Discover What Guangzhou is Known For | Why is Guangzhou Famous For?

Guangzhou is the richest port city in China. Due to its perfect location and ancient heritage of famous business trading centers, this city ranks among the top famous cities in China. But What is Guangzhou famous for?  It might be hard to find out if you are visiting this city for the first time as the language gap sometimes sucks out all the fun from vacation that you might have to face here. But worry not, here we mention you some of the best known must-visit Guangzhou, China places that will make your vacation the best of all time.

List of Reasons Guangzhou is Known for

1. China’s Tallest Buildings

Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

There are a lot of skyscrapers piercing through the clouds in Guangzhou which are fascinating and very scenic in their architectural appearance. Out of all Guangzhou is famous for the CTF Finance Center Building that is China’s 3rd tallest building and the 7th tallest building of the world. Along with its neighboring IFC Tower that is the world’s 22nd tallest building you will be filled with a huge euphoria. And some few kilometres away you will find the most popular Canton Tower that is one of Guangzhou’s top 5 tourist attractions due to its amazing lighting and symmetric twisted structure. 

2. Historic Landmarks

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

When the whole world is bedazzled with the iconic buildings of Guangzhou you will be surprised to see a wide plethora of historic structures that date back to 1888 and are standing firm with a glistening new shine. You can find the temple retaining their classic look that was built for providing accommodations for students from all over the family to take part in the imperial examination held during old times in China. You can explore the most-visited place in Guangzhou, the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall which was a commemoration for the Chinese great revolutionary leader Sun Yat-sen and their yard houses the oldest kapok tree and the two largest magnolia trees of the city.

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3. Shamian Island

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

If you love to stroll around the narrow paths and explore the secret old classic statues then this island in Guangzhou is the perfect jam for your historical geeky company. Guangzhou is known for the streets of Shamian island that are strewn with statues, pavilions, wooden chairs and fountains. You will find more than 150 buildings in European styles on the island, including 42 distinctive new baroque, pseudo-Gothic, neo-classical styles architecture and some buildings with the characteristics amalgamation of China and Europe. 

4. Parks

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

Being the richest and busiest port of China, don’t presume that this city might have lost its natural beauty. As some of the most beautiful and serene parks are Guangzhou’s famous landmarks such as the largest park in Guangzhou, is the Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park which in addition to enjoying the natural landscape, provides spectacular views of some exotic animals and birds. You can also explore the Five Rams Sculpture in Yuexiu Park, which is one of the most famous sculptures and the symbol of the city. 

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5. Cantonese Food

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

All the cities have the perfect iconic foods that represent their core cultural and modern looks but in Guangzhou, it’s very hard to recognise the authentic and modern dishes as all of them are way ahead of their time, that you might find super delicious food at every corner of the city. Majorly the influence of the Cantonese cuisines is what makes these foods iconic. So whenever you wonder what Guangzhou is famous for? Just try out the popular local Cantonese cuisine especially a small basket of Dim sums is a must-try midday snack or meal. Along with other nutritious, light Cantonese dinners that are served in upscale Cantonese restaurants. 

6. Theme park 

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

You can doubt over any Chinese material but not their themed parks that are super adventurous and sporty. If you don’t believe that just once visit the Chimelong Tourist Resort that has every set of adventures you imagine. They have acrobatic/animal acts among the best in Asia and are composed of various other theme parks inside their boundaries ranging from Chimelong Paradise, Safari Park, Water Park, International Circus, and Birds Park. They have thousands of animals to look at, pet, and feed inside their adventurous zoo, the superstar of these animals are the big African animals and the Giant Pandas that obviously prove to be a must-visit place in Guangzhou.

7. Wholesale Markets

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

If you have a problem that you always shop extra then that can be your superpower here in Guangzhou, as a large number of Local wholesale markets are among Guangzhou’s famous places that are best-known for the garment wholesale trading. Every day, numerous businessmen from all over the country gather in these markets to purchase all sorts of clothes.

I recommend you explore Huimei Garment City, White Horse Clothing Market and Zhanxi Market for shopping for the best garments at the cheapest price possible.

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8. Hiking spots

 Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

Guangzhou retains its natural beauty in a lot of different ways out of those the White Cloud Mountain is the best example to experience the fresh mornings of Guangzhou. Along with that Guangzhou is well-known for the wonderful hiking routes provided by this beautiful mountain. Spending a weekend there is one of the fun things to do in Guangzhou for even the local people. The top hikers of the world are very fascinated with the scenic landscapes and clouds covering the surrounding out of which more than 30 peaks pierce through the sky and Mixing Ridge is the highest one among them. Don’t worry if you can’t hike as the electric cars are also available among the famous spots if you feel tired about hiking. 

9. Floral Hotspot

Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

This city not only collects the modern vibe of China but has a very perfect location in the subtropical coastal area, that includes a maritime subtropical monsoon climate with heavy rain, that creates a perfect ecological environment for trees and flowers to grow. Therefore you will find this city covered with evergreen trees and flourishing flowers all year round.  Guangzhou is most popular for their grand themed flower markets that are always held in some of the city parks during the Chinese New Year.

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10. Night Cruise on Pearl River

Why is Guangzhou Famous, What Guangzhou is Known For

You might love to sail over the beautiful seaside of Guangzhou when you acknowledge the fact that the river you are seeing is the third-longest river in China. The Pearl River with a length of more than 2,000 kilometres at the end finally converge in Guangzhou and become an attractive scene. You can sail over the beautiful cruise for which Guangzhou is famous for, along the Pearl river that let you get a whole new take on the city. You can enjoy Haizhu Square, the famous Canton Tower, as well as various towering skyscrapers in the nights from these cruise rides that seem dreamy due to the amazing neon reflection of the various buildings in the river.

Hope you enjoyed the above-mentioned top 10 reasons for which Guangzhou is known for and the classy landmarks that increase its beauty to another level. I wish now you can easily plan your next vacation in Guangzhou China easily. That will include every famous place to visit in Guangzhou along with various other well-known entities. Head on to our other blogs for more fun info over Guangzhou. 

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