Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Singapore | Best Beaches in Singapore

Singapore is best known for its exotic tourism all around the world. Singaporean islands not only offer best-themed park journeys but also offer various interesting underwater activities to enjoy the vacations at their best. The famous beaches of Singapore are incredible with their white sand and sunny shores and anyone can expect a great luxury of soothing winds rolling by the frequent tides on every beach of Singapore’s islands. But the whole country in itself is a bigger tourism magnet therefore, it’s easy to be baffled by numerous beaches here. Hence, we mention Singapore’s top beaches to visit which are well equipped with better lodging and water sport activities to enhance your experiences tenfold and grant you the best luxury of relaxed and peaceful moments. 

List of Beaches in Singapore

1. Coney Island 

Best Beaches in Singapore

coney island

If your dream couple vacations land on a romantic beach night then, this popular beach in Singapore is the best chance to make that fantasy real. This beach is visited by a lot of couples looking for a romantic escape amidst serene ambiance. You can enjoy the peaceful secluded nature and amazing panoramic sights along with rusty trails at Coney Island. This beach will surely make you fall in love with its gorgeous beauty. There are other adventurous sports that you can enjoy with your partner such as water sports, spotting wild creatures or cycling together in the early morning.

2. Sembawang Park

Best Beaches in Singapore

Sembawang Park

This park confides one of the popular beaches of Singapore located on the seaside overlooking the Strait of Johor. It also provides very peaceful and natural beaches in Singapore that you can visit for relaxing and loosening your stress. You can easily escape the hustles of the city on your day out at this top beach in Singapore. Relaxing under the warm sun and enjoying the cool breeze while glancing at others indulged in water sports is the best time to ease out at this place in Singapore.

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3. Pulau Ubin

Best Beaches in Singapore

Pulau Ubin

This is an island that offers complete seclusion from the bustling world of the country through its tranquil beaches and awesome servicing. You can also experience the pleasures of simple village life as there are a lot of locals residing on this island. Pulau Ubin welcomes every tourist with the same enthusiasm. There are several sports which you can opt to while staying for longer times. Such adventurous sports include rental bikes, walkways, souvenir shops, restaurants, local eateries, cycle paths. Besides, all these you can also visit Jawa Visitor Centre for viewing jetty.

4. Kusu Island

Best Beaches in Singapore

Kusu Island

If you have a love for exploring sanctuaries and watching wildlife in its purest forms then this beach in Singapore can be the best companion for such errands in the country. This beach houses several sanctuaries that hold hundreds of turtles that come over the beach for mating and then return again to the sea. However, the most attractive feature of this island is its pristine beaches that you would love to explore. Natural beauty wreaths around these beaches in the form of luscious green trees, colorful sky, clear waters, and white pearl-like sand. You can visit the Turtle sanctuary, cabanas, beach shelters, paved paths, and a few eateries around this region.

5. Changi Beach

Best Beaches in Singapore

Changi Beach

One of the most popular beaches among families, fitness freaks, and leisure lovers. This is one of the best beaches in Singapore that people flock here extremely to either lounge around on the beach or jog on the mystic trails of Changi Beach Park. This beach offers various adventurous activities that can enlighten the fun in any family-get-together. You can do camping, beach barbeques, paved walking trail, and let your children chill in the children’s playground and shelters provided by the beach facilities.

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6. Punggol Beach

Best Beaches in Singapore

Punggol Beach

Most of the people love to visit a beach that is free from any annoying vendors or excessive tourists popping from every corner of the sand. Therefore, you can ease out as Punggol beach is one of the unexplored beaches of Singapore that is very popular among the locals. A new traveler doesn’t know much about this place hence, you can chill out at this place without any extra traffic of people and noise over the beach. This place is well-connected to the main city by MRT shuttle and bus so that you can easily reach this wonderful destination. The fine sand expanse is perturbed by the huge boulders rocks making it a blissful sight at dawn and dusk. There is also a jetty station, walking trail, an eatery, and proper signboards for exploring the place.

7. Tanjong Beach

Best Beaches in Singapore

Tanjong Beach

This beach is hidden on the south coast of Sentosa and it is blessed with a beautiful crescent-shaped beachline that is nourished with shallow warm water, tropical palm trees, and glittering white sand. How can anyone leave this fabulous place out of their vacation stay? It is the ultimate party destination as well, therefore, if you like to take your bachelor friends for some real fun at the beach this is your spot. Every fortnight Tanjong Beach Club organizes fun-night beach parties to enjoy. You get a great package from an amazing collection of various beach facilities such as beachside swimming pool, cabanas, loungers, shelters, rental bikes, and deck chairs provided at Tanjong. This is a must-visit beach in Singapore that you should visit.

8. Siloso Beach 

Best Beaches in Singapore

siloso beach

If you wanna enjoy beaches for free then Siloso is your jam to play around. This is a public beach in Singapore that attracts lots of tourists every year. This beach is always buzzing with activities, it is never a dull moment at Siloso beach in Singapore. You can always find people that can match up with your favourite activity at the beach whether it is partying, dancing, canoeing, playing volleyball or horse riding around the beach.

9. Pulau Hantu Island

Best Beaches in Singapore

Pulau Hantu Island

One of the hot zones of the country which is hidden away in the urban settings to provide you, a fresh and modern vibe of the beaches. Pulau Hantu Island is a picturesque island located in the southern region of Singapore. This is one of the most-visited beaches in Singapore where anyone can enjoy a number of fun activities such as snorkeling, fishing, camping, and scuba diving in Singapore. This beach is also referred to as Ghost Island which comprises two ghost islets Pulau Hantu Besar  (Big Ghost Island) and Pulau Hantu Kechil (Little Ghost Island).

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10. Sisters Island

Best Beaches in Singapore

sister island

As the name suggests this beach to visit in Singapore is a group of two Singaporean islands named Big Sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Laut and the Little sister’s Island aka Pulau Subar Darat Sister Islands. These two popular beaches are separated by a water channel and have numerous mystical stories latched to them attracting more travelers to find out how much truth lies in such stories? Colorful starfish, swimming, snorkeling, and camping are some of the top activities to carry out at this beach.

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All the above-mentioned beaches are best in providing exquisite cuisines and water sports to enhance your vacation experiences. You don’t wanna sweep through all the boring tours and travel books on your own. Therefore, the curated information regarding the top beaches of Singapore here can aid a lot when people are new into the region and don’t help them find out the best beaches which are acceptable to be customized accordingly. Hence the above-mentioned guide will help you save your money and let you select the perfect beaches in Singapore on your priorities and budget. 

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