Best Cities to Visit in Suriname | Major Cities in Suriname

Suriname is a small country in northeast South America. Cities of Suriname are the combination of Dutch colonial history, tropical rainforest, great ethnic diversity, and roaring rivers. You can divide your time between lively major cities in Suriname with shopping, fantastic restaurants, & surprising night-spots and the dense and untamed interior jungle and the.  Locals include descendants of British and Dutch colonialists, African slaves, Indonesians, Indians, & Chinese indentured servants, & indigenous Amerindians. With so many languages floating around communicating is fun, & so is the eating.  Be prepared for spicy & fantastic everywhere you go. Here are the largest cities in Suriname.

List of Cities to Visit in Suriname

1. Paramaribo

Best Cities to Visit in Suriname


Followed by Indians, multiracials, Javanese, native communities, Chinese, Europeans, Jews, and Lebanese with the majority being Creoles, Paramaribo city is home to 234,000 residents. It is one of the main cities in Suriname From South American countries mainly Guyana and Brazil, the city has increasingly attracted immigrants. The city began as an Indian village which grew into a settlement for the French, British, and Dutch. The city was significant under Dutch Rule and British occupation. After the Second World War, the city’s economy grew, primarily in the industry and tourism sectors. Oil, gold, and bauxite deposits have further boosted the Paramaribo’s economy. Both administrative and educational, the city is the center.

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2. Lelydorp

Best Cities to Visit in Suriname


With a total population of 18,223, Lelydorp is one of the best cities in Suriname. Known as Kofi Djombo, the city began as a small hamlet. After a railway was built from Paramaribo to the interior, the city was renamed Lelydorp in the 19th century, making it an important stop-over. A Dutch who oversaw the Suriname colony in 1905 and the name also was inspired by Governor Cornelis Lely. Javanese, Creoles, Indians, Europeans, the city’s population is made up of it who are mainly Portuguese, and Jews.

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3. Brokopondo

Best Cities to Visit in Suriname


Brokopondo is the third-biggest city in Suriname with a population of 14,662. The city lies on the Suriname River’s western bank, and it fills in as the capital of Brokopondo District. The population of this famous city in Suriname is principally made of Maroons who follow their family line to the African slaves. The Brownsberg Nature Park is situated in the city and it home to Irene and Leo Fall and populaces of monkey species. The Brokopondo Reservoir, one of the world’s biggest stores, lies in the city. The reservoir is a significant power maker, and it likewise taps water for a productive water system during dry season periods.

4. Nieuw Nickerie

Best Cities to Visit in Suriname

Nieuw Nickerie

Nieuw Nickerie city is home of 13,143 people, and it fills in as the capital of Nickerie District. It is considered as one of the popular cities in Suriname. The city was initially arranged on the western shores of the Corantijn River, yet it was migrated because of floods. The cutting edge city is as of now secured by an 8 km ocean divider. The city’s economy is for the most part dependent on trade rice and bananas. The city is connected to Springlands on Guyana through a ship administration.

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5. Pokigron

 Best Cities to Visit in Suriname


Pokigron is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Suriname located in Brokopondo Reservoir. In the Sipaliwini District, it is located in the Boven Suriname municipality (resort). It has a population of approximately 500 people. Wittiehede Ston, Mofina, Wittikamba, Malrosee-Kondre, and Abenaston are the nearby towns and villages.

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All of the mentioned cities to visit in Suriname and the best cities to visit in Suriname are the top places to visit in Suriname which are worth visiting. All of these cities are rich in culture, history and offers a lot to his visitors. I hope the post is beneficial to you kindly read our other blogs also if you want to know more about Suriname.

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