors other sectors to provide complete vacation facilities out of which spa and massages rank on the top list of such amenities. You can enjoy the massages inside seaside cabanas but if they are booked heavily you can try the Huvafen Fushi where the relaxing, pampered reiki of the masseuse will ease all your body’s pain and stress. Maldives’s well-known Kuda Huraa offers transparent floor panels in their treatment rooms showing the marine life underwater, while the relaxing massages get over along with a ginger tea to enjoy the luxury at its best.

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6. Dive with the Sharks

 Maldives’s famous for, Maldive’s well known for, Maldive’s most famous for, the Maldives as most popular to visit

Don’t get startled, it’s not that dangerous as you think. The majestic and enormous whale sharks along with the smaller sized reef sharks lurk peacefully into the Indian Ocean’s crystal clear water, in fact, you can spot them easily from your yacht or water boat and travel alongside the sharks with the help of various experienced tour guides who dive with them so often that they have more shark friends now than normal human friends. Along with such beauty, you can never miss the Maldives best-known vibrant manta rays, sea turtles, barracuda, and bright colored marine fishes all swimming underwater showcasing their tempting colors in the easily visible crystal clear water of the ocean


7. Dive into the Coral reefs

The Maldives are world-famous for, Maldives’s popular place to visit

The coral reef expedition has a whole new set of tourist attractions in Maldive’s famous places. If you wonder What is Maldives famous for? Then these corals will always enlist this country on top. They have a long stretch of thousands of different species of coral reefs that provide a stunning view from the sky rides and a much closer experience fills another energy into the divers through coral reef’s vibrant bold colors. You can even try snorkeling near the beaches for getting a fine glimpse of coral reefs or visit Kuda Huraa for its warm water that does not need you to wear a wetsuit while diving underwater.

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8. The Cuisine

Maldives best-known What the Maldives is famous for?, Why Maldive is popular

Maldive’s passionate cuisine of myriad seafood will surprise you with its top-notch flavors. An incredible freshness of Maldivian meals is a fine remark for all of the cuisines served in the country. If you still wonder- Why the Maldives are popular? Try Maldivian Curry with Tuna by the placid blue lagoon or Garudhiya (fish soup) accompanied by lime, chili, rice, curry leaves, onions, and coconut your soul will answer. Such an exotic place offers Mashumi Roshi Tuna and Chapati, Hedhika Tuna, egg, potato and coconut as the Maldive’s most famous meals to try. Don’t miss the street food Mas Kashi which is a  dried fish served along with mango and coconut


Enjoy these famous destinations of the Maldives in your upcoming summers with an affordable range of packages only available at this amazing island which has some of the most famous architectures, museums and obviously beaches to fire up your summer vacations. The Maldives’s famous underwater dives exploring the adorable aquatic fauna of the oceans is just a never-ending experience in the sunny weather. The classic range of the cocktails and various other summer drinks fill up your summers with the zesty vibe along with sun-basking and water surfing in the turquoise crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea.

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