Top 12 Beaches in New York | Famous Beaches in New York

New York is best known for its exotic tourism and top Hollywood life all around the world. This city sits at the junction of Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean hence guarantee of best-known beaches in New York state along with top-themed park journeys, featuring elements attracting lots of tourists every year. There are various exciting beach activities available at the New York city’s beaches that are flourished with fine coarse sand and sunny shores. All these fabulous qualities make it even harder which beach to explore first in NYC therefore, I mention a list of 12 top beaches to visit in New York which is well equipped with better lodging and water sport activities to enhance your experiences tenfold and grant you the best luxury of relaxed and peaceful moments. 

List of Beaches in New York

1. Coney Island

Famous Beaches in New York

Coney island

If you want to experience a typical New Yorker time then this is one of the best beaches in New York to spend your vacations. You can either go on the boardwalk or just enjoy your time talking on the beach while lying calmly to sunbathe. For decades, people have enjoyed the old Ferris Wheel as well as the roller coaster and food stalls nearby this beach but the place separated by the boardwalk from the sea weaves a great atmosphere for all kinds of beachgoers to relax and carry out their individual fun activities without any disturbances. 

Address: Brooklyn, NY, USA

2. Brighton Beach

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Brington beach

This beach is locally referred to as ‘’Little Odessa”, due to the Russian shops in the neighborhood regions where you can get all kinds of souvenirs and foreign items for your shopping. This is a quieter place than any other popular beaches of New York and owns very few people around the area making itself one of the best places to hang out especially for isolation seeking people. As there are more open spaces you can calmly layout in the relaxed atmosphere without any regular disturbance. Along with that, you get quiet cafes that serve food and drink according to your preferences as well.

Address: Brooklyn, Near Manhattan Beach NY, USA

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3. Long Beach

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Long beach

This beach holds a drastic past as it was hit by Hurricane Sandy a few years ago which was a very rare event because hurricanes usually hit in the southern region of the mainland USA. Still, the beach corporation has maintained the land again for travelers and local beach lovers just that they now charge a small fee for entrance. This New York City beach is the best hangout joint for youngsters hence don’t forget to bring your gang of friends here for extra fun. But there are some promotions which include access as well as the transport costs to get into this beach where you won’t be paying for the entrance fees. This beach has one of the finest quality of the surfing zones so don’t miss out if you love to surf. 

Address: Boardwalk, Long Beach, NY 11561, United States

4. Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan beach

Another quieter beach in New York that is usually isolated and not too many people hang out at this stretch of sand. But you can still sustain your energy and relax over the fine coarse sand surrounded by wild vegetation.  Manhattan owns generally calm waters hence its completely safe if you do decide to go on for a dip.

Address: Brooklyn, Near Brighton Beach NY, USA

5. Midland Beach

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Midland beach

This beach is very popular among travelers and it serves the local neighborhood primarily, with plenty of activities and tourists coming to this landmark. If you want to add an extra touch of adventure and excitement then you can follow up on the promising culture of handball and shuffleboard that are considered as the two of the favourite sports in this region. You get a wide boardwalk that encourages cyclists and people who want to jog or take a relaxed stroll in the evening a great thrust. This is a must-visit beach in New York that every traveler must explore once. You can take a booked car or use local transport to reach this beach.

Address: Father Capodanno Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305, United States

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6. Jacob Riis Park Beach

Famous Beaches in New York

Jacob Riis Park Beach

This beach is also referred to as ‘’the People’s Beach’’ due to its people-friendly facilities that offer plenty of activities, including yoga and soccer to its visitors. Besides any other top beach in New York, this beach is best for all party animals as you can never find such wild parties in any other region of NYC. There is also a special beach bazaar that has an established market where people come to be entertained, eat, and shop.

Address: 157 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Rockaway Park, NY 11694, United States

7. Fort Tilden Beach

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Fort Tilden Beach

This three-mile stretch of clean sand, trees, and grassy dune beach is the regular hotspot for residents especially on weekends in the summer but apart from that, you can spend perfect leisure time at this beach without any worry. People might administer crowded zone during the summer season but this famous beach in New York can easily accommodate the traffic. Just be aware of your safety and items as there are no lifeguards to give you a complete liberating experience. So remember you are on your own. Since Fort Tilden Beach is nearly inaccessible via subway or car therefore biking there is the best option. 

Address: Center Rd, Queens, NY 11697, United States

8. Rockaway Beach

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Rockaway Beach

This beach is best for the swimmer and the waves are in perfect momentum to not thrust you over the shores with their strong bolting force. But not only great swimming is featured from this beach in New York City but on the days when the waves are a little bigger, you can surf endlessly as well. With a very clean beach, despite its popularity, this beach shows its great potential in the maintenance and beautification of the region. For reaching this beloved spot you can catch a train to Rockaway, ferry or get on the beach buses.

Address: Queens, NY USA

9. Cherry Grove

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Cherry Grove Beach

If you do support the LGBTQ culture and want to see the flourished new world free from restriction laws for the respective community then visiting this popular New York city’s beach will be a great idea. A gay and lesbian crowd has rocked the ferry to spend their time at this serene hamlet. This place is accessible only through wooden walkways hence make sure you are wearing your top comfortable shoes. There are also plenty of clubs, bars and restaurants tucked among the nearby cottages to increase your beach experience and tempt you to stay ‘a little longer’.  In the idyllic town, murals and mosaics cover the walls, reflecting the skills of artistic people.

Address: Fire Island, NY, USA

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10. Jones Beach

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Jones Beach

One of the massive six-mile expanses of this long beach in New York is a well-manicured sandy oasis that is supremely ideal for families. With wide-area, more activities and facilities are also offered that you will not get on any other beach in the city. Ranging from minigolf, ball courts, shuffleboard, and even a swimming pool till music fiends you will be delivered all kinds of luxurious accommodations that will make your vacations more relaxing and fun. You might realise later that even the bathhouses of this beach are Art Deco-inspired.

Address: New York, USA

11. Orchard Beach

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Orchard Beach

This is the only public beach in the New York City area that is spanning 1.1 miles and 115 acres in areas and is notable for its unique crescent shape and stunning views of City Island. This famous beach was created by Robert Moses in the 1930s and it still remains one of the most popular beaches in New York. There are two picnic spots and 26 courts for basketball, volleyball, and handball to chill out and have fun with your buddies in the summers of NYC.

Address: The Bronx, NY 10464, United States

12. Montauk

Famous Beaches in New York

Montauk Beach

Lying at the extreme end of South Fork on Long Island this beach to visit in New York is one of the wonderful zones of the city that has very fewer travelers following this destination. As very least people are bothered to visit and explore this top destination you can expect a great isolated beach time at this place which is far away from the crowds on this peninsula. Surfing is a fairly good sport practiced at this beach and those who make the commitment to spend a weekend at Montauk are unlikely to be disappointed for sure.

Address: Montauk, NY 11954 USA

All the above-mentioned beaches of New York are best in providing exquisite adventures and relaxing accommodations to supremely enhancing your beach fun. So if you don’t wanna sweep through all those boring tours and travel pamphlets on your own just go through the mentioned list of top 12 beaches in NYC that sustain all the relevant information regarding the famous beaches of NYC and help you in finding out the best beaches which are offering top fun and relaxation at the best prices. Follow our other blogs for more useful information about traveling and please share and comment on your valuable views in reckon to this article. 

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