Kerala man who built an aircraft out of scratch in lockdown is now in the headlines. 

Synopsis: Ashok Alisheril Thamarakshan, a man from Kerala, India, is now in the headlines for designing an aircraft out of scratch. He built this aircraft during the and now he is traveling across Europe with his wife and two kids. 

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Ashok Alisheril Thamarakshan is now living his dreams by traveling the world with his family and all thanks to his home-built aircraft.  Yes, you read that right! This man finds the most appropriate way to travel across countries without spending lots of money on flight tickets. 

When traveling to different places or countries can be expensive nothing can match the craze of having your own aircraft. With your own aircraft, you don’t need to worry about anything else. 

Thamarakshan named his four-seater aircraft – Sling TSI as (G-Diya) on the name of his younger daughter Diya. This aircraft has the capacity to carry four passengers at a time and presently he is touring Europe on his aircraft. So far, he had visited Austria, Germany, and the Czech Republic in his aircraft with his wife and two daughters.

In lockdown when most of us were spending leisure time with our family doing our favorite work, Ashok Alisheril Thamarakshan, a Kerala resident was working for his dreams. He worked hard day and night to build this aircraft during the lockdown.

Ashok Alisheril is the son of MLA A V Thamarakshan, and he moved to the UK in 2006 immediately after completing his master’s degree from Palakkad Engineering College. 

It had been on his mind for a long time to create his own aircraft but when he was sitting ideal in lockdown suddenly the urge of creating this aircraft hyped up. Thamarakshan spends around Rs 1.8 crore, in designing of this four-seater aircraft. He started working on his idea in lockdown 2020 and he spend around 1,500 hours in 18 months designing this aircraft. He started saving money in the initial period of lockdown and thought to give it a go when he has enough money to spend on aircraft design.

Presently, Ashok Alisheril Thamarakshan is working for Ford Motor Company and he also owns a pilot’s license.

Thamarakshan stated that he and his wife had rented a tiny two-seater aircraft for vacations after getting his pilot’s license in 2018. This is what prompted him to create the aircraft, he added. He struggled to obtain a four-seater aircraft when his family increased to four people (including his two children). That’s when he had the idea for a homemade aircraft.

Thamarakshan made occasional trips to the Sling Aircraft company in Johannesburg while constructing his aircraft. They were releasing a new aircraft at the time called the Sling TSI. Thamarakshan became more serious after his visit to the factory, performed more research, and ordered a kit to construct his own plane.

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