Discover Why Tokyo is famous For | What Tokyo is Known for

Tokyo is the top urban city in Japan which has an amazing collection of all the scenery, foods and complex transport systems. Along with technical pinnacle zones Tokyo is best known for the famous landmarks in Tokyo, Japan which even includes the famous gardens and parks having the exotic breeds of flowers that blooms over trees. This city is as populated as any other country from Europe but the firm administration of Tokyo’s well-known government put all the aspects in a well-disciplined manner. Even the frequent earthquakes now don’t even bother any of the civilians of this city as all the backups are always ready to protect the people from any future damages. So, here is the list of top 10 reasons for discovering Why Tokyo is famous? worldwide.

Tokyo is Famous Due to the Following Reasons

1. Shrines & Temples

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Shrines & Temples

Meiji-jingū is Tokyo’s famous shrine which was built on the deified memory of Emperor Meiji and his wife. By a general view, you might not expect the people of Tokyo to be so religious but they follow a strict routine to pay their respects and worship their deities. On the eve of a new year, Japanese usually visit a Shinto shrine to prepare for the worship out of which this shrine is the heavily visited shrine during those times. This shrine displays the refined features of Japanese wooden art. There are several other shrines and temples which are visited by the local people on a regular basis to pray for peace and success. Some of those popular places in Tokyo are Sensō-Ji (famous Buddhist temple), Zōjō-Ji (funerary temple for the Tokugawa shogunate) which has the world-famous 17th-century gate and bell(you might have noticed in a lot of Japanese movies) and Inokashira Benzaiten sanctuary.

2. Gardens and parks

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Gardens and parks

By the heavy population ratio, it might be hard to imagine free spaces in Japan but Tokyo offers some the most adorable gardens and themed parks which are based on Japanese soft designs and pastel color themes. Out of those famous Tokyo is best known for Kiyosumi-teien Garden- A former villa pleasure garden that owns the sculptural stones from around Japan.

Rikugi-en(Tokyo’s strolling garden). There are various gardens that will set you in awe if you explore their varieties of flowers and vegetation which is carefully planted according to seasons to enhance the beauty to other folds. Shinjuku-gyoen is one of Tokyo’s most famous gardens which is a home for the Japanese signature flowers that are cherry trees that are around 1500 in number and bloom in spring and winter to spread their amazing aura worldwide. Ueno-kōen is Tokyo’s oldest famous park with museums, temples and Japanese style wooden paths surrounded by water lilies.

3. Hot Spring Water Bath

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Hot spring water bath

Yes, besides other countries sauna houses you’ll find hot spring baths here which are not just a place for fun but follows a very traditional ruling method even for relaxing. Those rules come under a basic guideline structured and termed as Feng shui(it’s like the Vastu practiced by Hindu mythology in India for positioning different things in homes). So, these hot baths have muddy water known as Kuroyu( translates to black water), which is the major requirement for feng shui guided baths. There are a lot of such hot baths available in Tokyo but Tokyo is popular for the hot bath is Onsen which lies in Tokyo’s western suburbs.

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4. Art Museums

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Art Museums

Japanese art is worldwide famous for its intricate and complex designs therefore the museums in Tokyo are the treasure sands for such classic artwork. Out of those treasure hunts, you must visit the Tokyo National Museum which owns the world’s largest collection of Japanese art and sculptures. Among Tokyo’s famous buildings you must never leave the Top Museum which is just like its name and holds a major significance to the city’s extraordinary photography museum. There is another famous museum in Tokyo known as the Japan Folk Crafts Museum which celebrates every year’s exhibitions of artisan craftwork from the whole of Japan. There are many more popular museums in Tokyo such as Ukiyo-e Ōta Memorial Museum of Art and The Nezu Museum which display varied shades of Japanese history in an adorable pattern.

