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Jerusalem is one the oldest cities in the world according to various theologies located in modern-day Israel and owns a special holy status among the three monotheistic religions- Judaism, Christianity and Islam signifying Why Jerusalem is famous in the whole world?  This is a plateau region located in the Judean Mountains between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea which are one of Jerusalem’s famous places around the whole country of Israel. This city always troubles for being the capital of either Israel and Palestine, while the government of Israel maintains their primary governmental institutions here and Palestine ultimately foresees it as its seat of power, however, neither of the countries ever completely land over a peaceful treaty for capital retribution. Jerusalem was named as Urusalim on ancient Egyptian tablets, probably meaning “City of Shalem” but its most commonly called out by Palestinians as القُدس transliterated as al-Quds and meaning “The Holy” or “The Holy Sanctuary”.

Jerusalem is Famous Due to Following Reasons

1.Unique desserts

 islamic landmarks in jerusalem, old city of Jerusalem, jerusalem jewish quarter

Along with extraordinary monuments, this city has some delicious cuisines inspired by the Middle Eastern and Arab regions. These cuisines are so odd sometimes that they might make you rethink all your tastes with their respective dishes. Such as the famous foods in Jerusalem can never be complete without the inclusion of sweet dishes from Jerusalem. If I ask you how the normal Halwa would taste like? You can easily answer if you belong from the middle eastern regions of the world or from Asian origins but have you ever tasted a coffee-flavored Halwa? A big No right! Yes, a place in Jerusalem offers over 100 different flavors of Halwa including coconut, pecan, poppy seed, pistachio, coffee, etc. all of which are among the best foods in Jerusalem prepared with the same old Ethiopian methods and grounded manually with the millstones. What better name can be of such a place than stating it as The Halwa Kingdom(which is even its original name).

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2. Unique seas

islamic landmarks in jerusalem, old city of Jerusalem, jerusalem jewish quarter, Jerusalem jewish history,

A name given to one of the neighboring seas around Jerusalem is often suggestive of ironical facts about the sea as well. A dead sea in Jerusalem is one the saltiest sea around the world formed by a rift in Earth’s crust and it’s believed to have the lowest point of earth. Even being named Dead sea practically you can never die from drowning in this sea as the high concentration of salt in the sea provides such an extreme amount of buoyancy to the sea that you might float on its surface even if you don’t move your legs or hands for swimming. A sea which is dead in itself that you can never die in it is another reason Why Jerusalem is famous worldwide?

3. Religious significance

Why jerusalem is famous, dead sea in Jerusalem, landmarks of jerusalem, islamic landmarks in jerusalem

Jerusalem is the holiest city for which religions? is answered below with a quick and easy synopsis for explaining the holy significance of this city in different religious groups.

  • Why is Jerusalem special among Christians? Jerusalem in the bible is known for being the city (as considered by Christians) which was the place where Jesus Christ preached, was crucified, and buried at the end.
  • Why is Jerusalem special among Jews? Jewish people believe that Jerusalem’s Jewish history signifies most of their religious temples housed here like Temple Mount which keeps their Ark of Covenant safe and once Jerusalem had the shrines which were the religious centers for their entire community.
  • Why is Jerusalem special among Muslims? Islam says in their holy book Quran that Jerusalem was the place from where Prophet Muhammad ascended to heaven in his enigmatic night journey to meet God and then returned at the same place marking a significant Islamic landmark in Jerusalem for the Muslim community.

After this information about Jerusalem, you can picture the conflicting past and troubled present of this city but all of these hustles also maintain the variety of Jerusalem’s famous places having amazing monumental and deeply historical architectures with mysterious stories behind their construction or discovery.

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4. Religious Temples

 islamic landmarks in jerusalem, old city of Jerusalem, jerusalem jewish quarter

Haram Al-Sharif (Temple Mount) temple is located at the Hilltop site also known as the Noble Sanctuary. This temple comprises of  Islamic, Christian & Jewish structures in its borders. This place is considered as Jerusalem’s most famous place which has two different interesting religious stories for its discovery. The Jews believe that this place was a sacrificing ground for the son of the most respected person in their community- Abraham(father of all three monotheistic faiths) who obeyed this task believing that it was a signal from God for him. This story is also tabulated by the Islam in their holy book Quran with some minute changes along with that they also quote it was the same place from where their beloved Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) ascended to heaven for a meeting with God. This place is located on a mountain and covers the area with a plaza holding a glittery golden Dome of the Rock which is the most iconic landmark around the world.This place also confines a mosque named- Al-Aqsa Mosque which is considered as one of the oldest mosques in the world stating it among the top landmarks in Jerusalem

5. Armenian Quarter

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This place is in the southern direction from the Citadel. The Armenian Patriarchate Road is among the main streets of Armenian Quarters. This famous place in Jerusalem induces the beauty of Armenian history in  Jerusalem to another level. Armenians have been part of the community in Jerusalem since the 5th century. Some arrived later in Ottoman era and during the 20th century when most of the  Armenians were massacred in Turkey. It can be perhaps the most popular place among the fewer Armeninans living here in the Armeninan Quarter having narrow lanes with St. James Cathedral and St. Mark’s Chapel in their way.

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6. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Why jerusalem is famous, dead sea in Jerusalem, landmarks of jerusalem, islamic landmarks in jerusalem

It is a church located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem which dates back to the 11th century. It is considered as Jerusalem’s holiest site with two most crucial moments that occurred according to the Christians’ Bible and Gospel. First being the place for Jesus crucifixion termed as Calvary or Golgotha, second the place for burial and resurrection of Jesus marking it among the Jerusalem’s popular places in Israel. The site for the church was picked by Empress Helena – mother to Constantine the Great.

This church is also the ending point for the famous Via Dolorosa pilgrimage when all the pilgrims start to march from Muslim Quarter and walk till here. All the ending five stations lie within the boundaries of the sepulchre church. On Fridays, the highly respected Popes complete the pilgrimage along with thousands of other Christian pilgrims. 

7. Wailing Wall and Jewish Quarter

islamic landmarks in jerusalem, old city of Jerusalem, jerusalem jewish quarter, jerusalem jewish history,

This place was originally erected as part of the expansion of the Second Jewish Temple begun by Herod the Great but this part of the temple in Old City of Jerusalem was destroyed during the Israeli-Arab fighting in 1948 and rebuilt since then. In Fact, it is known as the Wailing Wall means crying with pain, grief or anger wall due to such reasons of destruction in 70 AD. This place is substantial for the pilgrimage among the Jewish people since Ottomnan era. It also acquires the major historic attraction of famous Jerusalem Archaeological Park, at the southern end of the Western Wall Plaza from here. This place is considered the holiest place for Jews because they believe in its connection with the Temple Mount. This popular place in Jerusalem’s Jewish quarter is traditionally used by the Jewish community for praying. The well known practised form of placing the paper slips written with prayers into the cracks of the wall is one of the forms of worshiping by the jews in this area.

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There are even more mysterious and magical folk tales which you can hear from the local people in Jerusalem and search for their proofs in the city. Jerusalem’s famous places are even filled with lots of secret routes, tunnels and caves, stated by most of the travelers after visiting Jerusalem Some even confirm to find such places in the different popular landmarks of Jerusalem(Do take safe instructions from guides before pursuing this revelation of Jerusalem’s secrets journey on your own.)

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