Disneyland Paris Fun Facts and History

Here are some Disneyland Paris Facts and History, Disneyland Paris is the kingdom of magic and stuff of fairy tale dreams, but also its a home to some awesome rides and some even more awesome facts. Here are some facts about Disneyland Paris.  Disneyland Paris is more magical than you thought.

Some Interesting Facts of Disneyland Paris

1. At a single time, only one Mickey is present in the entire park, so that children really get the sense that the character exists and is unique.

2. The Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris is the fastest among the five in operation. Also, it is the only one that goes upside-down.

3. To propel the Space Mountain cars to 46 mph in two seconds, the ride uses technology which is used in aircraft carriers to propel jet fighters.

4. Main Street uses a trick called a forced perspective, to create the illusion of a larger space. When you enter the park, the castle seems quite distant, even though it’s only a few hundred feet away. This is caused by the facades of the building along Main Street, which expand out as you move down the street. The opposite is true as well, ie when you go down the avenue in the other direction to leave the park, the exit seems quite close which is not so true.

5. If you pick up the old phone inside the New Century Notions Shop, you can overhear the conversations between the locals.

6. There’s extensive soundscape throughout the park. For example, near the ice-cream shop on  Main Street, you will hear piano lessons from the first floor. Likewise, if you go near the well in Frontierland, you’ll hear the miners’ down in the mines.

7. On the main street in Disneyland Paris, you’ll find a real barber at work which is so, because Walt Disney wanted to pay tribute to his father, who was a barber himself.

8. The barber’s shop in Disneyland Paris is decorated with authentic furniture and accessories from a barber in Chicago who was retiring at the time when the park was being created.

9. To guide Mickey’s parade, drivers use cameras which allows them to view their surroundings on monitors.

10. Some parade dispenses as they move through their routes.

11. Only the lighting on the thirteen parade floats amounts to a total of 700,000 bulbs.

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12. None of the stores sells chewing gum in Disney parks in order to keep the sites as clean as possible.

13. Same as other Disney parks, there are hundreds of Mickey heads hidden in Disneyland Paris. These “hidden Mickeys” are spread all over the park, in tiling patterns, on clocks, railings, doors, or even as ventilation holes.

14. There is a department at Disneyland Paris known as “Wildlife” whose job is to deal with those animals that run wild in the park.

15. The stockpile of costumes at Disneyland Paris is the largest store in Europe having 250,000 garments in stock.

16. In the park there is a sewing workshop, which creates around 5,000 costumes per year, some dresses require over 200 hours of work.

17. The park has its own repair workshop where a dozen of craftsmen restore worn out pieces of scenery, such as animatronics, wooden horses from the rides, and characters from Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and other props.

18. If you take pictures of the castle guards using a flash, one turns pink and the other blue. Same way, if you take a photo of the statue of the raven, its eyes turn red.

19. If you go near the large marble tomb in the cemetery adjacent to Frontierland Haunted Manor attraction, you can hear the heart beats.

20. At Disneyland Paris, the visitors are not called customer or clients, but “guests”.

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