5. Architecture & Design


Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Architecture & Design

You might get used-to the Japanese distinct architecture if you explore various old and classic famous buildings of Tokyo, Japan.  But never forget to include the St Mary’s Cathedral which is a major example for Tokyo’s Modernist steel structures in the cathedral. Yes, in spite of the main religion being Buddhism you will get some famous ancient churches which represent the kind and accepting nature of Japanese people.

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6. Festivals

Discover Why Tokyo is famous


Tokyo is majorly famous worldwide for its colorful festivals and various acrobatic dance performances celebrated during those times. The Japanese New Year is the biggest festival but along with that, you can hear frequent small festivals celebrated by different communities in different months every year in Tokyo. Some of those are Three Great Edo Festivals” of Kanda Matsuri in Kanda, Sanno Matsuri in Nagata-Cho and the famous dragon dance Fukagawa Matsuri in Tomioka, Koto-Ku. All these festivals aren’t just limited to Tokyo but are celebrated heavily in entire Japan.

7. Spectacular fireworks

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Spectacular fireworks

We all know the story of fireworks, if you are exceptional then go watch some Japanese movies you’ll acknowledge that Japanese and Chinese people are always in conflict when there comes the topic of fireworks and who for the first time discovered it. Still, you can enjoy these amazing discoveries here to develop the answer for Why Tokyo is famous? worldwide. The popular Hanabi taikai, or fireworks festivals conducted every summer in which people gather at Asakusa and Mukojima which is along the Sumida-gawa river to enjoy these famous firework displays of Tokyo. Around 20,000 individual fireworks are launched every year on an average in Tokyo, so God knows who discovered fireworks but Tokyo is definitely the best place for the celebration of these inventions.

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8. K-Pop craze

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

K-Pop craze

When the whole world has gone crazy over K-pop music, dramas and trends, why not Tokyo? In fact, being the most Tech-savvy state you will get the latest K-pop here because of anything worthwhile in the latest trends of K-Pop booms in Tokyo’s Koreatown first. This town is heaven for all Korean pop lovers. Tokyo is worldwide famous and some of the credit goes to this town which has increased the marketing of Tokyo’s television industry to another level in recent years. This famous town in Tokyo stretches over several blocks near the populated city of Shinjuku.

9. World’s largest fish market 

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

World’s largest fish market

When the whole of Japan is like the island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Eastern China sea and the sea of Japan then the hub of great fishes cannot be anywhere but here only. Japanese culinary art of preparing raw fish for various Japanese cuisines is already famous on the whole Earth. Tokyo is popularly known for becoming the busiest port in maintaining the biggest storage houses for the most exotic and expensive fish breeds of Japan which serve a huge demand in the whole world.  The famous chefs of all the restaurants want the fresh supply of fish from Tokyo’s famous fish sellers only. Tokyo cuisine has the freshest sushi and most delectable grilled fish in their famous dishes.

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10. Electronics stores

Discover Why Tokyo is famous

Electronics stores

Yes, we know what status is provided to the Japanese electronic items, especially in India. Being misinterpreted for malfunctioning and non- reliable electronic items, Tokyo is most-visited for its largest markets for the latest gadgets which are manufactured in Japan while all the other tech-savvy appliances prepared in different countries are also available here with the cheapest prices in comparison to any other country. Tokyo’s tech-savvy famous place is Yodobashi Akiba, the largest electronics store in a section of Tokyo which is well known for being the center of gadgets, video games and anime culture in the entire city. This complex of gadgets offers six massive floors of televisions, stereos, appliances and game consoles with three more floors available for the restaurants, juice bars, bookstores, and music shops. There’s another huge complex of tech shops in Akihabara which is another wonderland of flashing lights and monstrous screens for the gadget lovers.

All the mentioned list of Tokyo’s most famous places are hubs of tourists every year for the latest as well as most ancient well-known attractions in Tokyo. These places serve as the most populated zones especially during the Japanese New Year and their festival seasons. Hence, it is advised to visit in the off-season if you can’t handle the heavy crowd of Tokyo.

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