Discover What Antalya is Known for? | Why Antalya Turkey is Famous For

Antalya is known as the Turquoise Coast of Turkey due to its fresh blue waters that mesmerize every traveler visiting this port town. Antalya is popular for being the best Roman heritage collector of Western Turkey that sings the ballads of Roman Kings like Alexander-The Great instead of the Turkish Ottomans. You can find the best seafood along with the perfect scenic waterfalls and caves here, which are the hidden treasures for a rich history of the entire mankind. This place is the perfect combination of history and fun. Just follow along with the top 10 reasons that answer What Antalya, Turkey is best-known for? Through the step by step guide of its top tourist attractions.

List of Reasons Why Antalya is Famous

1. Roman Relics

Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

There are various Roman monuments that beautify this small port city with their classic ruins of rich histories. Romans always earned great fame for their intricate designs and structures all over the world. Hence, when you wonder What is Antalya famous for?  The Roman theatre in Antalya can speak to you from its 100 meters tall walls and 12,000 spectators spaces, which were to be entertained by gladiator duels in the ancient times. This serves as an excellent example of Turkish history where even now the Annual Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival is held. Hidirlik Kulesi is also another Roman relic that can give you fantastic sunset and ethereal far-reaching landscapes of the city from its peak towers. You can also lookout for the Phaselis which was the winter quarter for Alexander the Great in 334 BCor the famous entrance Hadrian’s Arch Gate erected in AD 114 in Antalya. 

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2. Old Town (Kaleici)

 Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

Along with famous Roman ruins, you can find more history juiced up in this old town of Antalya that is typically a maze-like neighborhood perfect to live and breathe with the simple antiquated ambiance for which the entire Antalya is known for. There are a plethora of tourist attractions in Antalya that are encompassed in this beautiful part of the city such as the Tekeli Mehmet Pasa Mosque or the Hesapçı Sokak and Kesik Minare that has made the whole city proud with their high panoramic spots.

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3. Antalya Museum

 Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

As the famous saying says, ‘For finding the present you look for the monuments but, for finding the past you look for museums.’ The museum of Antalya is popular for its artefacts and findings from the Stone Age and Bronze Age. Even they have some incredible items that take you right through the days of the Byzantine Empire and the Hall of Gods section of the museum features some fabulous statues, a number of which were found at Perge along with some impressive collections of coins and sarcophagi in other exhibits. This is the best place for history geeks to acknowledge the real roots of Antalya.

4. Caves

 Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

You might be bored from the walled places that tell you the long lost histories of famous empires in Antalya but the caves here are the living witnesses that can take you not just into the histories of Kings-n-Queens but describes the life of our very first ancestors. The Karain Cave, lying northwest of Antalya, near Dösemalti, was inhabited by prehistoric man and has yielded remains from Middle Paleolithic eras. The bones and teeth belonging to Neolithic man were also excavated from this cave. Another Antalya famous place is the Damlatas Caves which has an interesting pattern of rocks in various colours, protruding from every surface of the caves making it an adventurous expedition ride for tourists.

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5. Waterfalls

 Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

After the checklist of history, geeks are over you can relax in the spectacular natural ambience of Antalya that is super scenic due to their amazing waterfalls. The most visited place in Antalya is the Düden Waterfalls which is separated into 2 parts, the Upper Düden Falls and the Lower Düden Falls. There are multiple day trips available for a boat ride out on the water that gives the travellers a perfect picturesque view of these waterfalls.

6. Hiking Spots

Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

Nature is completely infused with this city of Turkey that has some of the best natural scenic zones that appreciate every possible practice of the citizens of this city to save their natural heritage along with the famous landmarks of Antalya. The popular Lycian Way in Antalya is a hiker’s dream to trail along with the highest points of this natural wonder. This

The picturesque trail provides the perfect Lycian Coast and the glistening turquoise colours of the Mediterranean Sea from its highest points that all hikers will love to explore.

7. Seafood

Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

Coming to the most popular port city of Turkey, how can you miss out on the best seafood available here? This is the best place in Turkey for trying the top seafood items that are served in a lot of great restaurants of Antalya ranging from fresh fishes, steak to delicious local cuisines, such as Isle Fish and Steak House, Ekici Restaurant or Aynali. These are the must-visit places in Antalya that you have to explore if your love for food is above anything else in the world.

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8. Beaches

Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

For extensive fun in the sun of Turkey, you can head over to the beautiful beaches of Antalya that not only offer some of the finest sand with clear beaches but also has the bustling and glamorous resorts surrounding their shorelines for the luxurious vacations you can never imagine. Antalya is best-known for the Lara Beach lying on the east of Antalya, that has one of the best golden sands with a Blue Flag status, that means you can rest assured that it’ll be clean and safe for bathing. In fact, you will find a lot of varieties of beach in this town that offers the busiest to the isolated zones of sandy shores.

9. Yacht rides

Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

The Yacht rides are famous from a very old time at this town. Even the Turkish were used to experience the best rides of Antalya through the beautiful boats of this port in ancient times. You can go for the Antalya Green Canyon Full-Day Boat Trip with Lunch to look out the best places that follow along the sea of Antalya. Whereas Antalya is famous for Cable Car, Boat Trip & Waterfalls Full-Day Tour.

10. Antalya Bazaar

 Why is Antalya Famous, What Antalya is Known For

If you are wondering what else is left in this city or What is Antalya is famous for? Then stroll along with the colourful bazaars here and give your very best to haggle a bargain. You can strike an amazing deal on the best prices for food, clothing, jewellery, arts and crafts all at these street markets selling the best authentic souvenirs of the city. You can also browse the narrow aisles and follow your senses to the sights and smells for finding the favourite zones you want to shop for in Antalya.

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Hope you enjoyed the wonders for which Antalya is famous for. But you can explore many more treasures of this small city of Turkey if you follow the above list as they are the opening gates for all the entities Antalya is best known for all around the world. Just Head along with our other blogs for finding out more about this beautiful city and help us make this more amazing through providing your precious comments in the section below.

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