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Lakes are pristine, scenic, and full of life. A calm lake can be a blessing to the country or can be a destroyer for the country. Nature will decide what it’s gonna be for your country. One such country that is packed with numerous lakes is Brazil. Brazil has more than twenty thousand lakes and most of them are natural reservoirs. So, if you are in Brazil looking for an escape in the lap of nature then nothing can beat the level of these lakes. These wonderful Lakes in Brazil are the most amazing places for a peaceful vacation. Obviously, it’s not possible to tell about all twenty thousand lakes, hence we are curating the list of top 10 famous lakes in Brazil that are known globally for their charm. 

Top Lakes to Visit in Brazil

1. Lagoa dos Patos

Lagoa dos Patos

Lagoa dos Patos

Lagoa dos Patos is basically a lagoon in the country and if we count it in lakes then it is the largest lake in Brazil. Though this lake is not as deep as others in the country it is definitely surpassing others in the area. So, if someone asks you about the largest lake in Brazil then you can answer them immediately now. Apart from its enormous area, the lake is also famous for its unique name. Do you know? How does Lagoa dos Patos get its name? The name opted from an ancient tribe that resided around the lake before Europeans invaded the continent.

Location: The Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Area: 10,000 km²

2. Paranoá Lake

Parano√° Lake

Parano√° Lake

It is an artificial lake built on the Paranoá River in Brasília. At the time of construction, the main objective to build this lake was to overcome the water scarcity of the nearby places. But recently, this lake has become a famous tourist destination in Brazil. The attractive greenery around this lake is home to many faunas. You will often see herons, ducks, eagles, otters, capybaras, black-tufted ear marmoset monkeys, and crocodiles around this lake. The lake is up to 38 meters deep in some areas while in some parts the lake is shallow and gives visitors the permit to do swimming in the lake.

Location: Brasília, Brazil

Area: 48 km²

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3.¬†√Āgua Vermelha

Agua Vermelha

Agua Vermelha

√Āgua Vermelha is a dam cum lake in S√£o Carlos ‚Äď the State of S√£o Paulo locality in Brazil. This lake is built near the dam and the river water is the main source of this lake. It takes around five years to build this enormous dam on the Grande River. If you are searching to see architectural marvels in Brazil then visit Agua Vermelha. This¬† 3,940 meters long dam is definitely worth watching in Brazil.

Location: S√£o Carlos ‚Äď State of S√£o Paulo, Brazil

4. Coca-Cola Lake (Araraquara)

Coca-Cola Lake (Araraquara)

Coca-Cola Lake (Araraquara)

This lake gets its name coca-cola due to its unusual cola color. This color might be the result of chemical reactions on the lake bed. You actually wouldn’t believe that there could be a lake of cole color. The water has a high percentage of iodine and iron oxide that has turned the water into rustic red. Don’t worry about your skin texture as the water is completely safe for bathing, swimming, and boating. Actually, the water is full of healing properties. As per the natives, the profusion of iron and iodine in water has rejuvenating and curating properties.

Address: Salin√≥polis ‚Äď State of Par√°, Brazil

5. Lagoa Mirim

Lagoa Mirim

Lagoa Mirim

Lagoa Mirim in Uruguay, Brazil is a famous tourist destination and the most renowned lake in Brazil. In Portuguese, Lagoa Mirim means small lagoon and this lake is completely justifying its name. The roughly sprawling lake is home to some wonderful aquatic lives. Initially, this lake was encompassed by forest and enormous stress but later the authorities took charge to maintain the surrounding of the lake that increase the volume of tourists nearby this lake. The picturesque and peaceful surroundings of Lagoa Mirim will definitely attract visitors with its charm. Visitors can enjoy fishing and boating on the coast of Lagoa Mirim. 

Location: Uruguay, Brazil

Area: 3,750 km²

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6. Lagoa da Conceição 

Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição

Florianópolis in Brazil is best known for its pristine beaches and tropical climate. There is a famous lake in Florianópolis city named Lagoa da Conceição. This is the largest freshwater lake in Brazil surrounded by dense wilderness and sandy beaches. You will see a large gathering of people in the evening strolling the road with their friends, family, and partner. While in the day, you will get to try some amazing water activities like kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailboats.

Location: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

7. Lagoa Mangueira lake

Mangueira lake

Mangueira lake

Mangueira is a deserted lake located between Lagoa Mirim and the Atlantic Ocean in Brazil. This enormous lake is 123 kilometers long and covers an area of 800 square kilometers on the Brazilian coast. Due to its remote location, tourists generally do not prefer to go to this lake on their vacation. But if you want to experience the wilderness then we recommend you to visit this lake with your own vehicle. You will get the most amazing scenery while you drive to this less-known lake in Brazil.

Location: Santa Vitória do Palmar, Brazil

Area: 800 km²

8. Lagoa Juparana lake

Lagoa Juparana lake

Lagoa Juparana lake

Lagoa Juparana is an enormous lake spread in an area of 63 square kilometers in the State of Espírito Santo, Brazil. On the foot of the lake, there is the San Jose River, which is the primary source of this lake. It is the largest freshwater lake in the country whose water is perfect for all consumption purposes. The water is so clear that visitors will be able to see aquatic life under the water with bare eyes. Among all the underwater reefs, peacock bass, Redbreast tilapia, and Blackchin Tilapia are famous among fishers.

Location: State of Espírito Santo, Brazil

Area: 63 Km2

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9. Uberaba Lake

Uberaba Lake

Uberaba Lake

Uberaba Lake is the largest lake on the Guaporé River basin in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. This 30 km long and 15 km wide lake is the main tributary of the Madeira River. It is among the largest natural lakes in Brazil formed due to the sedimentation of the Guarani River. There are many cities and towns situated on both sides of Uberaba Lake, that are taking complete advantage of this lake. 

Location: C√°ceres, State of Mato Grosso, Brazil

Area: 400 km²

10. La Gaiba Lake

La Gaiba Lake

La Gaiba Lake

La Gaiba Lake in Mato Grosso, Brazil is the largest lake in the town surrounded by dense forest. There are two main cities: Santa Cruz and √Āngel Sandoval have bounded La Gaiba Lake from opposite ends. You will be surprised to know that more than 50 rivers are sourcing the La Gaiba Lake in Brazil. Apart from the rivers, rainwater is also playing a major role in increasing the water level of La Gaiba Lake. The approximate length of the lake is 13 km long and the average depth is 10 m that varies according to the climate.¬†

Location: √Āngel Sandoval Province, Mato Grosso, Bolivia, Brazil

Area: 98 km²

There are countless lakes and other water bodies in Brazil that don’t need any introduction. But few of them are remotely located and aren’t able to make a place in the list of visitors. Hence, we have come up with a list of famous lakes in Brazil that look gorgeous and are the top priority of visitors. 

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